Dear Candidates: Proofread Your Websites

Running for office is exhausting, time-killing, and sometimes soul-crushing — and that’s just for those candidates who don’t make ridiculous errors.

We stumbled across the “About the Candidate” link for Elet Valentine, one of three Democrats seeking to win a Primary in HD-7 (Northeast Denver), and…wow.

We really don’t know much about this race or the other candidates seeking the office, but we are confident about one thing: Elet Valentine should proofread her website. Also, it’s never a good idea to shift between first-person and third-person perspectives when discussing your own biography:


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Trump Confirms Colorado Visit to Dismay of Republicans Statewide

The Western Conservative Summit, an annual July event organized by the Centennial

Enjoy your Donald Trump, Colorado Republicans

Enjoy your Donald Trump visit, Colorado Republicans

Institute — which is affiliated closely with Colorado Christian University — has been trying for weeks to get its followers to encourage Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump to attend their 2016 gathering. Apparently, it worked.

As Joey Bunch confirms for The Denver Post:

Donald Trump is set to make his the first public trip to Colorado during his presidential campaign on July 1 to speak at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver.

The summit is rearranging its schedule to hear from the presumptive Republican nominee at 10:30 a.m. at the Colorado Convention Center that Friday. The event, which started in 2010, would otherwise have started on Friday evening. It wraps up the following Sunday afternoon.

“We’re very excited that he’s coming,” said Jeff Hunt, executive director of the conservative Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University, which puts on the summit.

“Our attendees have been telling us they want to hear from him.”

This is certainly a big win for Hunt and the Centennial Institute, but for Republican candidates seeking office in Colorado in 2016, it’s an absolute nightmare. Trump’s appearance in Colorado will again have reporters chasing folks such as Congressmen Mike Coffman (R-Aurora) and Scott Tipton (R-Cortez) — and whomever wins the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate — to expand on their support (or lack thereof) for the likely Republican Presidential nominee.

It’s considerably easier to duck questions about Trump when the man isn’t anywhere near your home state, but when he shows up to Colorado just days after the June 28th Primary, there will be nowhere for politicians such as Coffman and Tipton — both of whom face tough Democratic challengers in November — to hide from the media. And for those Republicans who have tried to distance themselves from Trump, they are going to have to explain once more where they really stand in regards to the man who will top the GOP ticket this fall.

Do you support Donald Trump for President?” It’s time to start polishing those answers, Colorado Republicans.

Tancredo responds to Orlando shooting with another “Celebrating Diversity” image

(Tancredo is a one- sick-trick pony – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

After the Paris shooting last year, former GOP Congressman Tom Tancredo posted a Facebook image with the words “Celebrating Diversity…one massacre at a time…Coming soon to a concert hall near you.”

Tancredo posted the meme below on Facebook late last night. It’s similar, with the same “Celebrating-Diversity” headline and concluding with, “Coming soon to your community.”

In new book, a conservative explains why she’s a “pro-life realist” and more

Conservative operative Laura Carno is out with a new book with the ridiculous title of, “Government Ruins Nearly Everything.

But the subtitle should keep you from burning the book: “Reclaiming Social Issues from Uncivil Servants.”

If you ignore the “uncivil” part, you can look inside the 138-page volume and appreciate some of the ways that Carno tries to apply her free-market mindset to the issues of marriage, guns, abortion, and education.

She picked issues where her free-market, anti-government analysis might challenge conservatives (marriage, abortion) and progressives (guns, education), which is interesting.

But I’d have to recommend that you skip to the chapter on abortion, because it seemed the freshest.

Carno comes up with a new term to describe herself, and I’m hoping when Carno sneezes at conservative gatherings, it infects the conservative world. She calls herself a “pro-life realist.”

As such, she supports Roe!

She opposes excessive government regulations of abortion, like mandatory ultrasounds prior to having one.

“A person can be pro-life and believe the government can’t reduce abortions,” Carno, who founded I Am Created Equal and is possibly best known for her pro-gun advocacy, writes, pointing to data showing that making abortion illegal results in more abortions.

“Where abortions are illegal, more abortions occur,” she writes in her straight-forward and easy-to-understand prose.

Pro-choice activists would say government policy can definitely reduce abortions, but they’s agree on the banning part.

See, for example, Colorado’s Family Planning Initiative, which was run by civil servants and is credited with lowering abortions among teens by as much as half. Now it’s funded by the state, as well as run by it.

