Colorado Budget: Private Prisons Get Their Pound of Flesh

Kit Carson Correctional Center, Burlington.

Kit Carson Correctional Center, Burlington.

As the Pueblo Chieftain’s Peter Strescino reports, the Colorado state legislature gave final passage to the 2016 budget on Friday–but not before a last-minute request from the Governor’s office, supported by Senate Republicans, almost derailed the deal yet again:

A last-minute request by the governor to keep afloat a private prison — and help a rural economy — held up the final budget deal until the state Senate approved it Friday.

The budget, $25.8 billion, is headed for Gov. John Hickenlooper’s desk, where he is expected to sign it.

Hickenlooper requested at the last minute to spend $3 million to boost payments to a private, for-profit prison company that is threatening to close the Kit Carson Correctional Center on the Eastern Plains — a move that stalled the budget bill after Senate Democrats raised complaints…

Corrections Corporation of America.

Corrections Corporation of America.

The Denver Post’s John Frank has more on the $3 million to subsidize operations at the Kit Carson Correctional Center just east of Burlington, which is operated by the for-profit Corrections Corporation of America:

Sen. Mike Johnston, D-Denver, noted that the state gave Corrections Corporation of America a cash infusion four years ago to keep the facility open and now it’s back asking for more money. At the same time, other parts of the state budget are facing cuts or no new funding increases. [Pols emphasis]

Johnston said the timing of the request — just as budget negotiations finished — amounted to “blackmail.”

“It’s not in the best interest of the state of Colorado,” he said.

In the end, the $3 million for Corrections Corporation of America was not enough to blow up the long negotiations that led to this year’s budget compromises–which include hotly-contested line items like funding for the state’s groundbreaking IUD contraception program, a big win over the objections of the Senate’s far-right “Hateful Eight” caucus. But that doesn’t mean this “bailout” of an underutilized private prison was a good thing, as a statement from the state’s public employee union Colorado WINS makes very clear indeed:

According to WINS Executive Director, Tim Markham, “The for-profit prison industry is built on exploitation. They exploit our criminal justice system, they exploit their workers, they exploit the communities in which their facilities are located and they exploit Colorado taxpayers.

Unlike our state correctional facilities and professional correctional officers, for-profit prisons are not accountable to taxpayers. And they do not provide stable, community-building jobs – these are low-wage, low-security, high-turnover positions.

Colorado WINS has long stood publicly against the for-profit prison industry. This latest bailout is just one more example of why Colorado should extricate ourselves from this predatory and morally corrupt industry.” [Pols emphasis]

“Extrication” of Colorado’s prison system from for-profit corporate interests that have little regard for the state’s actual needs, unlike state employees who could be redistributed throughout the system and–key point–are much more qualified professionals who contribute far more to their local economies than the CCA’s low-wage employees, is a debate that will have to wait for another year. But these threat-laden “requests” for infusions of cash to a for-profit corporation under threat of closing underused prisons and “killing jobs,” this being the second such request in four years, is not at all what the private prison industry promised in the early 1990s: a happy arrangement in which private capital took the risk of operating the prisons and the public benefitted from “lower costs.”

Since that logic has now been turned on its head, we’d say it’s appropriate to question the state’s whole relationship with the private prison industry.

Help us stop the loan sharks in Colorado (again)

(Just say no – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

At the end of the Colorado legislature’s session in 2015, lobbyists for subprime predatory lenders rushed a last-minute bill through with almost no debate allowing lenders to dramatically increase interest rates on personal loans. You might remember this battle: with our members’ help, we fought back against the loan sharks and persuaded Gov. Hickenlooper to veto the bill.

With only weeks left in the 2016 legislative session, the loan sharks are back. Contact your legislators right now and tell them to vote NO on Senate Bill 16-185, the “2016 Loan Shark Enrichment Act.”

Politicians like to say they’re for protecting the middle class, but Senate Bill 16-185 would do exactly the opposite. Hiking interest rate caps on personal loans will lead to more unaffordable debt and years of steep payments–or default, which these lenders fully anticipate with some of the most aggressive collection practices in the industry.

