Mike Coffman Backs Paul Ryan Agenda Against Colorado’s Middle Class

Following Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) election by his fellow Republicans as Speaker of the GOP-controlled House of Representatives, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, called on Rep. Mike Coffman to stop supporting Ryan’s disastrous budget proposals and stand up for the needs of his own constituents.

“Rep. Mike Coffman has voted for every terrible budget proposal hatched by Paul Ryan,” said ProgressNow Director Amy Runyon-Harms. “Coffman has repeatedly voted in favor of Ryan’s plan to privatize Medicare, slashing taxes for the wealthiest Americans, and cutting key priorities like college investment for middle class families.”

Since Republicans took control of the House, Coffman has offered his vote every year in support of the budgets designed by then-House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan. These budgets have been denounced for their radical overhauls of Medicare, throwing millions of Americans off the health care rolls, slowing economic growth, and handing a tax break to the wealthy. [1] Rep. Mike Coffman has himself called Social Security a “Ponzi scheme.” [2]

“In recent years, Republicans in Congress have given the country a choice between chaos, shutdowns, and even default–or Paul Ryan’s agenda to dismantle the institutions America’s middle class relies on,” added Runyon-Harms. “Mike Coffman stood with Paul Ryan every time, voting to hurt his own constituents. The people of Coffman’s diverse and competitive congressional district deserve better.”

Cynthia Coffman Does Not Speak For Colorado

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UPDATE #2: Via the Denver Business Journal, Gov. John Hickenlooper slams Attorney General Cynthia Coffman for joining this lawsuit over his objections and the state’s longstanding leadership on the issue:

“We do not support this lawsuit,” Hickenlooper said via an emailed statement.

“Clean air and protecting public health should be everyone’s top priority. Colorado’s interest is best served by an open, inclusive process to implement the Clean Power Plan,” he continued.

“This lawsuit will create uncertainty for the state and undermine stakeholders’ ability to plan for and invest in cost-effective compliance strategies, something that the Attorney General has been advising the state on,” he said. [Pols emphasis]

Hickenlooper said Colorado also has worked “extensively with the EPA to ensure we have the time and flexibility we need. We believe that Colorado can achieve the clean air goals set by the EPA, at little or no increased cost to our residents.”


Attorney General Cynthia Coffman.

Attorney General Cynthia Coffman.

POLS UPDATE: The Denver Post’s Jesse Paul reports, let no pesky facts come between Attorney General Cynthia Coffman and destiny:

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman again vowed to fight President Barack Obama’s testy Clean Power Plan as the Environmental Protection Agency on Friday published the initiative’s final rules.

“It would be remiss if I, as attorney general, looked the other way and said, ‘Because Colorado is likely to meet this carbon dioxide cap, we shouldn’t challenge the federal government,’ ” said Coffman, who in late August announced she was joining a lawsuit to stop the plan. [Pols emphasis]

“That to me is an abdication of my responsibility.”

In short, Colorado is going to pass this test. But by God, we shouldn’t have to. Because freedom. And unregistered lobbyists. The rest of the state be damned!

Original post follows…


After Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman announced her lawsuit against the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, in apparent defiance of Gov. John Hickenlooper and the rest of the state government which has been working toward a smooth transition to the clean energy economy for years, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, called on Coffman to stop playing politics with her office at the behest of out-of-state special interests–and to abandon this ill-conceived lawsuit against our state’s best interests.

“Documents unearthed by Public Citizen reveal unethical heavy involvement in Attorney General Coffman’s opposition to the Clean Power Plan by a Texas energy attorney named Mike Nasi,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Amy Runyon-Harms. [1] “Why is Cynthia Coffman colluding with out-of-state oil and gas interests against our state’s own governor and legislature? As Attorney General, Coffman’s job is to represent the people of Colorado, not Texas.”

“Since taking office this year, Cynthia Coffman has repeatedly brushed with scandal,” said Runyon-Harms. “Coffman has been accused of misusing her position for political advantage and was even accused by fellow Republicans of blackmailing the party’s chairman. By using the power of her office to join this lawsuit against the wishes of Gov. Hickenlooper, Coffman has once again proven that she is not fit to serve as the state’s chief law enforcement officer.”