Carno offers alternatives to banning abortion or using government to make it more difficult. These include misguided efforts like the Save the Storks program, which push ultrasounds to pregnant women, along with alleged counseling. But to Carno’s point–this is a private effort. And Carno doesn’t advocate deception among the crisis pregnancy centers she favors. Unfortunately, many of these outfits have been shown by NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado to be manipulative and predatory.

Carno suggests pro-life groups do more for foster-care and support adoption programs, not just of infants. Carno wants government out, of course, but we’ll take it.

She wants better education about contraception and access to birth control, including the pill and new methods.

I like Carno’s plea for empathy among people who are pro-life. It’s an attitude that both progressives and conservatives can learn from–and can move us to solutions across the issue spectrum.

Here’s what Carno has to say (page 65-6):

An increasing number of Americans don’t want abortions to be illegal, even though they consider themselves to be pro-life. Why? Could it be that Americans are concerned about others who might be in a much more difficult situation?.. Pro-life realists…can easily imagine a woman in a dire financial situation who has an unplanned pregnancy. They fear she could be living out of her car if she experiences just one more financial setback. 

The empathy is real, and informs their preferences, even though they are pro-life. Among even those who are not generally political, this is a common reason for pro-life people to want to want abortion kept legal.

Progressives can come up with lots of ways to critique this, even condemn it, but, hey, let’s acknowledge our mutual empathy and see where it takes us.

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MoreSmarterLogo-SunscreenThe Equal Pay Act of 1963 was signed into law by President John F. Kennedy 53 years ago today; clearly, we’re still working on this issue. It’s time to Get More Smarter with Colorado Pols! If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example). If you are more of a visual learner, check out The Get More Smarter Show.


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► The petition fraud scandal that has dogged Republican Senate candidate Jon Keyser is still going strong after the arrest of petition gatherer Maureen Moss. As Marshall Zelinger reports for Denver7:

The signature collector accused of turning in forged voter signatures on petitions for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jon Keyser is free from jail.

Maureen Moss was released on a personal recognizance bond Thursday, after making her first court appearance since being arrested on Wednesday afternoon.

If Moss fails to appear at her next hearing on Monday morning, a warrant will be issued for her arrest and she will be held on a $10,000 bond.

Denver7 political reporter Marshall Zelinger was in the courtroom for the hearing. When Moss was brought in to the holding area, she asked a sheriff’s deputy multiple times to have him removed. Zelinger was allowed to stay in the room.

Enough of this “shoot the messenger” nonsense. Zelinger has been reporting on the facts of this story for weeks now — which is his jobErnest Luning of the Colorado Statesman also has more on the story.


► Robert Blaha has landed the endorsement of the Colorado Springs Gazette in the five-way battle for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination:

After meeting with all major Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate, and watching forums and debates, The Gazette’s editorial board determined Blaha is best suited to defeat Sen. Michael Bennet in November and improve Colorado’s representation in Washington.


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Adams County GOP Official Doesn’t Agree With Own Anti-Muslim Bigotry on Facebook

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Adams County GOP vice-chair John Sampson.

Adams County GOP vice-chair John Sampson.

Adams County Republican Party Vice Chair John Sampson does not believe that a Muslim judge, who chose to take her oath of office with her hand on a Quran, will use Sharia law as the basis of her legal decisions, even though an email shared by Sampson on Facebook made the argument that the judge, Carolyn Walker-Diallo, “will head the first federally sanctioned SHARIA COURT.”

“Just because I post something, does not necessarily mean I agree with it,” Sampson told me today. “I will post something in order to prime the pump, if you will, for public discourse. And I would use the word civil public discourse.”

“I don’t agree with it,” Sampson continued. “She, from everything I have seen, is an exemplary jurist. Just because she is wearing a hijab, and just because she is holding a Quran does not necessarily mean she is going to impose Sharia law. People are drawing conclusions based on an insufficient amount of information.”

In the spirit of “putting it out there for public consumption,” Sampson did not indicate that he disagreed with the email, when he posted it on Facebook May 29, writing instead, “What follows is the content of an email I received from a friend. I did not write this. I am merely ‘sharing’ it.”

Here’s the text of the email, which, again, Sampson said, he does not agree with:

The first Muslim woman judge — Carolyn Walker — was hand-picked by President Obama and sworn in as judge of the 7th Municipal District, Brooklyn, choosing to swear her oath of office holding the HOLY QURAN at the Brooklyn Boro Hall on December 10, 2015. It was a historic day! Oddly enough, there was almost no media coverage of this event . .