Senate Bill 185 will cost Colorado families millions of dollars in higher interest payments, for no good reason other than increasing profits for the out-of-state hedge fund that dominates Colorado’s “supervised lending” market. Contrary to the industry’s claims, there is no evidence to indicate these loans are not accessible to consumers, and certainly no evidence they are unprofitable. Colorado consumers and hard-working families who need access to credit deserve better than predatory terms.

Contact your legislators right now: urge them to vote NO on Senate Bill 185.

Loan shark lobbyists are very good at what they do. Last year, similar legislation almost became law with practically no debate. This year, help us get the message to our lawmakers loud and clear that they work for us–and not the predatory lending industry.

Get More Smarter on Friday (April 15)

GetMoreSmarter-SnowLucky for you, your taxes aren’t officially due until Monday; you’ll have lots of time to finish up during Snowmageddon this weekend. It’s time to Get More Smarter with Colorado Pols! If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example).


► Rain! Snow! Rainsnow! We might get buried by snowfall this weekend…or maybe it’ll just rain a lot. The Colorado Pols’ “Triple-Doppler With Cheese” shows lots of blue ‘Ls’ and red ‘Hs’ swirling around the Metro Denver Area. Let’s hope they don’t smash into each other and form a big purple ‘K.’


Earlier this week we suggested that you avoid Greenwood Village today, where supporters of Donald Trump were planning a rally in front of the State Republican Party HQ to protest getting their asses kicked at the GOP State Convention on Saturday. That rally has since been moved to the State Capitol, scheduled to take place today at 3:00 pm. You might want to avoid the State Capitol this afternoon, unless you just want an autograph from Larry Wayne Lindsey, who is apparently a famous viral video guy, or something. His Hairness is fully supportive of this, BTW:

If you do make it over to the Capitol building, you’ll have your choice of places to stand and shake your fist. An “anti-corruption” group called Represent.Denver is also planning on some sort of rally this afternoon. Apparently today is “Good Government Restoration Day.” Don’t feel too bad; we forgot to pick up a greeting card, too.

Oh, and supporters of the Colorado Republican Party are still planning to rally in Greenwood Village today, for some reason.


► Loan Sharks! Lobbyists for the shady high-interest loan industry are once again trying to convince legislators to debate a late-session bill that would allow them to jack up interest rates for so-called “supervised” personal loans. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this legislation, and those who support it, as we have done ever since being inundated with Payday Lending spam back in 2009.


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Heads Up: The Loan Sharks Are Back at the Colorado Capitol

loanshark2An alert from the Bell Policy Center yesterday warns of a reprise of one of last year’s nastiest and least-expected battles in the Colorado General Assembly: another bill to allow subprime personal lenders, issuers of so-called “supervised” personal loans, to jack up interest rates on borrowers in no condition to afford it:

For the second year in a row, lobbyists for the financial services industry have waited until late in the session to introduce a bill that will benefit their clients at the expense of Colorado consumers and hard-working families.

In a session that’s supposed to be about protecting the middle class, Senate Bill 185 (Consumer Finance Charges Inflation Adjustment) would do exactly the opposite by raising the interest rates on what are called supervised consumer loans. Raising rate caps would lead to more high-cost and unaffordable credit products, hurting consumers and middle-class families.

Other than increasing profits for the out-of-state hedge fund that dominates Colorado’s market, there is no justification for this bill. Coloradans who depend on these types of loans deserve better.

In the coming days, we will be reaching out to explain how this bill will hurt Colorado consumers. Please don’t make things worse for Colorado’s working families and middle class. We urge a “no” vote on this harmful legislation.

At the tail end of the 2015 legislation session, the introduction and lightning-swift passage of House Bill 15-1390 through the Democratic-controlled House took consumer advocacy groups like the Bell Policy Center by surprise. Rallying opposition among Democrats in the Senate, and then fighting off Democrat-friendly lobbyists with a grassroots campaign publicly calling on Gov. John Hickenlooper to veto the bill, a scrappy coalition led by the Bell obtained one of only three vetoes issued by the governor in 2015. As a result of last year’s punishing blue-on-blue fight, we’ve heard that House leadership refused to allow another late bill to run through their chamber–hence the Senate bill introduced this week.