“Attorney General Cynthia Coffman’s lawsuit flies in the face of Colorado’s leadership in the global transition to a clean energy future,” said Runyon-Harms. “In 2004, Colorado passed a groundbreaking constitutional ballot measure establishing a strong renewable energy standard. In 2013, our legislature made it stronger. Experts agree that Colorado is well positioned to meet the challenge of the Clean Power Plan. Our state’s pro-energy Governor supports the Plan. It’s the right thing to do for Colorado, and it will grow our economy the same way Amendment 37 made our state a leader in renewable energy.”

Petition Delivered: Let CU Students Attend The GOP Presidential Debate

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Delivering-Debate-PetitionAs University of Colorado students continued their campaign for more tickets to the Republican presidential debate at the CU-Boulder campus next week, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, delivered a petition to CU President Bruce Benson’s office calling for 50% of the tickets to the debate to be made available to CU students.

“We’ve heard from hundreds of University of Colorado students, stakeholders, and other local citizens who are outraged that CU’s reputation for open and honest dialogue is being misused,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Amy Runyon-Harms. “To promote this debate on the University of Colorado campus while locking CU students out who only want to fill the arena’s thousands of empty seats is an insult to those students and our whole community.”

In August, ProgressNow Colorado called for 50% of the tickets to the October 28th Republican presidential debate be distributed to University of Colorado students. After debate organizers announced that only 1,000 of the Coors Events Center’s 11,000+ seats would be used for the debate, and that only a token number of those limited seats would be offered to CU students, ProgressNow Colorado called for an additional 1,000 empty seats in the arena to be made available for students.

“All of the excuses offered by debate organizers have fallen flat,” said Runyon-Harms. “There is no reason why 1,000 empty seats in the Coors Events Center can’t be made available to students. The cameras and broadcast equipment don’t take up that much space. Nothing about the setup of the stage for the debate makes this modest request unworkable. All that’s left is the fact that everyone knows, but debate organizers can’t acknowledge: they are afraid of what these out-of-touch Republican presidential candidates are going to say.”

“It’s not too late,” said Runyon-Harms. “Our message to the RNC, CU, and CNBC is simple: prove the skeptics wrong by opening up 1,000 empty seats to CU students. Or face the embarrassment of students being denied access to an event on their own campus overshadowing the debate itself.”

President George W. Bush Sneaks Into Denver For Brother Jeb, Cousin Walker Stapleton

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As top Republican donors, candidates, and opinion makers gathered at the Denver Art Museum for a “private” fundraiser featuring former President George W. Bush Sunday evening, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, condemned the secrecy surrounding the event and called on the former President to apologize for an administration broadly considered to be one of the worst in American history.

“Sneaking George W. Bush into Denver for a fundraiser with brother Jeb and cousin Colorado Treasurer Walker Stapleton makes sense given that Bush presided over one of the worst periods of recent American history,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Amy Runyon-Harms. “If Jeb Bush wanted to remind Coloradans of exactly why he is failing in the Republican presidential primary, all I can say is, “Mission Accomplished.'”

“Tonight’s fundraiser was organized by some of the state’s top Republican political operatives including the daughter of a former governor,” said Runyon-Harms. “Despite the fact that a who’s-who list of top Republicans are paying thousands of dollars for access to President Bush, his brother Jeb, and his cousin Colorado Treasurer Walker Stapleton tonight, news reports kept the location of the event, the Martin Museum Residence at the Denver Art Museum, private at the request of the organizers. [1] What does it say about the Bush dynasty that they’re afraid to even disclose where their fundraiser with our state’s richest and most powerful Republicans is being held?”

“A survey of presidential historians for the C-SPAN network ranked George W. Bush nearly last among American presidents on a range of topics including persuasiveness, crisis leadership, economic management, and moral authority,” said Runyon-Harms. [2] “Under George W. Bush, the nation endured the worst terrorist attack in our history, a huge loss of credibility after wrongly invading Iraq, and the biggest economic disaster since the Great Depression. If President Bush wants to raise money for a third Bush presidency in Colorado, he should start by apologizing to the people of this state for the massive problems he created while in office.”

“The last thing the people of Colorado need or want is a third Bush presidency,” said Runyon-Harms. “By sneaking George W. Bush into our state, the organizers of tonight’s fundraiser have proven that they know it.”

Ethics Complaint Filed: Coffman Must Disavow Pay-To-Play “Patriot Program”

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Rep. Mike Coffman (R).

Rep. Mike Coffman (R).

