All Roads Lead to Nowhere: The Elephant in Mike Coffman’s Room

Mike and Cynthia Coffman pose with the elephant in the room.

Mike and Cynthia Coffman pose with the elephant in the room.

All press is good press, as the saying goes, so long as they spell your name correctly. It’s a neat saying…but it really isn’t true. For example, take a look at this lede from ace political reporter Lynn Bartels in Sunday’s Denver Post:

Extortion. Blackmail. Infidelity. Incompetence. Defamation of character. The soap opera surrounding Steve House, the newly elected chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, exploded in mid-June but appeared to fizzle when the GOP executive committee voted 22-1 in support of House on June 26 after a marathon closed-door session.

The bigger question is the impact on the career of Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman and whether any fallout affects her husband, U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman of Aurora, who now faces a formidable challenge from Democratic state Sen. Morgan Carroll. [Pols emphasis]

Whatever the circumstances may be, you never want your name used in the same sentence as the words “blackmail” and “extortion.” After more than a month, the Coffmangate Scandal continues to percolate and may ultimately signal the demise of the political careers of both Attorney General Cynthia Coffman and Congressman Mike Coffman.

When the Coffmangate Scandal was first breaking, it was obvious that the first casualty of the attempted coup against State Republican Party Chair Steve House was the political career of the recently-elected Colorado Attorney General. Even if Cynthia is somehow able to survive a federal corruption/fraud investigation, she’ll never convince Colorado Republicans to stand behind her in a future campaign for elected office. This isn’t about whether or not voters will hold the scandal against Cynthia — she’ll never be able to hire a decent staff and raise significant money for another campaign, as we explained back in June.

We know that Cynthia Coffman’s political career is kaput, but what about that of her husband, Rep. Mike Coffman? There has been no indication thus far that Mike Coffman was at all involved in the ill-planned coup attempt against House, but a cloud of suspicion and cover-up will continue to follow him around like he was Charlie Brown, and he has no good options for avoiding the storm. In fact, it is Cynthia Coffman’s own words from her 2014 campaign for AG that has Mike Coffman stuck in a political corner. 

Attorney General Cynthia Coffman. Photo taken back when she had a political future.

Attorney General Cynthia Coffman

In August 2014, Cynthia was a guest of the “Pueblo Pachyderms,” where she spoke about her campaign for Attorney General and about her curious marriage to Mike. We’ve provided a copy of that audio recording below, and here’s a brief transcript:

“We’ve been through eight campaigns together by my count. [Mike] is running against for his congressional seat in the sixth congressional district…and I’m running for Attorney General. Now some people say, ‘Now how on earth does that work?’

It actually works very well, because both of us are so busy that we don’t pester the other one about going to the movies or dinner, or ‘when can we go on a bike ride?’ We both know that we are obsessed with politics and with elections. We give each other advice, and we’re sounding boards for each other[Pols emphasis]

…I like to tease Mike that I ran for office because he wouldn’t take all of my great advice, and now it’s payback time because he gives me good advice. I take some of it, and some of it doesn’t fit…

…I love my husband, and I respect my boss (then-Attorney General John Suthers), but I am my own woman. I get asked a lot of times [sic] about the opinions of Mike, or positions that John Suthers has taken on issues, and I have great admiration for both of them.”

Mike Coffman has thus far refrained from speaking about the Coffmangate Scandal in public, though reporters are increasingly casting glances in his direction as details continue to emerge about efforts to force House to resign as Party Chair (on Friday the full “list of grievances” against House was leaked to Jason Salzman). It is only a matter of time before the heat is turned up on Mike Coffman and he is forced to comment on the Coffmangate Scandal…but what can he say?

Cynthia has talked on several occasions about the political discussions she has with her husband, which makes it very difficult for Mike to attempt to claim that he was kept in the dark on a subject as fascinating as this one. Did Mike know in advance that Cynthia was planning on luring House to a meeting in an attempt to force his resignation? Did he voice his opinion on the matter privately? After all, Mike was a vocal supporter of former GOP Chair Ryan Call, whom he backed for re-election over House last spring.