This year’s legislation is somewhat different than House Bill 15-1390, which permitted tiers of higher interest rates to be charged on larger loan amounts than current law. Senate Bill 16-185 would allow a huge increase in interest rates on amounts loaned by adjusting the loan amounts for seventeen years’ worth of inflation–from 2000 when these subprime personal loans were authorized though 2017. Thereafter the loan amounts subject to higher rates would increase annually by inflation.

The mechanism is a little different, but the intent is the same: to jack up interest rates on personal loans made to borrowers at the lower end of creditworthiness.


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► Supporters of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump are pretty angry about what took place in Colorado last weekend, when Texas Sen. Ted Cruz captured all 34 delegates at the GOP State Convention. We can understand their frustration to a degree, but death threats against State Party Chair Steve House are completely absurd. Besides, anybody who follows politics in Colorado should know that House is having a hard enough time just keeping the State Party functioning at all (just ask Cynthia Coffman.)

Meanwhile, as our friends at “The Fix” explain, His Hairness is actually making some pretty smart political moves lately.


► El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn has indeed taken control of the Republican race for U.S. Senate. Now, can he hold on through the June 28th Primary?


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► The Presidential campaign of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is working hard to ensure that Cruz is definitely the second choice for Republicans. From the Washington Post:

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is close to ensuring that Donald Trump cannot win the GOP nomination on a second ballot at the party’s July convention in Cleveland, scooping up scores of delegates who have pledged to vote for him instead of the front-runner if given the chance.

The push by Cruz means that it is more essential than ever for Trump to clinch the nomination by winning a majority of delegates to avoid a contested and drawn-out convention fight, which Trump seems almost certain to lose.

The GOP race now rests on two cliffhangers: Can Trump lock up the nomination before Cleveland? And if not, can Cruz cobble together enough delegates to win a second convention vote if Trump fails in the first?

Here in Colorado, Trump supporters are planning a big protest on Friday outside the headquarters of the State Republican Party in Greenwood Village. Anti-Trump supporters are also planning a counter-protest of the Trump protest. If this all seems complicated, just keep one thing in mind: Stay away from Greenwood Village on Friday.


► Colorado Democrats are making another push to make sure that women are paid the same as men for similar work (on average, women earn only about 80% as men). On the other side of the argument are Senate Republicans, who Tweet stuff like this:

“Statist paternalism?” You can find that phrase under the Thesaurus listing for “sexism.”


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Flip-flop exposed. Thank you journalism.

(Then again some folk’ll – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Rep. J. Paul Brown (R).

Rep. J. Paul Brown (R).

You hope that the weakening of journalism doesn’t translate into politicians thinking they can flip flop to their hearts content, without being asked to explain themselves in proverbial print. But you fear fewer reporters means more politicians getting off the hook.

So you’re gratified when reporters, in our diminished media environment, continue to hold politicians accountable, for example, when they vote the opposite way this year than they did last year.

The Durango Herald’s Peter Marcus noticed that J. Paul Bown (R-Ignacio) had voted last year for a program offering contraception to low-income women and teens, but this year he voted against it.

Last week, Marcus asked the question everyone wants journalists to ask, even if they don’t want to pay for it. Why?

Brown: “I still feel that it prevents abortions, but there’s a difference of opinion, and I just felt like I ought to stick with the caucus today with that amendment. There’s a lot of money needed in a lot of different places, it’s tough making those priorities. It’s a tough decision. We have to make some tough priority decisions up here.”

To his credit, Marcus reported that “supporters” of the program, which is credited with reducing teen abortions and pregnancies by over 35 percent, point out that “for every $1 invested in low-cost contraception, Colorado taxpayers save about $5.85 in Medicaid costs.”

Those are actually state government figures, from the Colorado Department of Health and Environment.

The next time he interviews Brown, Marcus might as him –or others who’ve opposed Colorado’s Family Planning Initiative on budget grounds–if they believe the state figures.

