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“Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over.”

–F. Scott Fitzgerald

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  1. Going back to a discussion had the other day – and vitally important to the decisions Congress will be making this year on the budget…

    Based on U.S. data, Auerbach and Gorodnichenko (2012b) have found that fiscal multipliers associated with government spending can fluctuate from being near zero in normal times to about 2.5 during recessions.

    This quote is extracted out of an IMF Working Paper (PDF, in a new window) that attempts to analyze the effects of austerity measures implemented in the Eurozone, and how those effects compare to forecasts.

    Translation: during and around a recession, fiscal austerity has a much worse effect on overall recovery than during normal times. Higher tax rates are also bad during a recession, though austerity is worse.

    This is, of course, simple validation on and quantification of Krugman’s Nobel-winning thesis. It’s also why the Greek economy sucks as much as it does today, and why Greece won’t be able to get out from under the thumb of the EU rescue plan any time soon.

    So, perhaps a working hint to Republicans: don’t f*sck with government spending until it’s healthy. (And consider re-upping the Making Work Pay tax credit for a year or two, to replace the Payrol Tax Holiday…)

  2. BlueCat says:

    with a barely a whimper. To think this nebbish might have been a heartbeat away from the presidency.  The way he talks has always reminded me of the whiny actor who played Alf’s adopted human dad. And much as I hated Cheney, I had to admit Cheney wiped the floor with him in the VP debate.  After seeing him endorse McCain instead of his own party’s candidate I can’t help but enjoy watching his career end in irrelevancy, pretty much dropped as the third amigo in spite of campaigning against Obama for them. Couldn’t happen to a more pathetic hack.  

  3. Gorky PulviczekG Pulviczek says:

    It’s a hopeful sign.  But it’s a only a small step by itself.  We need to keep the pressure up on both sides (on the Rs, to get them to not be such dickweeds.  On the Ds, to get them to not give up the progressive gains of the last century for some perceived “bipartisan” short-term bargain)

  4. Libertad says:

    When Costello is released from Canon City on his likely teen rape conviction, he’ll be free to choose a party and make a run for office too … assuming we haven’t changed the law to prohibit people like the Westminster slayer or movie shooter from running/voting.

  5. Libertad says:

    So the Democratic party wont have to deal with either of these situations … City council guy or Dem operative Costello.

  6. ClubTwitty says:

    but you weren’t considering a run were you?  

  7. Lurker19 says:

    convicted felons can’t vote.

    Had a cousin who ran for county commissioner once and only got a single vote, presumably his own.

    This guy could top my cousin, since if I’m right, he wouldn’t be able to vote for himself.

  8. Mr. Toodles says:

    In Colorado, a felon can vote if they have completed their full sentence, including parole, or are on probation.

  9. GalapagoLarryGalapagoLarry says:

    they’ve completed all their post prison supervision time (halfway house, probation, etc.)

    Unless they’re asshole Republicans. Then they’re deported to Kansas where the only people who can vote are asshole Republicans currently engaged in committing felonies.

  10. BlueCat says:

    Don’t know how much we can expect to pressure  today’s Rs out of being dickweeds, though.  Best to concentrate on throwing out as many of them out as possible and propping up Dem backbones as much as possible.

  11. BlueCat says:

    Trust me, everyone in the local political world knows, who is what and support is involved. I didn’t say Dem party. I said Dems. City Council members do not run in a non-partisan vacuum. Isn’t the Denver mayoral election officially non-partisan? Yeah, right.

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