Since the Quran forbids all law but Sharia Law, isn’t it reasonable to assume that Her Honor will head the first federally sanctioned SHARIA COURT.

Makes one proud, doesn’t it? “Gives me chills up my legs” said Chris Mathews.

Another little chink in the armor? A small, quiet erosion here and there. No one cares, until it’s too late. Step by step by step….this is how American culture will end.

Rejoice Obama supporters! Your dream of destroying America is coming true.

Politicians and diapers should be changed frequently and all for the same reason

A Snopes fact-check found it to be true that Walker-Diallo chose a Quran for her swearing-in ceremony, as permitted by law.

Walker-Diallo is the first black Muslim female civil court judge in New York City. She has no apparent connection to Obama, as alleged in the email.

FACT CHECK: Coverage of Chimp meme that appeared on Delta Republican’s Facebook Page

(So much BS to cut through – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Journalists should take note of the factual errors in Delta County Republicans’ explanations of how and why a racist meme appeared on the Facebook page of Delta GOP Chair Linda Sorenson. Some of the lapses are going unchecked in media coverage of the incident.

Sorenson didn’t simply “like” the Chimp post; she shared it. As you can see on the right where it says “Linda Storm Sorenson shared…”, she affirmatively shared the chimp meme; she posted it to her profile, as GOP Chair Steve House explained to CBSDenver TV.

So Sorenson’s apology is wrong when she writes, “I confess to ‘liking’ a tired old Facebook meme, and I apologize for my bad judgment.”

The Grand Junction Sentinel reported Wednesday:

“While reports have circulated that Sorenson posted the meme, she is claiming that ‘someone I don’t know tagged me’ in the post and that she ‘liked’ it — which led to its appearance on her public timeline. She has yet to clarify her story.”

Sorenson’s Facebook page was not hacked. The Sentinel reported: “‘It was hacked,’ [Sorenson] said Tuesday night at the meeting, before adding: ‘I liked it, and then it was there.’”

There’s no evidence of hacking, and Sorenson’s own story precludes it. Sorenson made the decision to share the racist meme. Where she first saw it is not known, but it doesn’t matter. She made the decision to share it. (Plus, if hacking were a serious accusation, this would presumably have been reported to the police.)

Sorenson misquotes herself. “I admit to saying to the blogger that; ‘I don’t care if you’re offended,’ however I do care very much if anyone else was offended,” wrote Sorenson in her apology first reported by the Colorado Statesman’s Ernest Luning. “Please forgive me for being insensitive and not thinking of others in the heat of the moment.” The blogger she references is yours truly, and she actually factually told me, “I don’t care if people are offended.” (Listen to the recording here.) She did not say, as she claims in her apology, “I don’t care if you’re offended.” Of course, I take Sorenson at her word that she’s sorry she offended others, not just me. But she told me she didn’t care if people were offended, as in all people.

In addition to watching out for these errors, some clarifications are needed:

What does Rep. Scott Tipton mean? He told the Colorado Statesman that there is no place for racism in the GOP. Does that mean he wants Sorenson to resign?

Finally, Sorenson does not offer a full apology. Sorenson apologizes for her insensitivity, not for the sharing the meme. She doesn’t say she thinks it was a racist act, or that the meme was racist. Instead, she regrets that others view it that way.

She wrote in her apology: “I apologize for my bad judgment.” And, “Please forgive me for being insensitive and not thinking of others in the heat of the moment.” This is in keeping with her original comment to me, that her post was a joke.

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MoreSmarterLogo-SunscreenIt’s hotter than Donald Trump’s blowdrier outside. It’s time to Get More Smarter with Colorado Pols! If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example). If you are more of a visual learner, check out The Get More Smarter Show.


► The Get More Smarter Show is back with another episode. This week we talk to Ian Silverii, former Chief of Staff to House Speaker Dickey Lee Hullinghorst and the new Executive Director at ProgressNow Colorado, to get the lowdown on the top State House Primaries to watch as the June 28th Primary approaches.

One of those top House races is in Colorado Springs in HD-16, where incumbent Rep. Jonak Joshi is taking the gloves off in his battle against former lawmaker Larry Liston.


► Registered Democrats and Republicans should start receiving mail ballots this week for the Primary election. If you haven’t received a ballot by the end of the week, you might want to check your registration or address status. Go to for more information.