Despite Brown’s opposition, Colorado’s House and Senate passed a budget bill last week with $2.5 million for the Family Planning Initiative, marking the first year Colorado has funded the program, assuming the budget bill is signed by Gov. John Hickenlooper. The initiative was funded the past six years with private dollars.

Colorado Democrats Call For Action on Equal Pay Day

Reps. Jessie Danielson, Joe Salazar, Janet Buckner, Faith Winter, and Brittany Pettersen.

Reps. Jessie Danielson, Joe Salazar, Janet Buckner, Faith Winter, and Brittany Pettersen.

The following is an opinion co-authored by five Democratic lawmakers, Reps. Janet Buckner, Jessie Danielson, Brittany Pettersen, Joe Salazar and Faith Winter, on the occasion of National Equal Pay Day. Reprinted in its entirety.


The Equal Pay Act of 1963 was the first federal legislation to address the gap between what women and men are paid for doing equal work. That was a good first step. But today in Colorado, women are paid 80 cents for every dollar paid to their male counterparts, and the pay gap still exists across the country.

Inadequate solutions within the federal law have allowed the gap to persist, and it is closing so slowly that at the current rate women won’t earn equal pay for equal work until 2057. That means a first grader would be 51 by the time she can hope to earn her rightful paycheck.

We can’t wait four decades. We can’t continue to tell our daughters they can be anything they want to be but they will have to work harder and longer hours than their brothers to earn the same income.

Some of the factors that drive this giant gap are systemic things that aren’t taken care of by a single federal law. It takes conversation, open minds, education, negotiation, new ideas, advocacy, and targeted legislation to create real change.


Get More Smarter on Tuesday (April 12)

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► Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump continues to cry foul over results from Saturday’s GOP Convention in Colorado Springs, calling Colorado’s caucus operation “rigged” in favor of opponent Ted Cruz. From the Denver Post:

The remarks generated a frenzy of criticism across the nation about  the Colorado caucus system and renewed questions about why the state didn’t hold a vote to allow broader participation.

The attention spotlighted party errors in the balloting that hurt the Trump campaign and raised questions about a possible challenge to the Colorado delegation at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. A group that calls itself Colorado Votes Matter is organizing a protest Friday at GOP headquarters in Greenwood Village.

Colorado Republican Party Chair Steve House maintains that the GOP did not do anything to intentionally help Cruz in capturing nearly all of Colorado’s 37 delegates. Trump’s campaign says it is considering a challenge to the seating of Colorado’s delegates at the July Republican National Convention in Cleveland.


Colorado Democrats are admitting to a mistake that allowed Hillary Clinton to capture one more delegate than Bernie Sanders at the March 1 Democratic caucuses.


► Senate Republicans once again blocked legislation intended to ban so-called “gay conversion therapy” in Colorado. This sentiment has backfired on Republicans in states such as North Carolina and Mississippi, and you can expect that it will be a significant issue in the 2016 election cycle in Colorado.


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Get More Smarter on Monday (April 11)

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The Republican race for the U.S. Senate nomination turned completely upside down on Saturday when El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn shocked the Colorado political world by dominating the delegate voting and becoming the only GOP candidate to make the ballot through the caucus process. Much of the buzz at the World Arena in Colorado Springs surrounded Glenn’s stirring red-meat speech — an oratorical home run that helped Glenn generate a whopping 70% of the total delegate vote.


► Oh, by the way, Republicans also selected delegates to go to Cleveland in July for the purpose of selecting the GOP nominee for President…and Donald Trump is not at all happy about how things turned out. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz walked away from the World Arena with a clean sweep of delegates, but Trump is (rightfully) concerned about signs that the selection process may have been biased toward Cruz. Colorado Republican delegates will likely be hearing plenty from Trump’s campaign in the coming weeks; a protest of the GOP Convention voting is scheduled for this Friday.

Let the delegate swiping begin! As the Washington Post reports, delegates could end up collecting some pretty impressive “gift baskets” before the end of the summer.