POLS UPDATE: Politico reports on the American Democracy Legal Fund’s complaint against congresscritters who signed the National Republican Congressional Committee’s “Patriot Program” contract:

The American Democracy Legal Fund, a liberal group that has filed dozens of campaign finance and ethics complaints against Republicans over the past year, is launching a new complaint over recently disclosed agreements between GOP incumbents and the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The complaints, filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics accuses 23 House Republicans enrolled in the NRCC’s Patriot Program for vulnerable incumbents of violating “House rules prohibiting official resources from being used for campaign or political purposes.” The complaint alleges that, by signing a document that committed the representatives to providing the NRCC with political justifications for their legislative goals, the representatives broke House rules designed to keep politics and legislative business separate.

The particular sticking point cited by the ADLF is the signature not just of the lawmaker, but also the lawmaker’s chief of staff–a taxpayer-funded position that should have no partisan political obligations. It’s interesting to see this story retaining its punch after many weeks of Republicans trying hard to downplay it–and Democrats insisting there is no analogue for this contract on their side.

The longer this story sticks around, the more the NRCC’s “help” becomes a liability. Original post follows–


After the filing last week of an official complaint with the U.S. House of Representatives Office of Congressional Ethics against Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado over his participation in the controversial Republican Party “Patriot Program,” ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, renewed its call for Coffman to immediately withdraw from the program.

“The complaint filed last week by the American Democracy Legal Fund accuses Mike Coffman of violating both federal law and congressional ethics rules,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Amy Runyon-Harms. “The contract Coffman signed with national Republican donors obliges Coffman to use the official resources of his office to coordinate legislative plans with a partisan political organization. That’s against the law, as well a huge breach of trust with the citizens Coffman represents in Congress.”

In its complaint filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics, ADLF notes that “the Patriot Program is designed only for current members of the House of Representatives; thus, the contract contemplates that the Members would have official resources available…to make it even clearer that official resources are at stake, the Members’ Chief of Staff is also listed as a contracting party and required to sign the contract separately.” Federal law, 31 U.S.C. § 1301 and House rules both prohibit official resources from being used for campaign or political purposes. [1]

“By signing the ‘Patriot Program’ contract, Mike Coffman has signed over his office to national Republican donors and special interests,” said Runyon-Harms. “The sad fact is, this latest incident wouldn’t even be Coffman’s first case of violating campaign laws. In 2004, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that Coffman had violated the Fair Campaign Practices Act, using official resources to conduct partisan political activity.”

“Playing by his own rules has been Coffman’s habit for years,” said Runyon-Harms, “but it may finally be catching up with him with a national spotlight on his long record. We’re asking for Coffman to immediately withdraw from the ‘Patriot Program,’ and apologize for once again putting his political survival above the interests of the people he was elected to serve.”

Nothing Less Will Do: 1,000 GOP Debate Seats For CU Students

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CU-Boulder's Coors Events Center.

CU-Boulder’s Coors Events Center.

As controversy continued to grow over the lack of seats made available to University of Colorado students for the Republican presidential debate at the Coors Events Center on October 28th, progressive and student advocacy groups joined with CU students to request an additional 1,000 seats in the 11,000 seat capacity venue be made available to students.

“I was excited to learn that the Republican presidential candidates are coming to my campus,” said Spencer Carnes, a University of Colorado undergraduate student. “But when I found out that most of the seats in the Coors Events Center will be empty, and that students had almost no chance of actually seeing the debate in person, I was offended. If politicians want to use my school as a backdrop, we expect them to let us be in the room to hear what they have to say.”

“We’ve heard loud and clear from students at the University of Colorado that they expect better,” said Amy Runyon-Harms of ProgressNow Colorado. “There is tremendous excitement about holding such an important event on the Boulder campus, but shutting the CU student body out of the debate sends the wrong message. There are thousands of CU students from all walks of life who want to hear from these candidates, and there’s no reason why they can’t be accommodated.”

“No one on our campus buys this excuse that they can only handle 1,000 people at the Coors Events Center,” said Dylan Robinson-Ruet, a CU student. “If the debate is only for TV, why hold it in a basketball stadium? If they can accommodate 1,000 hand-picked attendees in a stadium that seats 11,000, they can certainly handle 1,000 more for CU students who want to be there. In fact, it’s the least they can do.”

“This is about misusing the reputation of Colorado’s flagship university,” said Runyon-Harms. “We support hosting this important debate on the University of Colorado campus. But using CU to boost the credibility of these candidates while excluding CU students from participation in this debate is simply wrong. It’s time for debate organizers to do the right thing, as we’ve called for from the beginning, and make 50% of the seats at this debate available to CU students. That means making 1,000 more seats available to CU students in addition to the 1,000 seats already spoken for.”