“The Coffmans, both Cynthia and Congressman Coffman, came with a lot of unknowns and risks, and I think that was one of the reasons why it wasn’t a bad thing that they both decided not to run for Senate.

“I think behind the scenes this is sort of a scary public display of what the rumors had been; it’s pretty troubling that the attorney general is going around threatening people.”

     – Unnamed Republican source quoted by Roll Call (both here and here)

It is possible, however unlikely, that Mike Coffman was unaware of his wife’s involvement in the alleged blackmail of House. Regardless, there is absolutely zero chance that Mike can make it through the 2016 election without having to address the Coffmangate Scandal at some point. We continue to hear whispers about a criminal (likely federal) investigation of Cynthia Coffman and her merry band of extortionists, which would obviously escalate questions about Mike Coffman’s involvement. Federal law enforcement officials have declined to discuss details with reporters about any investigation, giving Coffman supporters hope that this whole affair will just go away in time, but there is little realistic chance of that happening.

Remember: Steve House has publicly accused Cynthia Coffman of participating in attempts to use the threat of an alleged affair to resign as Party Chair — and Cynthia has publicly acknowledged that she took part in the alleged discussions. As Attorney General, Cynthia Coffman is THE chief law enforcement officer in the State of Colorado. Every criminal charge that comes out of the AG’s office has Cynthia Coffman’s name on the document. There is no way that Cynthia can avoid a criminal investigation because of the combination of her official title, House’s detailed allegations, and Cynthia’s admission that she was involved in the attempted coup in some form or another. How could law enforcement officials explain not investigation Cynthia’s involvement given the pile of evidence that has already been publicly discussed? There’s no rug large enough to sweep this underneath.

At some point in the near future, law enforcement officials are going to have to talk about an investigation into Cynthia Coffman’s involvement in this scandal. When that day comes, Cynthia will immediately face overwhelming pressure to resign so as not to taint all of the work being done by the AG’s office. Cynthia’s political career is certainly done, but can she do enough to salvage her husband’s re-election efforts in 2016? Or is the Coffman name forever sullied?

Hey Kiddies – Don’t Miss Uncle Ted’s Kamp for Kids/Colorado Apology Tour

(Quick, somebody take his guns! – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Ted Nugent.

Ted Nugent.

How on earth, or anywhere inside that Kuiper Belt thingie, did we miss Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids (hey Ted, you left out a ‘K’) is this Friday and the Colorado-and-Obama bashing rocker will be here indoctrinating some unsuspecting kids into a life filled with hate and ignorance?

About 20 spots are still available for youth to sign up for the sixth annual Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids, a one-day camp with hands-on instruction in the outdoors.

The camp will be held July 17 at Quail Mountain Recreation Area, which is between the towns of Leadville and Buena Vista.

Youth, ages 7-17, will move through stations that include fishing, archery, air guns, wilderness survival with world renowned wilderness survival expert Peter Kummerfeldt, wildlife identification, tracking with hounds, wildlife tracking, slingshots and game calling.

Rock musician, sing/songwriter and gun rights advocate Ted Nugent will speak one-on-one with attendees. 

I hope Children’s Services is there to make sure these poor kids aren’t traumatized by The Nuge.

Oh, here’s the key part:

This year’s sponsors include Colorado Bowhunters Association, Bass Pro Shops, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Steve’s Meat Market, Ted Nugent, National Rifle Association, Hunter Specialty Gear and numerous local businesses including City Market-BV, Silver City Concoco and others.

But wait! I thought Ted hated Colorado and its “citizens”:

Nugent: “If ever there was a poster child for apathy, disconnect, laziness, and abandonment of We the People, and moral dereliction, it is Colorado.” 

Somehow these guys can abandon their principles if there’s even a few bucks to make. Even more likely is that there is a gigantic tax write-off on Ted’s taxes next year for this “business” trip to disconnected and apathetic Colorado.

Maybe there will be some press there to ask Ted some pointed questions.

Singleton calls Hillary Clinton an “outstanding public servant”

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton.

On Craig Silverman’s KNUS morning show Saturday, former Denver Post owner William Dean Singleton said Hillary Clinton has been an “outstanding public servant” and would be a good president.

