New Cary Kennedy TV Spot Slams Stapleton over Hit-and-Run

That’s the latest ad on the air in the Colorado Treasurer’s race, from incumbent Cary Kennedy attacking opponent Walker Stapleton over his belated disclosure of a DUI accident Stapleton was involved in–an accident that drew an initial hit-and-run charge for Stapleton, and that court records indicate caused bodily injury to two victims. From Kennedy’s release:

“This ad calls into question the ethical choices Walker Stapleton has made,” said campaign manager Serena Woods.  ”Coloradans need to be able to trust that the State Treasurer is honest and accountable.  When it comes to Stapleton’s criminal background, he has not been forthcoming.”

Walker Stapleton has made false statements in other circumstances during this campaign. Just last week, The Denver Post and 9News each determined that a statement he personally made directly to voters in his campaign ad is “false.” While the Kennedy campaign has repeatedly asked Stapleton to pull the ad, he has cynically refused.

This ad from Kennedy, on the other hand, is both not false, and more damaging than Stapleton’s. This could be turning into another race, much like the Senate race this year, where the winner of the GOP primary emerges as the less electable candidate. Stapleton’s primary opponent, J.J. Ament, was a solid candidate with good name recognition and party support, who simply couldn’t keep up with the out-of-state (and personal) money Stapleton was willing to lavish on this race.

Unfortunately for Stapleton, all the money in the world can’t make court records go away.

BREAKING: Stapleton Slammed With New Hit-and-Run Disclosures

UPDATE: Treasurer Cary Kennedy’s campaign jumps on the story in a release this afternoon (follows). Says spokesperson Serena Woods, “Coloradans need to know the facts, especially if Stapleton expects voters to trust him with 6 billion dollars of their money.”

Bad news for GOP Treasurer candidate Walker Stapleton today–in a press release from the liberal coalition Campaign for a Strong Colorado, the court records from Stapleton’s DUI arrest in San Francisco ten years ago. The details of this arrest, which was briefly mentioned in a debate between Stapleton and Treasurer Cary Kennedy, appear to be considerably worse than what has been disclosed so far, including injured pedestrians. From Strong Colorado’s release:

Court records surrounding GOP Treasurer candidate Walker Stapleton’s DUI hit and run are in conflict with the candidate’s explanation of the accident. Stapleton in September admitted that he had a DUI in San Francisco in 1999.

Stapleton downplayed the incident during the September debate. He told the Denver Post that a cab ran a traffic light and hit him.

If that’s the case, there are several questions that remain unanswered:

·      Why did the SFPD charge Stapleton with DUI, hit and run and hitting pedestrians?

·      Why were the charges amended a month afterward to include leaving the scene of an accident without giving aid to the injured women?

·      Why did he not mention that two people were injured as a result of the accident?

·      Is he blaming the victims when they don’t have any ability to tell their side of the story?

San Francisco Superior Court records indicate that Stapleton was charged with DUI, and hit and run. A third charge of failure to stop and give aid to the injured women was added a month later. Stapleton pleaded guilty to DUI and served community service.

Here are the court records of the case as forwarded by Strong Colorado. There does appear to be a major gap between what Stapleton disclosed about this incident and the facts. In our experience, that tends to create a problem for aspiring candidates much worse than the bare facts themselves.

Which is not to understate those worsening bare facts. Pretty much any way you look at this, it’s really bad for Stapleton–the words “race-ending” seem perfectly appropriate.

Kennedy Campaign Calls on Stapleton to Verify Facts of Hit-and-Run Incident

Denver, CO – Over the past several weeks, two different blogs have reported two very different accounts of a DUI traffic incident involving GOP candidate for State Treasurer, Walker Stapleton.

“The court documentation posted on does not match up with the statement Walker Stapleton gave to The Denver Post in their blog ‘The Spot’,” said campaign manager Serena Woods. “There are serious charges in these court documents that Walker Stapleton left the scene of an accident. He has an obligation to prove what really happened that night. Colorado voters deserve to hear from a third party who can verify the story.”