“If the GOP refuses to allow students to even attend a presidential debate on their own campus,” asked Runyon-Harms, “what does that say about the candidates?”

Call For Mike Coffman To Fight For Planned Parenthood, Against Shutdown

As Republicans in Congress prepared to vote on legislation to defund Planned Parenthood this week, setting up a confrontation that could result in a shutdown of the federal government, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, called on Rep. Mike Coffman to fight against any attempt to either defund Planned Parenthood or endanger continued construction of the VA medical center in Aurora.

“Last year, Mike Coffman used Planned Parenthood’s logo in his own campaign ads to falsely imply they supported him,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Amy Runyon-Harms. “But when anti-abortion activists started circulating misleading, doctored videos attacking Planned Parenthood this year, Coffman went on talk radio to pile on the baseless criticism. Now, Coffman’s colleagues are threatening to shut down the government to attack Planned Parenthood’s funding, which could once again endanger the VA Aurora hospital construction project. How many times will Coffman’s Republican colleagues in Congress threaten to punish our veterans to score political points before he says enough?”

“Mike Coffman has tried to have it both ways for years, but he finally has to take a stand now to avoid political catastrophe,” said Runyon-Harms. “It’s time for Rep. Coffman to denounce any attempt by his colleagues to defund Planned Parenthood, and to make clear that any legislation that would threaten completion of the Aurora VA medical center is a nonstarter. The voters in Coffman’s district deserve better than empty posturing and excuses.”

Sign the petition: CU students deserve to be there

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AP GOP 2016 CPAC A USA MDYou’ve probably heard by now that the whole gaggle of Republican candidates for President will debate at the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus in late October.

We’re asking debate organizers to promise that at least 50% of the tickets to the debate will be made available to CU students. Sign our petition now.

The Republican presidential debate at CU Boulder is a chance to hear first-hand the positions of over a dozen presidential candidates. It’s a great opportunity to be involved with our political process that CU students have come to expect from their world-class educational institution.

But it’s critical that students be given the chance to attend.

The Boulder Daily Camera reports that no decisions regarding the distribution of tickets have yet been made. The Coors Event Center on the CU Boulder campus seats over 11,000 people.

The Republican Party is partnering with the University of Colorado to host this debate, and enlisting the credibility of Colorado’s flagship educational institution to elevate the GOP and the participating candidates. That’s why it’s so important that the audience for the debate include students of the University of Colorado. Anything less would be a deception.

Sign our petition: tell organizers of the October presidential debate at CU to make at least 50% of the tickets available to CU students.

Thanks for your quick response to this important petition. Let’s make sure that CU’s reputation is protected by making this debate open and accessible to CU students. It’s only fair.

Call For CU Student Body Participation in Presidential Debate

As preparations for the Republican presidential primary debate to be held in late October on the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus get underway, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, called on debate organizers to ensure at least 50% of the tickets to the debate are made available to CU students.

“The Republican presidential debate at CU Boulder is a chance to hear first-hand the positions of over a dozen presidential candidates,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Amy Runyon-Harms. “It’s a great opportunity that CU students have come to expect from their world-class educational institution–and it’s critical that students be given the chance to attend.”

The Boulder Daily Camera reported Friday that preparations for the October 28th Republican presidential debate at the University of Colorado are underway, but no decisions regarding the distribution of tickets have yet been made. The Coors Event Center on the CU Boulder campus has a seating capacity of over 11,000 attendees.

“The Republican Party is partnering with the University of Colorado to host this debate, and enlisting the credibility of Colorado’s flagship educational institution to elevate the GOP and the participating candidates,” said Runyon-Harms. “The audience for the debate therefore must be representative of the students of the University of Colorado.”

“Colorado progressives support the University of Colorado’s choice to host this important debate,” said Runyon-Harms. “We’re asking debate organizers to guarantee today that at least 50% of the tickets to the October GOP presidential debate will be made available to CU students.”

Jeb Bush in Denver next Tuesday: your help needed

We’ve just received details on former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s town hall meeting in Denver next Tuesday to discuss veterans issues. This meeting is open to the public, and we need as many progressives as possible to attend and ask the hard questions Bush needs to answer:

Today, the Department of Veterans Affairs is swamped with injured veterans of wars started by Jeb’s brother, former President George W. Bush. Will Jeb Bush continue to involve the United States in reckless wars, and if so, how will he take responsibility for the thousands of new injured veterans who will need care?