► The Denver Post continues its weeklong look at the five Republican candidates seeking their Party’s nomination for the U.S. Senate. Today’s focus is on former Colorado State University Athletic Director Jack “Nighthorse” Graham, and it’s not a particularly flattering story — particularly in regards to how Graham’s tenure at CSU came to a close.

Elsewhere, the five GOP Senate candidates participated in another debate on Wednesday, this time in Colorado Springs. As the Colorado Springs Gazette reports, things got pretty chippy when Darryl Glenn challenged Jon Keyser over the details of his military record.

If you missed Tuesday’s Senate debate at 9News, here’s a good rundown from the Colorado Independent. You can also check out our debate grades from Tuesday evening.


► The Presidential race is shifting into General Election mode, and Colorado may once again play a significant role in determining whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump becomes our next Commander in Chief. As Colorado Public Radio reports, more than $39 million in TV time has already been reserved for Presidential campaign ads in Colorado.


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Woods’ district will test Trump’s impact in Colorado

(Look out below – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Donald Trump, Sen. Laura Woods.

Donald Trump, Sen. Laura Woods.

Depending on where you’re coming from, one of the most interesting, important, scary, fun, inspiring, or depressing questions about Trump’s triumph among Republicans is, how will he impact down-ticket races?

Here in Colorado, no down-ticket seat is more important than that of State Sen. Laura Woods, the Republican from Westminster. Control of state government likely depends on the outcome of her race, against Democrat Rachel Zenzinger, whom Woods defeated in a Republican wave year (2014) by 650 votes. Republicans hold a one-seat majority in the state senate, and Democrats control the house and governor’s office.

Woods is the only elected official in Colorado who’s proactively called Trump one of her “favorite” presidential candidates. She’s the closest thing Trump has to an endorser in Colorado, among elected officials.

“My favorites are Ted Cruz and Donald Trump,” Woods told KNUS radio hosts Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden earlier this year. And she later affirmed her fondness for the candidate on Facebook and in an email to supporters.

Yet, despite all this, reporters have apparently not asked Woods to explain her stance on Trump and how she (and others) think it will affect her all-important race in November.

And Woods won’t return my calls.

In lieu of begging other reporters to talk to Woods, possibly as part of a look Trump’s impact on the makeup of the Colorado legislature, I offer this video, a new version of one posted previsouly.


U.S. Senate Majority Leader McConnell says Glenn’s acceptance of a conservative endorsement is like having a “ticket on the Titanic”

(Let the bad blood flow – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell waded into Colorado politics Saturday, telling KNUS 710’s Craig Silverman that to accept the endorsement of the Senate Conservative Fund (SCF) is like having a “ticket on the Titanic”

So, since Republican U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn has accepted the SCF endorsement, McConnell would preumably say Glenn’s boat is headed toward an iceberg–though McConnell told Silverman he doesn’t know anythig about Glenn.

SILVERMAN:  Who is behind the Senate Conservative Fund?  You know, they were just in the news in Colorado because they have committed to a candidate:  Darryl Glenn, El Paso County Commissioner.  And he is their selection.  Do you know anything about Darryl Glenn?  Or, do you just –.

McCONNELL:  I don’t.  I don’t.  But I can tell you, in Indiana there was a primary the doctor told her that the federal government ever primary between a Senate Conservatives Fund nominee and Congressman Todd Young, the other candidate.  And the candidate of the Senate Conservatives Fund tried to make me an issue in the Indiana Senate primary.  He lost by 34 points.  So, you know, I think any candidate who signs up with the Senate Conservatives Fund has to wonder whether that’s a smart strategy.

SILVERMAN:  Well, who is behind the SCF?  It used to be Jim DeMint.  Is he still the guy there?

McCONNELL:  It was Senator DeMint originally.  But it continues.  I’m not sure who’s running it now.  But they have an outstanding record of defeat, and you’ve got to wonder whether any candidate who is running a smart campaign would want to sign up with those guys.  It’s sort of like a ticket on the Titanic.

Asked for a response to McConnell’s attack, Glenn told me:

Glenn: “I understand he feels that way, and I look forward to seeing him at my swearing in. We will prove him wrong.”

When he was endorsed by the SCF last month, Glenn told The Denver Post that he was “very humbled” to receive the endorsement.