Walker Stapleton has already made false statements in other circumstances during this campaign. Just last week, The Denver Post and 9News each determined that a statement he made in his campaign ad is “false.”

“Coloradans need to know the facts,” said Woods. “Especially if Stapleton expects voters to trust him with 6 billion dollars of their money.”


I admit it… I voted a split ticket this year.

Just so you don’t have to read through all of my musings, I will let you know the split part up front:

Governor – Tom Tancredo

Treasurer – Cary Kennedy

Coroner (Arapahoe County) -Michael Doberson

The rest of my ballot was for Republican candidates.

Most years that I have voted, it has been pretty much for Republicans straight down the line, even in those pesky “non-partisan” races, we could always find out who was registered as what and kind of vote accordingly along party lines.

I didn’t anticipate that this year would really be any different, though I must admit that my anticipation was somewhat dated, say mid-2009.  At that time we had half a dozen or so credible potential Republican candidates for Governor and I figured that over the course of the next year or so I would get to know who they were and then vote for the one that I thought had the best chance of returning the Governorship to Republican control.   Boy was I wrong….  Who would have ever thought that all of the candidates would drop out early on the make way for the anointed one, Scott McInnis?  Well that is all but one, seems like some never heard of outlier guy named Dan Maes decided he was running regardless that people told him he had no chance.  To be honest, I kind of had to admire the guy for continuing to run, knowing he was up against the machine.

But then disaster struck, we found out that Scott McInnis really was a no-talent ass clown right before the primary, so what happened?  Republicans voted for Dan Maes to be the candidate figuring he couldn’t be any worse than a plagiarizer.  Wow, couldn’t have been more wrong there.  It turns out that Dan Maes was an even bigger no-talent ass clown than McInnis ever was.  I was somewhat shocked there as McInnis set the ass-clown bar pretty high, so it seemed like an incredible feat to all of a sudden make McInnis now look like the more credible candidate.   First we heard that Maes was a successful businessman, then the truth comes out that he is broke, and we are talking about generic beer and top ramen broke.  Then we find out that his campaign is actually turning out to be a job for him where he actually gets paid, I mean, “reimbursed”.  Then he tries to tell us that he was an undercover cop, and it turns out that he was less effective than Barney Fife.  I am not sure what he is going to tell us next about himself, that he is Santa Claus?  I am pretty sure that is not true.  In this case I wish some to the journalists in the Denver Pravda would have done some digging into the candidate’s background before the primary election, rather than waiting until after wards to drop the bomb on us.  Then again, that would never happen as the Pravda has been drooling all over themselves at the thought of a Governor Hickenlooper.

So what is a republican to do, we have stuck ourselves with a pathological liar as a candidate, and not even the kind of pathological liar that we can stomach.   I could have voted for Hickenlooper, but I just do not like his policies.  Something he said during the debates back when he was running for mayor still sticks in my craw.  When he was asked about how to handle the homeless situation in Denver, he proposed a multi-county tax, very similar to the stadium district tax, to pay for his initiatives.  That just bugged me as I never have been, no never will be, a resident of the City of Denver, but his solution was to have me pay a tax for a Denver problem.  That just bugs me when the first club to come out of the bag is to get some other people to pay for a problem that does not have a direct impact on them.  There are several other candidates out there running for that office, but considering I have never heard of any of them, or have only heard stupid things about them i.e.: the guy that put an ad on Craigslist for a Lieutenant Governor candidate, I didn’t give them any consideration.

So I voted for Tom Tancredo.  I know full well that Tom is a polarizing figure and that many people on this site detest him and call him all sorts of names, etc, but I think he is the best candidate for the job.  His views on a lot of things, not all but a lot, are more in line with mine than any of the other candidates in the race.    Based on the polling numbers, it appears that he may have a shot at winning the election as his numbers keep going up, while that other “Republican” candidate’s numbers keep going down.  This will really be a battle over the independent voters, but I think Tom does have some appeal to them.  In a race such as this one, wedge issues seem to boil to the top, and in that case Tom has a significant advantage in getting voters who want illegal immigration stopped to vote for him.