What about fellow Republican Mike Coffman’s failure to oversee the Aurora VA hospital project as chairman of the VA’s Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee?

Massive cost overruns for military weapons programs barely make the news these days, while a VA hospital running over budget is a nationwide headline. As President, would Jeb Bush continue to sink billions of dollars into unnecessary and expensive weapons, or will he direct that money to ensure veterans have the care they need?

Those are just a few questions we would like Jeb Bush to answer, and we know you’ve got your own as well. If you can make it, click here to get a ticket for Jeb Bush’s town hall in Denver next Tuesday morning.

Englewood Town Hall with Governor Jeb Bush
Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at 8:30 AM (MDT)
VFW Post 9644
2680 W Hampden Ave
Englewood, CO 80113

Thanks very much for your help holding Bush accountable. We hope to see you there! Let us know if you have questions.

To Ben Carson, GOP: Stop Animas River Political Circus Now

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POLS UPDATE: Sizable crowd for Ben Carson in Durango, as photographed just after 2PM today:


The factual basis may be lacking (see below), but you can’t deny it: Carson is grandstanding while the grandstanding is good. Will other Republicans don their Animas River hip waders, metaphorical and/or literal? We’ll be watching to see.


GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson.

GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson.

As the grandstand against the Environmental Protection Agency over an accidental spill of contaminated mine wastewater into the Animas River nearly two weeks ago continued Tuesday with a visit to Durango by Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, called on right-wing politicians to stop misusing this disaster to further their own political agendas.

“Ben Carson is just the latest and most obvious example of the right wing shamelessly politicizing the Animas River mine water spill,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Amy Runyon-Harms. “Carson’s campaign trip to Durango is a distraction that the people working to clean up the Animas River spill, and to prevent future mine waste disasters, do not need. Carson is in Durango to grandstand and misrepresent the EPA’s work cleaning up not just Silverton’s polluting mines, but environmental disasters across the nation caused by irresponsible private industry.”

“When Congressman Scott Tipton was asked if he thought the investigation into the Gold King Mine spill was going to be an ‘exercise in congressional theatre and extended EPA-bashing,’ he said he didn’t think so,” said Ellen Stein of Durango. “Today’s visit to Durango by Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson proves Tipton wrong. Carson has nothing to contribute to cleaning up the Animas River.”

“Since the mine water spill almost two weeks ago,” said Stein, “we’ve seen a steady stream of Republican politicians trying to use this event to score political points in their longstanding fight against the federal government on unrelated issues. Mr. Carson is no different. The EPA is taking responsibility for this spill, and the responsible parties will be held accountable. Here in Durango, we know the real problem is the privately-owned mines draining polluted water into our river. That’s the problem the EPA is working to solve and tens of thousands of people along the Animas River, and more further downstream, are counting on them. We need partners and problem solving, not litigation and grandstanding!”

“We need to get to the bottom of what happened, but we can’t allow the vital work the EPA is doing to protect us from Colorado’s legacy of mine pollution to be disrupted by politics,” said Runyon-Harms. “Yesterday, the EPA’s Inspector General announced an investigation into the cause of the Gold King Mine spill. Instead of playing politics and misusing this disaster to undermine the EPA on issues that have nothing to do with cleaning up polluted mines, we call on politicians visiting Durango to support the EPA’s vital work to protect everyone who depends on the Animas River.”

Animas River disaster: what you need to know

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POLS UPDATE: AP reports on Gov. John Hickenlooper’s visit to Durango today:

Colorado’s governor thinks a mine spill accidentally triggered by an EPA crew will move the state and federal government to more aggressively tackle the “legacy of pollution” left by mining in the West.

Gov. John Hickenlooper said Tuesday that much of the wastewater has been plugged up, but the state and the Environmental Protection Agency need to speed up work to identify the most dangerous areas and clean them up.

The former geologist says that if there’s a “silver lining” to the disaster, it will be a new relationship between the state and the EPA to solve the problem.

During a visit to the Animas River in Durango, downstream from the spill, Hickenlooper said tremendous progress has already been made. He hopes the river will be open for recreation in the next few days.


