“I’m Not a Beer. I’m You!”

With a H/T to Lynn Bartels of the Denver paper, here’s a clip excerpted from CD-7 GOP candidate Joe Coors, Jr.’s new radio spot:

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JOE COORS: With a name like Joe Coors, I should just run for Congress as a beer! After all, people like beer, but they don’t much like Congress. But I’m not a beer…

This immediately took us back to the 2010 elections, specifically Delaware “Tea Party” U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell–who also defined herself by what she was not:

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CHRISTINE O’DONNELL: I’m not a wItch. I’m nothing you’ve heard. I’m you.

To summarize, Joe Coors, Jr. is not a beer, and Christine O’Donnell is not a witch. Got it?

In both cases you’re left scratching your head, perhaps wondering why this was important enough to merit a paid advertisement. But we suppose both had reasons they needed to tell you this–O’Donnell was reeling from an admission that she had once “dabbled in witchcraft,” which is not really good for a fundamentalist Christian “Tea Party” candidate. In Coors’ case, the need to point out that he’s not a tasty malt beverage is more or less self-evident.

Neither one of these ads really make us think “electable,” however.

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  1. sxp151 says:

    with a “tasty malt beverage.”  

      • ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

        They do sell some of the beer they make in that giant brewery in Golden, don’t they?

        • Wong21fr says:

          … no true Coloradoan would admit to drinking such swill, would they?

          Apart from one being forced to do so at a ballgame.

          • AristotleAristotle says:

            I’ve even admitted here before. I think it’s better than many cheap beers.

            BUT… it IS a cheap beer, and I’ve discovered that Schlitz is preferable for those times when my wallet is thin. Haven’t had a Coors in a year or two, don’t anticipate drinking any in the near future.

          • Pam Bennett says:

            Back in the days when the Colorado Kool-Aide was not sold east of the Mississippi, I would drink it. Once the Colorado micro breweries started producing it was no more Coors.

            Back then there were rumors you could put in a shopping list  to flight crews heading to the Coors sales area to bring back to the base a few cases of the stuff

        • But that still doesn’t make it a “tasty malt beverage”.

          • VoyageurVoyageur says:

            That is not my opinion.   It is the opinion of the latest Consumer Reports taste tests by their expert panel.   I don’t care for Coors’ politics, which is why after drinking their stuff for many years I switched to Pabst Blue Ribbon with it’s UNION LABEL!  And it’s also good stuff.  By their politics aside, the Coors folks brew a very fine quality beer.   Consumer Reports is no right-wing outfit and their tests confirm what my own taste buds have told me.   Alas, for health reasons, I’ve switched to red wine before dinner and can seldom even enjoy my PBR any more.    

        • sxp151 says:

          “and I’m not a bottle of chilled fizzy piss. Vote for me!”

          • ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

            If Coors beer is so bad, how do they sell enough of it to keep that giant brewery running?

            Answer that one question and then I’m done talking about beer. Joe Coors, Jr. doesn’t come to this race from the beer business.

            • sxp151 says:

              and see “Scary Movie” and buy Rod Stewart albums and eat at Denny’s and vote for Republicans. There’s a significant group of people who just like shitty things.

            • Wong21fr says:

              … and it’s cheap.  Basically, the same group of reasons the masses feed their fat faces with McDonald’s on a regular basis: they can’t afford any better but need to consume something.

              It’s an opiate of the masses.

            • taterheaptom says:

              over there in Arapahoe?  Out here in the boonies, we call that ‘dumb.’

            • VanDammerVanDammer says:

              he didn’t have much to do in beer and stuck to ceramics & packaging but tell me how he fell for one of the oldest swindles out there?  Coors Family Member Swindled, SEC Says

              Joseph Coors Jr., a member of the family that founded Adolph Coors Co., the third-largest U.S. brewery, was swindled in a scheme in which he and others invested $40 million, the Securities and Exchange Commission said Friday.

              Golden Heritage, a family investment body controlled by Joseph Coors Jr., joined a program that promised a 100% return per week, the SEC alleged in a complaint filed in a San Francisco federal court.

              Damn, GREED will get you every time.  Anyone here smart enough to fall for those kind of returns?  And Joe Jr’s own bio cites his stockbroking acumen.    

            • Ralphie says:

              You’re getting paid to defend Republicans.  Not Republican beers.

              Are you sure you want to go there?

              • unnamed says:

                ArapaGOP is getting paid to defend Republicans?  If I were the Republicans (Thank God I’m not), I’d ask for my money back.  

                • ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

                  I am not paid by anyone to come here. I come here to try to educate liberals and prove a counterpoint to the propaganda on this leftist blog. What I do in my day job is my own business, but I am not paid to comment here.

                  • unnamed says:

                    …it’s nice to see that the Republican Party’s not THAT stupid to hire you as their blog bot, because you wouldn’t be very good at it.

                    But, I’m sorry.  You come off as a caricature.  You spout talking points for your party like they are fact.  And you give no respect and that’s why you receive none.  I, and I’m sure the rest of the bloggers here have formed our opinions through our own experience.  We don’t need you to “educate” us by spewing propaganda.

  2. ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

    Joe Coors is no Christine O’Donnell as you’ll see on election day, but nice try.

  3. Say Hey Kid says:

    Ed must be saying Thank God that Joe Coors is clueless.  I posted earlier that it seems Coors is raising very little money.  I thought this could be a tough race but I was wrong.

  4. MADCO says:

    I’m pretty sure Mitt Romney doesn’t like beer.

  5. PitaPita says:

    Just sayin’.  I think it’s a pretty lame ad but your can’t argue with success.  

  6. TimothyTribbett says:

    They were running this on KKFN The Fan on my way home. It had a true WTF? moment.

    • TimothyTribbett says:

      And before any of you cast the first stone at this good liberal when was the last time you had an “Original”? It is a good light Pilsner beer nothing more nothing less.


      • sxp151 says:

        Oskar Blues: Mama’s Little Yella Pils

        Avery: Joe’s Pilsner

        Left Hand: Polestar Pilsner

        Breckenridge: Regal Pilsner

        Aspen: Ajax Pilsner

        New Belgium: Blue Paddle Pilsner

        and one I’d really like to try

        Odell: Double Pilsner

        And you won’t be supporting any Republican’s trust fund or campaign by drinking them.

      • nancycronknancycronk says:

        I was a guest at the Coors company’s corporate table at the Matthew Shephard Foundation’s annual gala last year. Believe it or not, the company spends a fair amount of money on its social justice activism. In talking with the eight other guests there and briefly meeting Coor’s son (who clearly does not share the family’s conservative politics), I was actually impressed. They give a lot of dough to the foundation.

        Coors is publicly traded. The Board of Directors more or less tolerates the politics of the Coors family, but the family does not have control of the Board at all (at least this is what they told me). I suspect they know their bread and butter is in advertising to young people, and they are catering to them with lots of progressive marketing. The men I sat with at that table — all employees of Coors, and all gay men, I think — were very progressive.


        That said, I hope Joe Coors, Jr’s campaign goes down faster than Christine O’Donnell’s broom. Ed is one of the finest Congressman this state has ever seen, and his constituents love him. When I was organizing on Ed’s turf a few years back, it was really tough to motivate his peeps. I often heard, “I don’t need to write cards and letters. Ed already knows what I think and he votes the right way.”  

        • AristotleAristotle says:

          Coors was the first large local employer I know that extended benefits to same sex partners of employees. That was back in the mid 90s, possibly before Amendment 2 was struck down. It was very surprising, given the Coors family’s long association with right-wing politics – at the time, the division between fiscal and social conservatives wasn’t apparent, at least not to me.

          • sxp151 says:

            Coors suffered from a long and successful boycott for the anti-gay politics in the 1970s, and their later “We don’t hate them as much anymore” campaign was to try and recover some market share.


            Glbtq activists were particularly incensed that the brewery put prospective employees through a polygraph test to determine, among other things, if they were homosexual. Not surprisingly, Coors did not have an anti-discrimination policy, and prospective employees discovered to be homosexual were not hired.

            • nancycronknancycronk says:

              But, we’ll take the evolution, regardless of what prompted it.

            • AristotleAristotle says:

              While I’m sure the publicity helped, I can’t quite see that particular action as being that cynical. The other stuff cited at that link, yes, definitely marketing. But there was a changing of the guard between the 70s and 90s – old Joe Coors Sr., who retired, was a real John Birch Society loon, and his brother Bill (Pete’s dad) wasn’t much better.

              Well, maybe it was just for publicity, but it was still at a time when a lot more supposedly enlightened companies weren’t doing it.

      • CaninesCanines says:

        The Molson Coors-owned (let’s not forget the Canadian partner in the biz mix) SandLot Brewery at Coors Field makes great German-style lagers.

        The stealth-Coors micro, AC Golden, makes really decent beer, as well.

  7. Half Glass FullHalf Glass Full says:

    Neither of them has a decent head.

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