Treasurer’s Race:

I voted for Cary Kennedy, primarily because I think she has actually done a pretty good job managing the state’s finances during a recession.  Admittedly that is a tough job during any economic downturn, but she has done well.  While I do not like some of her politics, most notably amendment 23, as it put spending mandates on a collision course with Tabor, I just don’t see that as a reason that she should be fired from her job.  This normally would have been a difficult decision to come to, but considering that I have spoken to Walker Stapleton on several occasions, and he could never give me any real answers to my questions, it made the decision a lot easier.

Coroner’s Race (Arapahoe County)

Michael Doberson is the sitting County Coroner and is well qualified for the position.   He is an M.D., a PhD, and is board certified in forensic pathology.  That’s an impressive list of qualifications for that job.  The Republican candidate was someone that the Arapahoe County Republican powers that be talked into getting into the race about 5 minutes before the nomination process.  Anybody that has to be convinced by outside people to run for an office that they were clearly not interested in to begin with shouldn’t be there.  I would much rather have qualified people in that position rather than a political hack.

I actually put a lot of thought into how I voted this year and decided that the Party over person methodology no longer works for me.  If anyone is interested in how I voted for the amendments, just ask and I will be happy to share that as well.

The Choices for the Colorado State Races

First off I’m moderately liberal (or as it’s described up here in Boulder, a right wing reactionary). But I try to be even-handed and fair when I lay out the choices in the state level races.

Second, we Democrats have done a lousy job at the federal level. But at the state level I think we’ve done very well dealing with an awful situation. I also think the Republican members of the legislature have done a good job. A lot of very important legislation was crafted and passed this past session with active effort by members on both sides of the aisle.

Governor – Hick-inator vs. The Tanc

John Hickenlooper comes with the best possible preparation for the job, mayor of our largest city. As mayor of Denver he has done a good job of professionally managing the city and handling the cuts required from reduced revenue. He will almost certainly continue the existing approach of trying to further streamline the government.

Tom Tancredo comes with decent experience having managed a division of the federal Department of Education and as a U.S. Congressman. It will take him a bit longer to get up to speed but he should be very capable of doing so. He will almost certainly address some of the budget constraints by reducing state employee salaries and benefits to the level he thinks is appropriate. There is some validity to this approach, but it’s going to be a bloody fight.

Both have said they are going to look closely at what they can do to help Colorado businesses grow jobs. And there is a lot the state can do. John Hickenlooper will lean more toward actions the state will take to help while Tom Tancredo will lean more toward things the state should stop doing to get out of the way. A good example is Oil & Gas regulation where Hick will look for ways to reduce the negative impact of the regulations while Tanc will look to roll them back. My take on eliminating the Oil & Gas regulations is that it’s akin to renting your house to a rock band – the initial check is great but when you come back to a wrecked house and your dog has been molested, it’s not that good a deal.

If you want the state to reduce its size, reduce what it does, you should vote for Tom Tancredo. He will use the reduced revenues as a means to accomplishing this. If you want the state to continue its present service level, with improvements, but the level we are at, and an increase when the economy recovers, then you should vote for John Hickenlooper.

And no matter which one wins, most of their job will be trying to minimize the impact of further major reductions in state funding. And regardless of which one wins, higher education is hosed (the constraints in the constitution leave Higher Ed and prisons as the only large budget items that can be cut).

Treasurer – Kennedy vs. Stapleton

The treasurer has a single primary job – keep the state funds safe and get a decent return on the investment. That’s it. Yes they go talk about various issues. Yes they help set up financial systems to assist government entities that have limited resources and bonding ability. But the key issue is the state funds. Any money lost in the invested funds is an additional budget cut.

Cary Kennedy has done a superb job where the state has lost no invested funds and has had a return on the investment that most Wall St investment houses can’t equal. With a record like this I don’t care what party the Treasurer is, I don’t care what their political philosophy is, they have my vote. I’d vote for Dick Cheney if he was delivering these results.