Last week, a crew working for the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce pollution from abandoned mines near Silverton accidentally released a torrent of mine wastewater into a tributary of the Animas River. This polluted water flowed through the city of Durango, turning the Animas bright yellow and forcing water users along the river to shut off irrigation and drinking water. Rafting and other tourism-related businesses in the area have been devastated by the sudden loss of income at the height of the tourist season.

It’s a very difficult situation, and unfortunately, some are trying to make it even worse by playing politics and misleading the public about the true cause of the disaster. Here are a few important points to help understand what happened and what it means for the future in southwest Colorado. Please share this information with your friends and neighbors.

Q. Did the EPA “cause” the Animas River mine water spill?

Yes and no. Abandoned hard-rock mines in the mountains above Silverton have been a source of water pollution for many years. The EPA was investigating ongoing water pollution from these mines. A large quantity of wastewater had built up behind loose debris and rushed out suddenly after the entrance to the mine was cleared. In short, the EPA did cause the spill, but not the pollution itself. The EPA was working to clean up the pollution.

Q. If these mines have been polluting for decades, why isn’t the cleanup operation a Superfund site?

Unfortunately, the designation of abandoned mines near Silverton as an EPA Superfund cleanup site, which would allow far more resources to be deployed to clean up mine water pollution, has been opposed by the local government of San Juan County and mining interests. Some say the designation would hurt tourism revenue, but more importantly, mining interests fear restrictions on future operations if the Superfund were used to clean up existing pollution. Mining companies have consistently failed to take responsibility for the longstanding pollution problems near Silverton and thousands of other mine sites across Colorado and the West.

Q. What happens next?

As water conditions in the Animas River slowly return to their pre-spill state, the state and federal governments are working together to assess the extent of the damage and restore the river to health and economic prosperity. It’s critical that local businesses and water users get help and compensation to minimize their losses. But above all, it’s time for mining interests and local politicians who support them to get out of the way of properly cleaning up Silverton’s polluted abandoned mines. Without the full resources of the federal government to treat mine wastewater and prevent catastrophic build-ups, downstream communities along the Animas will continue to be threatened by disaster.

Please take a moment to share this important information with your friends and neighbors–especially in the areas affected by the spill. Traditional opponents of the EPA like oil and coal companies are misusing this incident to unfairly attack good people who are working to leave our state better than they found it. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to clean up the mess caused by the mining industry in the past. And when the news cameras are gone and the politicians are done talking, the EPA will still have an important job to do in southwest Colorado.

Thanks very much for helping us set the record straight.

Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt has got to go

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Colorado’s most infamous far-right Republican legislator, Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt, is at it again.

In a new video posted by Rep. Klingenschmitt this past week, Klingenschmitt claims that allowing gay scoutmasters to serve in the Boy Scouts of America “will lead to sexual abuse” and goes on to quote a Bible verse that says for those who cause “little ones to sin,” “it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” Klingenschmitt then says it would be “better” for “child molesters” like the scoutmasters he previously described to be drowned.

Understand this: a sitting member of the Colorado legislature has called for gay scoutmasters to be killed. Sign our petition demanding that Rep. Klingenschmitt resign from the Colorado legislature immediately.

After Rep. Klingenschmitt claimed that a member of Congress from our state wants to “behead Christians,” and that the tragic attack on a pregnant woman in Longmont last March was “the curse of God,” we called for him to resign. Instead, House Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso restored Klingenschmitt to his committee assignments as soon as the media stopped paying attention, and swept the matter under the rug. That was a huge mistake, and today Republicans are paying the price as Klingenschmitt once again brings shame upon the entire state of Colorado.


Mike Coffman: weaker than ever

Our action alert sent to ProgressNow Colorado members in Mike Coffman’s district this morning.

Last month, Mike Coffman decided not to run for the U.S. Senate and instead will try to hold on to his seat in Congress representing Aurora. The reason is simple: Coffman is out of touch with the people of Colorado, and he’d lose the race.

In 2016, the voters of the Sixth District–that’s you–will have the chance to stop Mike Coffman once and for all. Click here to tell us you’re ready for change.

Mike Coffman is afraid of you. He has tried to reinvent his political image in recent years, but he’s the same politician who in 2012 told fellow Republicans at a fundraiser that President Barack Obama ‘is just not an American.’ He’s the same politician who claimed the DREAM Act ‘would be a nightmare.’ And he’s the same politician who called Social Security a ‘Ponzi scheme.’ Coffman is hiding from his record and hoping you won’t ever hear the truth.

