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“What Nancy Pelosi is saying is that the Republicans are ruining Kwanzaa shopping with the fiscal cliff delay.”

–Rush Limbaugh, yesterday

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  1. PitaPita says:

    In Obama’s first term they hauled out the WH bus and took out Elizabeth Warren.  She licked her wounds, played the good soldier and went home and showed ’em what a dedicated woman can do.  

    We aren’t even in Obama’s 2nd term and that damn bus came out of the underground garage and knocked out Susan Rice.  Now I can only hope that Susan takes a page out of Elizabeth’s playbook and finds an opportunity to serve our country in another way (after she leaves the UN).

  2. AristotleAristotle says:

    The holiday season kind of crept up on me. How’s it going, polsters?

  3. Sir RobinSir Robin says:

    My experience with the the Mayan end of the world predictions led to lots of reading on the subject, which caused me to reject the notion some years ago. Those Mayans were amazing folks, without a doubt. This video was planned for release on 12.22.12 by NASA, but they released it early, and it’s informative.

  4. parsingreality says:

    …according to Pew.  Heard it on NPR, the broadcast system in which over 73% of all listeners are college and post-grad graduates.

  5. Duke Coxdukeco1 says:

    run for the vacant Senate seat there…  :)

  6. said ‘political reality’. Rice would have had a hard time making it through the Senate gauntlet.

    What I really hope is that Obama goes with someone other than Sen. Kerry, just to frustrate the Republicans who were counting on getting Brown back in the Senate after his loss to Warren. Sen. Lugar has been mentioned, would do a good job, and would be a poke in the eye to the Tea Party.

  7. PitaPita says:

    Not sure what the residency requirements are in Mass. should Kerry get the nod.  Rice is from Georgia – now that would be an interesting campaign should the opportunity present itself.

  8. BlueCat says:

    for a successful run at elected office. There has long been talk about her blunt, abrasive personality well before the McCain dust up ever happened. While the unjustified, manufactured attacks on her in the Benghazi situation are abhorrent, from what I’ve seen of her in various appearances and read about her, she certainly wouldn’t have been my preference for world’s premiere diplomat which is what US SOS is.

    Perhaps her unpopularity, even among some Dems, and  a few other sticky problems that would no doubt be fully aired explains why Obama was torn about whether he really ought to appoint her or not in the first place (he hadn’t taken that step yet), before the possibility became a personal pissing match between him and McCain embraced by a GOP that dreams of taking back that Mass. Senate seat.

    The Benghazi issue was the largest of the several concerns Rice’s critics had about her fitness for the job. But there were plenty of others raised from across the political spectrum. On Nov. 28, On Earth, the magazine of the Natural Resources Defense Council, broke the news that Rice held stock in Canadian banks and companies that would stand to benefit from the proposed Keystone XL pipeline between Canada and the United States. The State Department nixed the deal in 2011 after environmental groups protested.

    Around the same time stories were leaking out in various outlets depicting Rice as temperamentally unfit to be Secretary of State-specifically that she was too blunt and outspoken for a job that regularly requires a delicate and diplomatic hand.

    Finally, it appeared likely that Rice’s record as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs in the Clinton administration would come under renewed scrutiny-in particular her role in the U.S. response to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. As Samantha Power recounted in her book on the genocide, “A Problem From Hell,” Rice-who served on Clinton’s national-security council at the time-was concerned about the political ramifications for the upcoming midterm elections if the United States called the slaughter a genocide and then did nothing.

    More at:

    I hate to see even the appearance of a win for the likes of the increasingly petty, mean spirited, and none too bright McCain but Rice probably did the right thing by sticking a fork in it instead of dragging it out. Obama has enough on his plate as it is.


  9. BlueCat says:

    and I’d love to see the GOP get what they want (Kerry, the guy they swift-boated but now profess to adore) but lose that seat anyway.  That it’s a given that Brown would be a shoe in is highly debatable, especially against a solid Dem candidate. On the other hand, Luger would be a good choice without putting the seat at any risk. So I guess we’ll see.  

  10. parsingreality says:

    It’s not like Warren won in a landslide or anything.  In fact, if not for the halp of Akins, et. al, she would have lost.

    No, leave Kerry there.  Maybe Obama can find a Republican to field, just like he kept some of Bush’s folks around.

    Let them choke when said person isn’t totally Tea Bagging Section Eight. Hoist ’em by their own petards.  Whatever a petard is.  

  11. Brown is personable, and he could potentially rehabilitate his image enough to win against an iffy candidate.

    If Obama goes with Brown, he’d better hope there’s a candidate with great integrity and a strong will to fight for the seat. Preferably one that could play rope-a-dope with Brown’s propensity to go on the attack when he’s in trouble. Make Brown continue to look nasty and he’ll continue to fall apart despite the spending of wads of cash.

  12. Gray in Mountains says:

    was an early (17th and 18th century) missile/torpedo

  13. BlueCat says:

    a solid finish and I’m betting that with her prestigious assignments and populist appeal she can make Mass forget it ever thought giving Ted’s seat to the GOP was a good idea.  Also Brown did his nice guy image considerable damage in that election . He lost it as a pretty popular incumbent and his first win was against a very weak candidate at the beginning of a strong R year.

    I hear what you’re saying and you’re probably right but I think it’s not all that bad a bet. Instead of being able to crow about winning the Rice war and scaring Obama into abandoning his other choice, too, a gutsy Kerry pick followed by seeing the only thing they want from Kerry, another GOP seat, turn to dust would be very demoralizing to the GOP bullies. I’d love to see it. I’d love to see the guy they trashed get the position he wants mos without the Repigs getting anything out of it.  

  14. Diogenesdemar says:

    that suggests that the GOP won’t continue to churn out future Akins as reliably as in the past?  I sure haven’t.  

  15. “If Obama goes with Brown Kerry…”

  16. CaninesCanines says:

    The New York Times suggests having a heaping halping of fried green tomatoes in your town:

  17. Diogenesdemar says:

    we’re Republicans . . . and their world ended the first week of November?  Rounding error?

  18. Diogenesdemar says:

    I’m more interested in the Kwanza-shopping slump.  

  19. parsingreality says:

    We are just starting a great comeback.  Why risk a solid situation to perhaps kick their asses?

    The mere fact that the Pubes suggest Kerry as a shoo in should set your hair on fire.  Big hint, there.

    And I don’t recall Kerry having any particular international credentials.  

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