Walker Stapleton might do a good job. But the best he could aspire to is to equal Cary’s track record. Walker himself has said that Cary has done a good job, but he thinks he can do better. However, he has nothing to demonstrate that his investment acumen would be superior. He has stated that he will use his investment banker background to try and improve on Cary’s record. With higher risk comes higher reward so he could get us a better return, but we could also end up with significant losses.

If you view the Treasurer position as getting the best return on our investments, and doing so safely, then you should vote for Cary. If you’re willing to take a larger risk of losing some of our investments, but possibly getting a higher return from those investments, then you should vote for Walker. Personally I just don’t see how it makes any sense to change Treasurer with her results. Especially when state revenues are declining further.

Attorney General – Garnett vs. Suthers

John Suthers has been our Attorney General for the last 6 years and until recently was viewed by Democrats & Republicans as doing a good job. Yes we Democrats would disagree with some of his decisions more often than Republicans, but all in all a competent fair AG. The Attorney General in many ways should be run in a nonpartisan manner and Suthers, just like Ken Salazar, has (mostly) done that. But…

John Suthers was previously the U.S. Attorney for Colorado. At that time he approved the temporary release of convicted felon Scott Kimball, an individual who one judge had stated should never be released. John spent 5 minutes reviewing the request, approved it, and provided no oversight of Kimball after he was released.

I think it would be unconsciousable to re-elect and individual who sprung a felon from prison early, for no good reason, with no real supervision, leaving him free to murder innocent people. And John Suthers has disclaimed any responsibility for this. If holding our elected officials accountable is to have any meaning, I think we must vote for Stan Garnett.

Stan Garnett is the District Attorney for Boulder County where he has been doing a superb job and has been scrupulously fair as well as significantly improved the efficiency of the office. Stan is clearly qualified and would make the A.G. office more focused on what it can do to help the people of Colorado.

Secretary of State – Buescher vs. Gessler

Bernie Buescher has been the Secretary of State for the last two years and has continued in the Mike Coffman approach (previous SoS, a Republican) of running the office effectively and in a nonpartisan manner. However, Bernie has also ignored the serious problem where his office allows criminals to fraudulently take over as the registered agent for any company registered in Colorado.

Scott has spent a lot of his professional career working for very partisan Republican groups including Coloradans for Change, Colorado Conservative Voters, and the list goes on… Now this is not proof that he would be partisan in the SoS office, after all this is a partisan elected position. But it is reason for concern. On the plus side, he has said that he will make securing company registrations one of his top priorities in office.

If you want a Secretary of State that is mostly nonpartisan, but does lean a little Democratic, and you’re not too concerned about the ongoing theft the SoS office presently enables, then you want to vote for Bernie. If you want a Secretary of State that will shut down the ongoing theft the office enables, or you want a SoS that would probably lean heavily Republican, then you want to vote for Scott.

Personally I’m torn on this one. Because the SoS oversees elections I want them to be nonpartisan and I think Bernie is a better choice by that criteria. But as a business owner I don’t want to see companies robbed, and the accompanying job loss that entails.

State Legislature

I think the legislature this past session did a superb job. Not only was a lot of that a bipartisan effort, but the main legislation shoved through in a partisan manner was some of the worst thought out of the session (undoing some of the tax exemptions). I know I will get yelled at by my fellow Democrats but I think the best thing for our state, and Colorado comes before party for me, is a divided legislature.

So for the House, if you are undecided, my suggestion is to vote for the Democratic candidate. They are by and large quality candidates (there are a few exceptions). The House is going to stay Democratic.

And for the Senate, if you are undecided, my suggestion… uh… OW!… I can’t say it! Well let’s say that there are a number of quality candidates, although there are also a surprising number that have serious felony arrest records. But if it’s a Republican without a record for domestic violence or other serious felony, give them a look.

first posted at The Choices for the Colorado State Races

The Beej Endorses!