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Get More Smarter on Friday (April 8)

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► Colorado will indeed get through the week without a visit from Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, which appears to make more and more sense as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz locks up more Colorado delegates. From the Denver Post:

Ted Cruz added to his lead in Colorado, winning three more national delegates Thursday to boost his total to nine.

The Texas senator found deep support at the 7th Congressional District convention in Arvada among pledged and unpledged delegates, much like he did  Saturday when he swept all six slots award at two conventions

…Donald Trump supporters organized a slate of three candidates for the 7th District convention — the first overt signs of organization from the campaign in Colorado — but still struck out.

According to the folks at Red State, Trump may have failed to pick up support in CD-7 because some of his supporters didn’t pay the proper fees to be listed as candidates. The Post also reports that veteran GOP strategist Patrick Davis is now working for Trump’s campaign in some capacity. Davis has been playing a top role supporting Robert Blaha’s bid for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate.

Elsewhere, as the Washington Post reports, the fate of Donald Trump’s Presidential hopes could be in the hands of just 200 people. His Hairness has hired Paul Manafort as his “convention manager” to help him prepare for a potential “brokered convention” scenario in July.


► For several months we have listed Congressman Scott Tipton (R-Cortez) as a 90% favorite to win re-election in CO-3 (check “The Big Line“). Thursday’s news that former state Sen. Gail Schwartz (D) has filed to run against Tipton convinced us to drop Tipton’s re-election odds to 60%. The Cook Political Report also wasted little time in moving CO-3 from “Solid Republican” to “Lean Republican.”


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Get More Smarter on Wednesday (April 6)

Get More Smarter‘Tis a mighty blustery day outside, Pooh Bear. It’s time to Get More Smarter with Colorado Pols! If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example).


► The Wisconsin Primary concluded on Tuesday evening in a manner that was largely expected, with Ted Cruz winning the day for the Republicans and Bernie Sanders picking up another victory on the Democratic side. We’ve got two weeks to wait until the April 19th delegate-rich New York Primary, followed a week later by contests in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

We tend to agree with Chris Cillizza at “The Fix” that Wisconsin was not quite the defining moment of the Republican race for President that Cruz supporters would have hoped, but it nevertheless complicates things for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. Perhaps the biggest loser in Wisconsin was Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who wasn’t even competitive in a midwestern state in which he should have performed fairly well. Both Cruz and Trump are pushing hard now for Kasich to exit the race altogether.


► Eight of the Republican Senate candidates in Colorado took to the stage on Tuesday for the first televised debate of the campaign cycle. We handed out debate grades last night, with Robert Blaha appearing to be the big winner (the Colorado Statesman argues that Ryan Frazier performed best on Tuesday, with Blaha on his heels). The debate did not go as well for Jon Keyser and Peg Littleton, the latter of which somehow managed to botch an answer about whether or not she was “Pro-life.”


► We passed a significant milestone in the 2016 election cycle this week with Monday’s deadline to submit petition signatures for ballot access. The Secretary of State’s office announced that 20 candidates across the state submitted signatures before the deadline.


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Get More Smarter on Tuesday (April 5)

Get More SmarterEnjoy your day, Wisconsin; tomorrow we’ll go back to not caring about you. It’s time to Get More Smarter with Colorado Pols! If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example).


► Voters in Wisconsin take center stage today as they make their choices in the race for President. Why is Wisconsin such a big deal? First and foremost, it’s the only Primary contest on the calendar until New York voters go to the polls on April 19, so today will be the only concrete information we learn about the horserace for some time. Wisconsin is also being touted as a litmus test for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

On the Democratic side, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders appears to be surging in Wisconsin, and a win tonight would give him his seventh victory in the last eight statewide contests. Unfortunately for Sanders and his supporters, Wisconsin voters can’t change the math in the Democratic Primary; because Democrats do not assign delegates in a “winner take all” fashion, it is still virtually impossible for Sanders to become the Democratic nominee instead of Hillary Clinton.


► Monday was the deadline to submit petitions to the Secretary of State’s office for the purpose of making it onto the June Primary ballot. In the crowded Republican race for the U.S. Senate nomination, Robert Blaha and Ryan Frazier submitted their petitions on Monday (Jack Graham and Jon Keyser turned in their signatures last week). Each candidate needs 1,500 signatures in each congressional district — only registered Republican voters can be counted — in order to make it onto the June 28th ballot.