“I believed that she should have been president in 2008,” said Singleton, who’s also a former chair of the Associated Press. “I thought she was the best qualified person running and was disappointed when she lost the nomination to President Obama. I think she would have been an excellent president then, and I think she would be a good president now. She’s not the only good candidate out there, but I believe she would be a very good candidate.” (Listen to audio below.)

Singleton, who got to know Clinton as first lady and then when she ran for president in 2008, defended Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, telling Silverman that Clinton has been an “outstanding public servant.”

“I don’t think there’s anything phony about Hillary Clinton,” said Singleton on air. “I think she’s an outstanding public servant. And she knows how to work across party lines. She knows how to bring people together.”

You may wonder why I’d waste cheap blog space on Singleton, but he still votes on The Post’s editorial board, and I’d say he represents the opinion of mainstream businesspeople in Colorado as well as anyone.

“My two favorite candidates are Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush,” he said, after trashing Donald Trump, saying he’s got the biggest ego he’s ever seen.

In retrospect, Singleton said he thinks Bill Clinton was an “excellent president on the merits of his work.”

On Colorado politics, Singleton said he thinks Walker Stapleton will run for governor in 2018.


Get More Smarter on Tuesday (July 14)

MoreSmarterLogo-300x218Forget sanctions — we should just threaten Iran with more letters from Congress. Let’s Get More Smarter with Colorado Pols! If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example).



► The United States and a handful of other world powers have agreed on a plan regarding sanctions on Iran and its nuclear weapons program. From Politico:

The United States and five other world powers have reached a deal with Iran that would place strict limits on Tehran’s nuclear program in return for ending sanctions on its economy, the culmination of years of delicate diplomacy pursued by President Barack Obama despite warnings the agreement could strengthen Iran’s Islamist regime and leave it dangerously close to a nuclear bomb.

The historic accord, reached by Secretary of State John Kerry and his international counterparts in Vienna on Tuesday after 18 days of intense negotiations, now faces review from a hostile Republican-led Congress, opposition from every GOP presidential candidate, from Israel’s government and from Sunni Arab monarchs. The deal’s long and complex implementation process also leaves it vulnerable to unraveling.

Warm up the printers! Congressional Republicans should be busy drafting new letters to send to Iran.

► It should come as little surprise that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was the top overall fundraiser among Republican Presidential contenders during the first six months of 2015, but you’ll never guess who checked in at number two: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is the top non-Bush fundraiser in the GOP field.


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Facebook deletes Tancredo’s suggestion that ISIS attack pot smokers

(Um, what? – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Tom Tancredo.

Tom Tancredo.

Facebook deleted a post by Rep. Tom Tancredo  in which the former Colorado Congressman advised ISIS not to attack America on July 4 but, instead, “to try something during spring break or the Marijuana smoke out celebrations on April 20.”

Tancredo said he has “no idea why it was taken down.”

“There were over 9k hits before they got around to it,” emailed Tancredo, who supports pot legalization and was attacked mercilessly by fellow Republicans for taking his pro-marijuana position. “Maybe it was based on complaints. Maybe lots of teenagers and dopers protested.  I don’t think it was because they believed ISIS takes my advice.”

I told Tancredo Facebook might take a dim view of terrorism jokes or think he’s a terrorist, and he replied, “Well I am sure some of those 5000 ‘friends’ I have would agree!”

In fact, Tancredo has proposed that America “take out” Mecca and other Islamic “holy sites” in response to a terrorist attack on the United States. That’s terrorism.

The Curtain Is Lifting on Public Land Seizure

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

The fact that public land seizure bills were seriously considered in this year’s Colorado Assembly perplexed many Coloradans, us among them. Why would legislators in the state of Colorado, home of the Maroon Bells, Dinosaur National Monument, and Pike’s Peak join the movement to fence off our public lands and potentially open them up to private development?

As previously detailed, in 2015 we saw a series of bills that, if passed, would have threatened our access to our natural inheritance by transferring them to state control, and state lands are closed to public access.

This just doesn’t add up, right? A state that has a proud outdoor heritage and lucrative tourism and recreation economies would seem to have little reason to jeopardize the quality of its public lands.