A rare glimpse inside the conservative mind. Crossposted from facebook:

Endorsements (General Election)

by [bjwilson83] on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at 12:33am

With general election mail-in ballots being mailed out today (or yesterday, by the time I finish writing this), it’s time for my endorsements. Here’s who I’m voting for:

U.S. Senate: Ken Buck

Ken is the clear choice for our next U.S. Senator. Ken has been everything from a janitor to a football coach to a Princeton grad, and that was all before he entered the political world. After obtaining his undergraduate degree, he attended law school at the University of Wyoming and then became a federal prosecutor. Later, after a short stint working for a construction company in Greeley, he ran for and won election to the office of District Attorney in Weld County. During his time as D.A. he has reduced crime by 50% and cracked down on illegal immigration. He has started programs to help families with juvenile delinquency and truancy, relieve jail crowding by treating those with mental and/or substance abuse issues, crack down on gangs, and reduce drunk driving. Ken’s office has reached out to the community, supporting a shelter for abused women, serving at a homeless shelter, and conducting blood drives. In short, Ken is a problem solver.  It’s no wonder he was easily re-elected. I would describe Ken as a tough guy, but someone who cares about your concerns. He’s exactly the person we need to send to Washington D.C. as our next senator.  As I said in an earlier note, Ken would balance the budget, promote economic growth, and clean up the corruption and back room deals in D.C. Meanwhile, his opponent is whining about Ken’s strong pro-life stance (Buck only makes an exception to allow abortion if the life of the mother is in danger) and twisting Ken’s words beyond recognition. Since Michael Bennet is afraid to run on his record of votes for Obamacare and the stimulus, he spends his days dreaming up outrageously false attack ads in fits of desperation. For some good debunking of this slime fest, check out the news stations for their fact checks on the ads, as well as these links:………

U.S. House of Representatives (4th CD – Northern Colorado and the Eastern Plains): Cory Gardner

Cory grew up farming in Yuma, CO, and is probably best known as former U.S. Senator Wayne Allard’s legislative director. While his opponent claims to be a pro small business fiscal conservative, don’t let that fool you. Betsy Markey voted for all the same big government spending the rest of the Dems voted for. Cory is the true fiscal conservative in the race, and unquestionably pro-life to boot. I believe he is an elder in his church as well – an all around likable guy who will represent northern and eastern Colorado well.

Governor: Tom Tancredo (American Constitution Party)

I know, I know, shocker! I’m on the opposite side of the fence this time, let me explain. I was an ardent supporter of the Republican candidate Dan Maes for as long as I could be, but his campaign has just gone downhill since the primary. He appears in many instances to be less than honest, and is at 13% in the polls and falling. The last straw for many people was his recent endorsement of Democrat John Hickenlooper’s economic policies, which he had previously campaigned against. The gaffes, unanswered questions, and campaign mismanagement just keep piling up. I know Tom Tancredo voted for TARP. I know he supported some earmarks. But for the love of God, don’t waste your vote. Tom is a tough conservative who is also friendly and hard not to like. He would make a much better governor than the eccentric milquetoast urbanite affectionately known as the Looper. Tom isn’t going to back away from a fight, and he tells it just like he sees it. Think, dare I say, Chris Christie?

Treasurer: Walker Stapleton

Cary Kennedy’s policy seems to have been to just try not to screw anything up. It’s time to put someone in the Treasurer’s office who has a real world background in business and finance. Stapleton would do a great job with our money, stick up for the tax payer, and help solve the solvency problems with PERA.

Secretary of State: Scott Gessler

A fresh face, with experience in election law. Bernie Buescher has had problems getting ballots out to the military, among other things. Scott would also be better at preventing election fraud.

CU Regent (4th CD): Sue Sharkey

One of the hardest working women in America. A mother of CU students. No contest.

CU Regent-at-large: Steve Bosley, I guess.

I wasn’t impressed with his debate on Mike Rosen’s show; need more information. In general I believe CU is plenty liberal and we should support conservatives for the Board of Regents.

County Commissioner (District 1): Lew Gaiter

Great guy, love the cowboy hat. He is laser focused on economic recovery and attracting businesses (read, jobs) to Larimer County. A shoo in.