Ken Cuccinelli, president of the SCF said of Glenn in a statement, as reported by The Post: “He’s an inspiring leader who will defend the Constitution and stand up to the liberals in both parties.” “We are excited about his candidacy and will do everything we can to help him with this important race,” he added.

Silverman pointed out that McConnell, who’s said that talk radio misleads conservatives and may have contributed to the rise of Trump, cites Colorado’s 2010 Senate race, lost by Ken Buck, in McConnell’s recent book, The Long Game, as an example of what Republicans should not do.


Arrest Made in Jon Keyser Petition Forgery Scandal

Breaking news from just about every Colorado news outlet today regarding the petition fraud scandal dogging Republican Senate candidate Jon Keyser. Credit, of course, to the original reporting from Marshall Zelinger of Denver7:

Here’s more from Zelinger’s story this afternoon:

Denver police have arrested the signature collector accused of turning in forged signatures on petitions for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jon Keyser.

Denver7 political reporter Marshall Zelinger was outside Moss’ home on Wednesday as she was escorted out in handcuffs.

The arrest warrant issued for Moss details the 34 felony forgery counts she faces

…Denver7’s reporting is referenced multiple times as part of the supporting information used to obtain the arrest warrant.

In a remarkable display of transparent dumbassery, Keyser is acknowledging the news on his own Twitter account:

Keyser is trying hard to play the victim card here — which is too little, too late after his initial strategy of just repeating to the press “I’m on the ballot” turned him into a national laughingstock. What the arrest of Maureen Moss really confirms is that Keyser should have never made it onto the June 28th Primary ballot in the first place. Secretary of State Wayne Williams is doing his best to spin this news favorably, but it was his office that repeatedly failed in its role as ballot gatekeeper. 

As for Keyser, this story appears likely to follow him all the way through his inevitable defeat in the GOP Senate Primary. Moss may have been the first person tossed under the bus in this ongoing scandal — now in its 6th week of press coverage — but this may just be another beginning of a different end for Keyser and the Republican operatives who pushed him forward in January.

Debate Diary: Grading the GOP U.S. Senate Debate (June 7)

DebateDiaryThe five Republican candidates for U.S. Senate took part in a debate at 9News in Denver on Tuesday. We watched the entire debate and graded the candidates on stage, as we have done for previous debates.

The Republican Senate candidates are spending quite a bit of time together lately, and will debate again on Wednesday in Colorado Springs. But first things first: On the stage Tuesday in Denver, from left to right: Robert Blaha, Ryan Frazier, Darryl Glenn, Jack Graham, and Jon Keyser.

Candidate responses from the 9News debate didn’t present voters with a whole lot of new information, but it was clear that the field is starting to separate a bit. Jon Keyser was almost an afterthought for most of the night; if you watched the first 20 minutes, you might not even have known Keyser was there. Robert Blaha continues to try to present himself as the most Donald Trump-like candidate in the field, while Jack Graham is still straddling the middle and still fuming about being fired as Athletic Director at CSU. Ryan Frazier had a decent night — he is clearly comfortable in the 9News studios, where he had previously spent time as a “political analyst” — and Darryl Glenn almost looked like a frontrunner for awhile.

9News reporters Brandon Rittiman and Kyle Clark both had a strong night as moderators and did a good job of trying to keep the candidates on-topic.

And now, the debate grades…


TrumpWatch: Reporters Doing the Right Thing to Press Colorado Republicans on Trump

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

It was good to see 9News’ Brandon Rittiman and Kyle Clark press Republican U.S. Senate candidates last night about Trump’s racist comment that an Hispanic judge won’t give Trump a fair shake in court. And also, asking the candidates if they support the billionaire TV star.

It seems sometimes that reporters see Democratic statements, calling on Republicans to denounce Trump’s latest outrageous comment, as a political game.

It’s politics yes, but legit. Republicans up and down the ballot should be asked why they support Trump–or don’t–in light of what he actually factually is saying.

As it stands now, more Colorado Republicans are falling in line for Trump, who’s now pretty much clinched the GOP presidential nomination.

In fact, in a review of public statements on Trump, I can only find a couple former or current Republican elected officials or candidates who will say, flat out, that they won’t support Trump.

Yet, as I discovered in previous reviews, few elected Republicans are enthusiastically backing Trump. In fact, only two: State Rep. Don Corum and State Sen. Laura Woods.