Pledge to help us stop Mike Coffman in 2016. We’ll be in touch over the coming weeks with lots of ways you can help.

As a resident of Colorado’s Sixth Congressional District, you will have the privilege of helping decide one of the most important and competitive congressional races in the entire nation. Mike Coffman is running scared from his long extremist record and is trying to change his public image into a “moderate” who supports the middle class, women, and the diverse population of his district. The only thing stopping him is you. Because you know better, and know the truth about Coffman’s record, you have the power to stop him in 2016.

Take the first step right now: pledge to fight back against Mike Coffman in 2016.

In the last month, the “Coffman brand” has taken a yet another serious hit as a scandal involving Attorney General Cynthia Coffman, Mike Coffman’s spouse, has rocked the Colorado Republican Party. Just before that scandal, Mike Coffman faced criticism over his irresponsible comparison of the Department of Veterans Affairs to the terrorist group ISIS. For years, Coffman has skated by on an agenda of confusing voters about his real agenda and making worthless promises that neither he nor his fellow Republicans in Congress intended to keep.

If there’s any justice at all, 2016 will be the year Mike Coffman’s luck finally runs out. Thanks for doing your part to demand better from our elected officials.

Call For Criminal Investigation of Attorney General Cynthia Coffman

(Making it formal – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

POLS UPDATE: The Durango Herald’s Peter Marcus updates the story, with Tom Tancredo admitting that the name of Steve House’s alleged mistress was indeed brought up during their confrontation–a key confirmation:

Former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo said Thursday that the name of the woman who Colorado Republican Party Chairman Steve House allegedly had an affair with came up in a meeting last week in which several fellow Republicans expressed concerns with House’s leadership.

Tancredo’s comments to The Durango Herald come as a left-leaning group, ProgressNow Colorado, called on Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey to investigate Tancredo, along with Republican Attorney General Cynthia Coffman and a well-known Pueblo Republican, for extortion related to the meeting. The DA’s office Thursday afternoon declined to take the case…

The Herald asked: “Why would her name have come up?”

Tancredo responded: “There was essentially concern, I’m sure that that was a problem.”

The Herald then asked, “What would that problem be?”

Tancredo said: “What do you think? He immediately walked out and called her.”

The Herald also asked: “Is it fair to say that her name was brought up because you were trying to let him know this is something you guys know about, and that it could come back potentially to haunt him?” [Pols emphasis]

Tancredo answered, “Yea, I think that’s probably the correct context.”

Whatever the Denver DA thinks of the request you read below, these are some potentially damning admissions.


Attorney General Cynthia CoffmanAs questions continued to grow about the involvement of Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman in an alleged attempt to blackmail Colorado Republican Party chairman Steve House into resigning from his position, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, submitted a formal request to Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey to open a criminal investigation into the incident.

“For ten days now, we’ve been trying to get answers from Colorado’s chief law enforcement officer about her role in trying to push Steve House out of his job as Republican Party Chairman,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Amy Runyon-Harms. “Yesterday, we asked Attorney General Cynthia Coffman if she discussed the possibility of legal proceedings or action against Steve House in any way to persuade him to resign. Coffman’s own statements in press interviews this week appear to admit her reasons for being involved in this scheme against House, as well as admitting that allegations of an extramarital affair ‘came up’ in an attempt to convince House to resign.”

In a letter to Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey, ProgressNow Colorado asserts that “Mr. House’s allegations appear to support a finding that General Coffman, Mr.Tancredo and Ms. Mizel committed criminal extortion. C.R.S. § 18-3-207…[y]our office is reported to have stated that it has not been contacted regarding any potential crime described in Mr. House’s statement. Please consider this a formal request to begin an investigation into whether an extortion attempt occurred in your jurisdiction.”

Read ProgressNow Colorado’s letter to DA Morrissey here.

“Again, if Coffman was in any way involved in criminal activity, even to sanction it with her presence, she has violated the trust of Colorado voters and cannot remain in office,” said Runyon-Harms. “Colorado law is clear that any person who makes a ‘substantial threat’ to damage the reputation of another person in order to coerce them into a decision is committing a felony crime. As the state’s chief law enforcement officer, Cynthia Coffman must be held accountable for her actions in this case. Even the appearance of such unseemly behavior on the part of the Colorado Attorney General renders her unfit to serve.”

“For the sake of the rule of law, and confidence in our law enforcement, we have to get to the bottom of this,” said Runyon-Harms.