The answer is that public land seizure is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


Through some creative PR maneuvering, public land seizure proponents have managed to establish a false premise. They paint the issue as one about states’ rights and have even said that they are in fact trying to preserve the environment by seizing what they characterize as badly mismanaged public lands.

SB 232, which would have wasted time and local taxpayers’ dollars to study public land seizure (which other states have already wasted millions of taxpayer dollars to do), was continuously sold as an innocuous initiative to “see if this was a good idea.”


Bennet Raises Another $2 Million, Warchest at $4.3 Million

Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Denver)

Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Denver)

Colorado Republicans have had a difficult time trying to recruit a candidate to challenge incumbent Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet in 2016, a task that grows more difficult by the day. As Lynn Bartels reports for the Denver Post, Bennet raised $2 million for his re-election for the second straight quarter and is now sitting on a warchest of more than $4.3 million.

Optimistic Republicans like to point to the fact that Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Yuma) defeated Democrat Mark Udall in 2014 despite waiting until the end of February to launch his campaign, but that’s more footnote than foreshadowing when it comes to 2016. Bennet has a well-deserved reputation as one of the top fundraisers in Congress, but it’s still an impressive feat even when you know it’s coming.




Get More Smarter on Monday (July 13)

MoreSmarterLogo-300x218The Colorado Rockies will have three players in Tuesday’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game, which is weird considering that Colorado is one of the 3-5 worst teams in the sport. Let’s Get More Smarter with Colorado Pols! If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example).



► Ace reporter Lynn Bartels of the Denver Post takes a deeper dive into Coffmangate and the political ramifications of the still-unfolding scandal:

Extortion. Blackmail. Infidelity. Incompetence. Defamation of character. The soap opera surrounding Steve House, the newly elected chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, exploded in mid-June but appeared to fizzle when the GOP executive committee voted 22-1 in support of House on June 26 after a marathon closed-door session.

The bigger question is the impact on the career of Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman and whether any fallout affects her husband, U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman of Aurora, who now faces a formidable challenge from Democratic state Sen. Morgan Carroll.

Click here for more background on the Coffmangate scandal.

► Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who was born in Colorado Springs, officially announced on Monday that he will seek the Republican Presidential nomination in 2016. Walker has placed a premium on performing well in Iowa, the first state in the long march of the nominating process. For those of you counting at home, Walker is the 15th prominent Republican to enter the field for President. 


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Conservative radio station holding “auditions” to replace disappeared host

(You should all apply for this. – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

KLZ_the_sourcePutting its competitive principles where its microphone is, KLZ “The Source” is conducting live “auditions” to replace its morning show host, Randy Corporon, who resigned last month after management pulled the plug on further interviews with former Rep. Tom Tancredo, who was at the center of an attempt to oust Steve House, the leader of Colorado’s Republican Party.

Corporon resigned after KLZ owner Don Crawford, Jr., insisted on grilling Tancredo about his beef with House prior to airing Tancredo’s familiar voice on his radio station, prompting Corporon and KLZ’s other “liberty lineup” talk-radio hosts, Ken Clark and Kris Cook, to quit.

Crawford told the media he was worried about whether Tancredo was telling the truth about the attempt to oust House. He also temporarily banned Steve House, according to Corporon.

Crawford hasn’t said whether he also banned interviews Attorney General Cynthia Coffman, who joined Tancredo and Pueblo’s GOP chair Becky Mizel in leading the coup charge. There wold have been no reason for Crawford not to have banned Coffman and Mizel as well.

In any case, now Crawford appears to be personally spearheading an unusual process to replace Corporon. He’s selected seven conservatives (no relation to the seven dwarfs) to audition live, on air through Wed. from 6 to 8 p.m., on KLZ 560-AM.

Some take-no-prisoners conservatives have already tried out, including: “Americhicks” Kim Monson and Molly Vogt, Steve Laffey, a GOP gubernatorial candidate, who’s a familiar voice on conservative talk radio, Dan Meurer, who’s been a guest host, and Jim Pfaff, a former KLZ radio host.

