Monday Open Thread

“He who lives by the crystal ball soon learns to eat ground glass.”

–Edgar R. Fiedler

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  1. Craig says:

    Colorado had the highest percentage increase in turnout of any state this year, 6.53% (not including DC which was at 10.5%, Utah second with 6.12%)

    It also had the second highest increase in the number of voters, 155,000.  Only NC (nearly twice as large as Colo) had a larger number and then only 195,000.

    Good work Colorado voters.

  2. PitaPita says:

    And so far I have read nothing new on which to comment.  Even the political blog in the paper we avoid naming hasn’t refreshed in four or five days.

  3. Diogenesdemar says:

    start a Colorado Governance blog?

  4. gertie97 says:

    The CU administration, with Bruce Benson at the helm, has fired Jon Embree as the Buffaloes’ football coach after two years.

    It’s been a terrible two years from a record standpoint, granted, but scandal by former coach Gary Barnett and rank incompetence by immediate past coach Dan Hawkins left the cupboard bare.

    Don’t they have a brain, since it takes more than two years to rebuild a run-down program? Or was the siren song from the impatient alumni a threat to fundraising?

    Or was it something else?

  5. parsingreality says:

    One daughter of mine got a women’s BB scholaship to Mines.  The coach had a long record of not just losses, but poor morale.  In daughter’s senior year, they got a new coach, and he started turning things around. We folowed the team for several years after graduation.  I don’t think they became a powerhouse in the division, but at least most games had a 50-50 chance of winning.  

  6. MADCO says:

    Everyone knows it’s going to take some …(thing) to rebuild. (Or build)

    The question is whether Embree was the guy for that job.  Answer was hellno.  Smart.

  7. BlueCat says:

    And hats off to voters in all the GOP voter suppression states who refused to give up and go home, waiting as longs as 8 or 9 hours in the worst cases to cast their votes.  The GOP rear guard action didn’t work and fresh Dem leaning troops are turning 18 every minute.

    Maybe instead of spending all their time passing war on women legislation, anti-LGBT amendments and voter suppression laws in a desperate attempt to energize the old grumpies and delay the inevitable, the GOP could try to get people to want to vote for them by, I don’t know, working to make their constituents’ lives better?  

  8. parsingreality says:

    Not to diminish the accomplishment.

  9. Diogenesdemar says:

    Left Wing Voter Fraud                7

    Right Wing Voter Suppression    0

    If I’m a Republican, I’m starting to question the effectiveness of the offensive play calling we’re getting from quarterback Scott Gessler.  (Then again, he was pretty much hired for his looks, not his brains.)

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