Larimer County Sheriff: Justin Smith

It’s a vote for the status quo, as Smith’s mentor is our current sheriff Jim Alderden. I think he’s done a pretty good job, although one point in favor of Jay Harrison is that he wouldn’t use traffic tickets as revenue generators. I’ve gotten one of those (missed a no left turn sign but no cars were around), and it’s not pleasant. Make up your own mind.

House District 53: Dane Brandt

It’s time for Fischer to go. He may be a professional engineer, but I just don’t know what he’s done for our community. Dane Brandt is a likable real estate guy who will support businesses, jobs, and economic growth.

Whew, that’s it.  Sorry if I left your name off the list, it’s getting hard to remember all the candidates. Just shoot me a PM and I’ll add it. (Unless, of course, I’ve endorsed your opponent. Then you’re DOOMED! ;)

Cary Kennedy’s On The Air

Colorado Treasurer Cary Kennedy’s new ad, announced yesterday, is quite good–basic resonant issues (education), a solid positive message on fiscal responsibility, and–every political spectator’s favorite part–a nice, hard shot on GOP opponent Walker Stapleton. When we saw reports last February that Stapleton had actually said “it’s time education ‘competes’ for funds” against prisons, our first thought was, “that’s going to make one hell of a TV spot.”

Well folks, here you go.

The most important endorsements EVER!!!

Originally posted at…

As we all know many of the voters wait for the endorsements to start coming in to a candidate before they make their decision, or they make a impulse choice while they are driving to the voting booth.  So after careful thinking, prayer, using the Magic 8 Ball, flipping coins, and looking at the issues (snicker), I have finally come to the conclusion of who I shall endorse. Now I know my endorsement isn’t as important as John McCain’s, but I will rate it slightly higher than Colin Powell’s (we all know this is true because of my hat).

Governor’s Race: Dan Maes

No Governor in their right mind would ever allow me in the Governor’s Mansion. Even if it was a fundraiser and I paid, they would just assume I was doing one of those “Go to jail for money” fundraisers. So the only way I’ll ever have dinner in the Governor’s mansion is if I’m dating the Governor’s daughter.

Now obviously I have standards, so she better be good looking.  Jordan Maes is pretty darn hot, it’s those eyes. I’ve also talked to her in person a couple of times, and she even has a personality. So even though Hickenlooper and Tancredo don’t have any daughters, so Maes wins by default, he wins by default by a landslide. Jordan, you have my number, call me. ;)

Senate: Ken Buck

We need a fighter in the Senate. And this is why I chose Ken Buck. Looking at both Michael Bennet and Ken, I decided Ken would have a must easier time of whooping me in a MMA Cage fight. Considering Ken played football in college and kept his physique up, and I consider walking to 7-11 to pick up a Mountain Dew exercise, it would be no contest.  He would remember all the negative things I said about lawyers during the primary and take it out on me. I can see me in a choke hold and Ken shouting “tell me what you think of lawyers NOW!”

Now if Michael Bennet really wants my endorsement, which again is only slightly less important than John McCain’s, he has to challenge me to a MMA Cage Fight. If he wins (snicker), I’ll gladly change my support.

Attorney General: John Suthers

Sectary of State: Bernie Buescher

Why are these two endorsements together? Because they are both telling the Federal Government to piss off. John Suthers joined with 20 other states to tell the Federal Government “Piss off; you can’t force the people of Colorado to buy health care.” Bernie told the Federal Government “Piss off; you can’t make me get ballots to Overseas voters that quickly!” Now granted when the Federal Government told Bernie “That’s adorable” Bernie was a good boy and did what he had to do by law, but we at The Bob Hatter love anyone who attempts to shaft the Federal Government.

Treasurer: Walker Stapleton

Walker Stapleton is a member of the Bush Family, but not important enough to have his own Wikipedia page (or even important enough be on the Bush Family Wiki Page.) We all know everything the Bush Family touches turns into gold (snicker), and treasurers are suppose to deal with money. So yea I think gets my endorsement. Plus I flipped a coin and he won.