PUC Hearings Slated on Xcel’s Solar-Killing Proposals

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

On Thursday, June 9, in Denver, and on June 16 in Grand Junction, Colorado’s Public Utility Commission will hear public comment from 4-6 p.m.about Xcel Energy’s new rate proposal.

solar panels in colorado

Solar Panels in Colorado -photo courtesy of the Sierra Club of Colorado.

The Sierra Club of Colorado is inviting public comment about the proposals, and asking supporters to meet early (at 3:15  pm) for a press event on the west steps of the Capitol, then walk with signs to 1560 Broadway to picket and to speak at the hearing. Sierra Club’s invitation reads:

Xcel’s new proposal called “our energy future” is moving in the wrong direction. It adds fees that negatively impact our families and communities – whether they have solar or not – and places corporate profit over the public interest.

Xcel tried unsuccessfully to drive solar competition out of Colorado from 2013-2015 by proposing an end to Net Metering. After a long consideration process and multiple hearings Colorado sent the signal to continue with net metering.

The Sierra Club is referring to Xcel’s second proposal:

Establishing a “grid charge” to recover distribution system costs for residential and commercial customers. The company is proposing to assess graduated charges that increase with a customer’s average use over their past 12 billing periods.

This proposal would charge solar customers a “grid charge” to penalize them for having the gall to install solar panels, which feed energy back into the electrical grid. They would like solar customers to pay extra for the privilege of generating their own power.

Xcel’s “Solar Connect” program is the same program which was rejected by the PUC in 2014. In 2014, Solar Industry called the proposal “Sleight of billing,” in which customers would have been billed for more solar power than was actually produced. Xcel’s own spin on the program somehow neglects to mention this aspect.

What happens when a utility gets to charge solar customers extra for installing solar:

The Pueblo Paws4Life no-kill animal shelter found out when they tried to be a Leeds Green building, and installed 234 solar panels on their roof.  Black Hills Energy(BHE) had a dual rate structure for solar installations, with some sneaky fine print in the contract. The shelter was a commercial installation, and so had to pay a “demand fee” to BHE.

Carol Warner, President of Paws4life, recounted what happened when the “demand fee” kicked in. The shelter’s utility bills rocketed to $12,000 per month, even though they were generating most of it from their own solar panels. The “demand fee” charges commercial consumers a rate consistent with their highest peak use. Paws4Life began to struggle just to keep the doors open.

BHE  has been no friend to solar in the Pueblo area, and many companies are going out of business.  BHE also has some of the highest utility rates in Colorado, and a bad reputation for price – gouging customers.

Rural Electric Associations across the state often have a confusing dual rate structure for solar, leading rural customers to erroneously believe that “solar costs more”. They do this because the PUC allows them to get away with it.

Communities across Colorado are letting the PUC know that they support renewable energy –  with mixed results:

Solar advocates in Weld County successfully defeated a proposed ordinance which would have prohibited  solar installations on agricultural land. (Fracking was still allowed on ag land, though). This happened after massive community protest of the BCCC’s original solar-killing proposal.

The PUC is also considering the city of Boulder’s planned  intervention in Xcel’s wind farm proposal. Boulder is trying to municipalize its electrical utilities; so the planned wind facility would be one they would try to purchase, if successful.

Governor Hickenlooper appointed a GOP lawmaker with ties to ALEC to the PUC. There was massive public protest, and Vaad was never confirmed by the Colorado legislature. Hick reappointed Vaad anyway.

Show your support of renewable energy. Let the Public Utility Commission know that we will not allow Xcel Energy to kill the solar energy industry in Colorado.

For more information, contact the sponsors of the press event and public input at the PUC hearing:

Alliance for Solar Choice, which advocates for rooftop distributed solar across the country

And Sierra Club  of Colorado.

Linda Sorenson Facebook Posts Shows Muslim Bigotry

(If you are going to make ridiculous racist statements…would it kill you to double-check your grammar first? — Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Delta County Republican Chair Linda Sorenson is under fire for sharing a Facebook post comparing Obama to a Chimp, as well as other posts in the same racist vein, including one in support of the Confederate flag.

She issued an apology for her insensitivity today, and the Colorado Republican Party Chair has promised sensitivity training for GOP leaders.

The Facebook posts below, obtained by a source and apparently shared by Sorenson over the past year or so, show varying degrees of bigotry toward Muslims.

Sorenson is not returning my calls, so I could not verify with absolute certainty that these posts were shared by her, nor could I get a comment from her.