Here’s what Crawford had to say about the auditions:

Let the auditions begin!! I am thrilled to announce we have some very talented, bright, and insightful people, auditioning for the New KLZ morning show.

Your valued opinion on whom you think is most worthy and will surely eternalize your and our critical principles on our airwaves, such as our unbreakable support of the Constitution, returning political power to the states, and a very limited Federal government, to name some more, is imperative to our decision-making.

Email me at, or post your preferences on our Facebook page if you wish. Every single one will be read, respected, and factored. Those auditions will be from 6PM to 8PM each weeknight beginning Monday, July 6th. The last audition will occur on Wednesday, the 15th. Shortly after, we hope to and should have your new host ready and able to carry the morning torch for those endangered conservative values we so very much cherish and MUST protect.

We thank you in advance for your essential help in this cause. I’m Don Crawford Jr., Station Manager of KLZ.


Document details numerous allegations against State GOP Chair Steve House

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Harvey Coffman HOCDuring a six-hour Republican Party meeting, held June 26 to gauge support for GOP State Chair Steve House, former Rep. Tom Tancredo sat with Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman in the hallway outside the meeting room. Tancredo was holding copies of a document that listed grievances against House.

Coffman was eventually given the chance to talk briefly to the executive committee, but, as I reported last week, Tancredo said that House blocked him and Pueblo County GOP Chair Becky Mizel from distributing the document to committee members, who voted 22-1 to support House.

Yet, mysteriously, given the speed at which GOP allegations can fly around Facebook, I couldn’t find the document anywhere until someone graciously leaked it to me yesterday. (See below.)

But is it the real thing? The document Tancredo wanted to hand out at the meeting?

I can’t say for sure, but my source says so, and I emailed it to Tancredo, who responded with, “Looks like the same one to me.”

Tancredo pointed out that there was nothing secret about the document, as evidenced by the fact that he and others gave it to various reporters at the meeting and elsewhere. The document asks House to resign.


What matter(s) did the state GOP refer to prosecutors?

(Drip, drip, drip – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Colorado GOP chairman Steve House.

Colorado GOP chairman Steve House.

In a Facebook post Monday, GOP activist Marilyn Marks called on a Republican Party committee to “due diligence to inform themselves of what matters the state party has referred to prosecutors.”

Responding to Monday’s article in the Colorado Statesman, stating that a “Republican Party spokesman said on Friday that the state party’s attorney had contacted prosecutors about ‘another matter,’ though he declined to specify what that was,” Marks wrote on Facebook:

Marks: The party says (in the article below) that they have referred “another matter” to prosecutors, implying that it is not the matter that they previously claimed they had referred to prosecutors apparently targeting Coffman, Tancredo and Mizel. Now House says that he NEVER THOUGHT he was being extorted or blackmailed. If that is true, did he go to prosecutors falsely alleging a crime?

I urge Executive Committee members to conduct appropriate due diligence to inform themselves of what matters the state party has referred to prosecutors.

In the comment thread, Marks observes that House is now saying he was not subject to extortion or blackmail, yet something had been reported to prosecutors.

Marks: I hope that someone on the ExComm or a reporter will try to get to the bottom of this, and what matters have been reported to the prosecutors. If [House] did not think it was blackmail, where is the apology to [Cynthia] Coffman, [Tom] Tancredo and Becky [Mizel]?

A good suggestion.

Get More Smarter on Thursday (July 9)

MoreSmarterLogo-300x218This is not turning out to be a very good month for makers of the Confederate Flag. Let’s Get More Smarter with Colorado Pols! If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example).



► As expected, State Senator Lucia Guzman (D-Denver) will become the new Senate Minority Leader when Democrats meet next week to vote for a replacement for Sen. Morgan Carroll, who is giving up her leadership post because of the rigors associated with her campaign for Congress in CD-6.

► Thousands of people ignored drenching rains on Wednesday to attend the kickoff rally for the recall effort of three right-wing members of the Jefferson County Board of Education. The petition drive for the recall of Ken Witt, Julie Williams, and John Newkirk was officially launched at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. Information about signing and carrying petitions is available at Jeffco United for Action

► Former Colorado Solicitor General Dan Domenico is being courted by Republicans to run for U.S. Senate in 2016. Domenico is not the GOP’s top choice — we’ve stopped counting how far down the list we’ve gotten at this point — but he might be the best option left available to mount a serious challenge to Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet.