► Texas Sen. Ted Cruz appears to be the favorite to capture Colorado’s 37 delegates when Republican voters meet in Colorado Springs on Saturday for the GOP State Assembly. Cruz is scheduled to speak at the convention on Saturday, and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is also expected to make an appearance.


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Get More Smarter on Monday (April 4)

Get More SmarterToday is the deadline to submit petition signatures for access to the 2016 Primary ballot. It’s time to Get More Smarter with Colorado Pols! If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example).


► The Supreme Court dealt a significant blow to conservative challenges intended to make it easier for more Republican voters to be corralled into a single legislative or congressional district. From the Washington Post:

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled Monday that states may satisfy “one person, one vote” rules by drawing legislative districts based on total population of a place, a defeat for conservative interests who wanted the districts based only on voting-age populations.

The case, Evenwel v. Abbott, was considered to be one of biggest on voting rights this term, and a decision the other way would have shifted political power away from urban areas, where Democrats usually dominate, and toward more Republican-friendly rural areas.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote the majority decision.


► Republican State Sen. Tim Neville, the favorite to win the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate, is not particularly happy that the Colorado Springs Gazette called him out in a weekend editorial. Neville reacted to the editorial in a manner in which most few of us can relate — he used an assault rifle to shoot holes in a piece of paper with the Gazette‘s name printed on the front. Seems reasonable.


► Colorado Republicans are preparing for Saturday’s State Convention in Colorado Springs, which seems likely to include appearances from GOP Presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald TrumpJohn Kasich, however, will not be coming to Colorado; the Ohio Governor will instead send former New Hampshire Sen. John Sununu to Colorado Springs as a surrogate).

Meanwhile, Cruz supporters were successful in filling delegate seats being decided at district assemblies over the weekend. Sadly, this group includes former Secretary of State Scott Gessler, whom we had almost forgotten about altogether.


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Homophobic Williams to run for Chaps’ old House seat

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Constituents of House District 15 in El Paso County have been represented for almost two years  by a homophobic, gaffe-prone politician with ethical challenges:  Dr. Gordon Klingenschmitt, aka “Dr. Chaps“. Now, unless mass sanity strikes, they will probably be represented by another gay-bashing, hot-tempered, inexperienced  politician: David O. Williams.

“Chaps” announced that he would not run again for HD15; he is now running against Bob Gardner for  SD12,term-limited Senate President Cadman’s district. Chaps’ long-suffering constituents should have had a reprieve from embarrassing stories about their duly elected representative. Klingenschmitt’s greatest hits have included claiming that a brutal assault on a pregnant woman was God’s punishment, saying that Rep. Jared Polis wants to behead Christians, and being under IRS investigation for possible  financial misconduct.

david o williams

David O. Williams, candidate for HD15

Unfortunately, House District 15’s new Republican nominee, David O. Williams, looks to be potentially every bit as embarrassing as Chaps. Homophobia? Check. Lack of elected experience? Check. Hot temper – Shoot first, then aim? Check. Dubious financial history, only ever employed in his father-in-law’s business, kicked out of the only two positions he’s ever been elected to ? Check. Add to this access to weapons and $2,000 from Rocky Mountain Gun Owners in 12/2013, and EPCO HD15 voters may have another embarrassingly rocky two years ahead of them.

David Williams is the son-in-law of his employer,  Doyle McAlister, who was a registered sex offender in 2013.  McAlister’s company, MKW Global Sourcing, is primarily in the Chinese export-import business.  MKW employs Williams as Program Manager.

Williams ran for HD15  in 2014, but Dr. Chaps got the nod from the El Paso County delegates. Williams’  homophobic behavior is well known, and has included booing a “Log Cabin” gay delegate; threatening someone else with an AR15; discriminating against funding of gay clubs as UCCS Student Body President, and fostering a climate of gay-bashing and bullying during his tenure, because of which he was finally impeached.