CD-1: Mike Fallon

I once knew this guy, let’s call him Fred. Fred was interested in a girl WAY OUT of his league. I decided to humor myself I would tell Fred he has a chance with her, and even give him pointers (No seriously, she has a thing for guys who wear leather pants.) So after asking her out Fred got his hope and dreams crushed, she was upset he would even consider asking her out someone like her, and I was overall amused. Mike’s hope and dreams are just as adorable as Fred’s where. This is why I’m endorsing Mike Fallon.

CD-2:  Bob Brancato

With a first name like Bob, there is NO POSSIBLE way he can lose. In fact you should donate money to him.

CD-3: Scott Tipton

When I was at the Republican Assembly, there was a dueling chant between Bob McConnell supporters and Scott Tipton supporters. If I wasn’t their representing a couple of Candidates, I would of shouted “Tipton has a hotter daughter!” From that moment on, I knew I would be a Tipton support for life (or until they all get married.)

CD-4: Doug Aden

On Doug Aden’s website, he declares he’s going to win with less than $5000. Anyone that arrogant will fit into congress perfectly.

CD-5: Jerrell Klaver

Jerrell gets my endorsement for three reasons. First Doug Lamborn not conservative enough. Second his hair is way better than Doug Lamborn’s. Third he makes soap for a living. We need more soap makers in Washington D.C. For the record I’m way above using any “clean up D.C.” jokes. Would never do that… ever.

CD-6: Mike Coffman

Do you realize how awesome Mike Coffman is? In 1990 he was a member of the Colorado House of Representatives. One day during a debate on Senate Bill 146, Rep. Coffman throw his chair through a wall and decided to do something “more productive.” And by more productive, he meant go win the Gulf War. The “lame stream” media told us all how Air Power was a huge part of winning the Gulf War, they lied. Operation Desert Storm consisted of Chuck Norris, David Hasselhoff and Mike Coffman armed with only a really sharp stapler, a flintlock pistol, a box of Slim Jims, and a VHS of The Army of Darkness. They were so successful that to this day, parent in the Middle East warn their children that if they aren’t good the Chuck, the Hoff, and the Coff will get them. It was during this time Chuck Norris invented Mike Coffman jokes. This alone is enough to get my endorsement.

CD-7: Ed Perlmutter

I haven’t endorsed enough Democrats, so Perlmutter gets my endorsement via affirmative action. Yup No one is going to comment on this at all.

Now that I have given my endorsements, make sure every site changed their predictions to 1:1 favor for the person I have endorsed (I’m looking right at you Colorado Pols!)

Fundraising Updates for State Races

The financial reporting period for state races running between July 29 through September 1 is now available online. Here’s how the statewide candidates stack up. Keep in mind that cash-on-hand amounts are deceiving at this point, since many candidates have already spent big chunks of money to buy advertising spots (with exceptions for Dan Maes and Scott Gessler, neither of whom has a good reason for having so little left in the bank).

Figures below as Amount Raised Last Period/ Amount Spent Last Period/ Cash-on-Hand as of Sept. 1)


John Hickenlooper (D): $409,859/ $357,158/ $171,542

Tom Tancredo (ACP): $199,229/ $58,376/ $140,853

Dan Maes (R): $50,201/ $54,011/ $19,786


Cary Kennedy (D): $102,161/ $89,189/ $90,250

Walker Stapleton (R): $27,385/ $15,880/ $22,712


John Suthers (R): $64,958/ $15,671/ $346,775

Stan Garnett (D): $43,690/ $120,342/ $23,259


Bernie Buescher (D): $36,158/ $8,708/ $139,661

Scott Gessler (R): $13,745/ $38,071/ $14,725

Ali Hasan Endorses Walker Stapleton for State Treasurer

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I know it is not the sexiest race, but I am proud to have run for it and I am also proud to support Walker Stapleton for Colorado State Treasurer. With that said, I wanted to share my endorsement with our good community.  

From my campaign website –…

Although I ran a very aggressive campaign for the GOP nomination of Colorado’s State Treasurer, I had always promised, from the start, that no matter the result, should I not be victorious, not only would I give the maximum contribution to the winning GOP candidate, but I would also give them my full endorsement and support – and that support tonight is going to Walker Stapleton.