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Ellen Roberts is Making a Fool of Herself

Sad Ellen Roberts.

Sad Ellen Roberts.

When State Senator Ellen Roberts (R-Durango) announced in late June that she was no longer considering a 2016 run for U.S. Senate, it was perhaps the most coherent and logical thing she had said all summer. Roberts first publicly floated her name for Senate (or CD-3) in a May interview with Peter Marcus of the Durango Herald, and she spent the next few weeks putting on a cringe-worthy display of self-immolation the likes of which we haven’t seen in Colorado in years (“Egads! Ellen Roberts is Really Not Good at This”).

It wasn’t hyperbole when we posted a video titled “Seven Seconds that Could End Ellen Roberts’ Career” after she tried to explain her position on abortion as being both pro-choice and anti-choice — one of just several bizarre mistakes made by someone who we thought would know better. Roberts certainly wilted under the lights to a degree that few expected, but it has been even weirder to watch as she continues to decimate her own reputation with bizarrely-naive rants about politics in general.

Last week Roberts whined on 710 KNUS radio that her hometown newspaper, the Durango Sentinel, took her political ambitions too seriously; on Monday, she one-upped herself in an Op-Ed published by the Cortez Journal that was ostensibly about her position on public lands but really just another opportunity for Roberts to continue lamenting her brief foray into statewide politics. Let’s take a look…


Get More Smarter on Wednesday (July 8)

MoreSmarterLogo-300x218Colorado Rockies shortshop Troy Tulowitzki won’t campaign for a final spot in the Major League Baseball All-Star game next week. Let’s Get More Smarter with Colorado Pols! If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example).



Recall petitions have been approved in Jefferson County for an effort to remove three right-wing Board of Education members who have accomplished little aside from angering the community since their election in November 2013. The petition drive for the recall of Ken Witt, Julie Williams, and John Newkirk formally kicks off tonight at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

► A Colorado appeals court heard arguments Tuesday about whether or not bakers have the right to refuse to make cakes for same-sex weddings. From the Denver Business Journal:

Jeremy Tedesco, senior legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, an Arizona-based Christian legal nonprofit organization representing the cake shop, said a key point in the case is whether an artist should be compelled to create a product for something the artist finds offensive.

Judge Berger quizzed Tedesco about that point. Is it about a cake? Or a fancy wedding cake? Or is the case about same sex marriage?

It’s about being compelled to make a piece of art to celebrate something you don’t believe in, said Tedesco.

Many legal observers have another opinion here: Choosing whether or not to obey the law is not “freedom of expression.”


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“We are looking for who will stand for God”

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

David Lane of the American Renewal Project.

David Lane of the American Renewal Project.

The three-day Western Conservative Summit, which recently drew six GOP presidential contenders and over 4,000 participants to Denver, featured debates, galas, and speeches by high-profile conservatives.

But outside the media spotlight, the gathering offered 30 “Citizen Action Workshops,”  most focusing on nuts-and-bolts tactics that conservatives believe will help them advance their agenda. Examples: “Social Media Secrets for Winning Online, with American Majority,” “Run for Office with Victory Guaranteed (Almost), with American Majority,” and “How to Deal with the Media, with Tea Party Patriots,”

In one such workshop, titled “Energize Your Church for Civic Engagement,” Gayle Levin, Associate Director of Salt and Light Council, outlined ways conservative churches can organize to make a difference in the public sphere.

“We’ve had a one-two punch from the Supreme Court, and there’s only one place to turn, God,” said Levin, after presenting a video to workshop goers lamenting that “homosexuality” is considered “normal” in America, abortion is “accepted” and, generally, the Bible has be set aside is by secular society.

“If churches would rise up, we could turn things around in one election cycle,” continued Levin, adding that her anti-choice organization, founded by, among others, Mathew Staver of the right-wing Liberty Council, trains pastors and churchgoers in 23 states.