Contrary to a picture being painted by the Denver news media, when I was running for State Treasurer, I debated Walker Stapleton many times, as he showed up to plenty of events and debates. And I am proud to support Walker because he is intelligent, he has financial experience, and most all, he is HONEST. Regardless of who the audience is, or where it is, Walker will always say the same things, never changing his message or his words to accommodate for political gain – that is the most impressive quality I took away from debating him so many times – and on Colorado’s Western Slope, where I was raised, we believe that your word is everything that makes you a man – and I can personally confirm that Walker’s word is bond.

I believe that the incumbent State Treasurer, Cary Kennedy, is a wonderful person, who truly loves Colorado and works to do what she believes is sound policy for our good State – however, in this recent wave of our Democratic-controlled State Legislature implementing tax increasing mil levy freezes and car fees, among other money-collecting policies, I have been disappointed to see our State Treasurer stand alongside them, whether in silence or in full support.

We need a State Treasurer who will take a stand against tax increases, fight against increased ‘fees,’ and of course, do everything he can to empower the great Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR).

Lastly, I congratulate JJ Ament on running in the race, as well, and I am happy to also see him publicly endorsing Walker Stapleton this evening. The GOP ticket in Colorado is unified and hungry – I look forward to donating the maximum contribution to Walker Stapleton and I ask all Coloradans to join me in voting for him!

Love and peace – Ali Hasan, Republican, Eagle County

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Poll: Who Will Win the Republican Nomination for State Treasurer?

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As with all of today’s polls, we are not looking for you to indicate your personal preference. We want to know who you realistically believe will win the election tomorrow — or as we’ve said before, if you had to bet the deed to your house, who would you choose?

Republicans Walker Stapleton and J.J. Ament are vying for the right to take on incumbent Treasurer Cary Kennedy. Who wins?

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Election Predictions

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Post-Primary Update: 2010 is really fucking with my accuracy %!!!


It has been my usual practice to make election predictions before every primary and every general. In the past I have made predictions in all state offices including the legdislative seats. And have been highly accurate, not 100%, but in the 90′s.

This year, I have been disassociated from the fray more than usual, partially by choice. So I will make predictions in the statewide and Denver local elections only since these are the only races I have adequate information for.

See after the jump for the predictions.


US Senate: Andrew Romanoff. I am bucking the odds on this one. I think Denver will be a draw between the two and the rest of state will go with who they know better.

SD34: Lucia Guzman. She seems to have a very large support advantage over Judd.

HD4: Jennifer Coken. Her logistical strategy is sound, and she has support from several leaders. Pabon is the stronger opponent and if it were a one on one I think it would be really close. The unknown factor is who will spoiler Amber Tafoya help the most.

HD5: Mark Thrun: Again, the stronger campaign strategy.

HD7: Angela Williams. I think she has had this sewn up for some time.


US Senate: Ken Buck. He seems to have the message that is resonating with GOP primary voters better.

Governor: Scott McInnis. I think the voters will forgive him faster than they will vote for someone as extreme as Maes. I do, however, expect a lot of undervotes in this race (people leaving it blank).

Treasurer: Walker Stapleton. I have no basis for my guess except my gut. Of course that could be breakfast not sitting right too.

HD9: Bob Lane. I have not seen any campaigning from Garbo and I live in the district.

Ament and Stapleton Want To Play With Your Money

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In this week’s Denver Business Journal, Ed Sealover interviews both GOP candidates for the Treasurer’s race:  J.J. Ament and Walker Stapleton.

First, the good news:  Both candidates give very good reasons why they believe Amendments 60 and 61, and Proposition 101 would be disastrous for Colorado.

But the bad news is that both are unhappy Treasurer Cary Kennedy isn’t churning the state’s $6.5 billion portfolio fast enough, or taking enough risk.  Rather, they say she’s willing to settle for solid returns each year with only a staff of 2 or 3 fund managers.

J.J. Ament has experience working the industry side of the public finance world (Citigroup), so naturally his solution to the portfolio question is to pay private traders and fund managers to churn the ol’ portfolio rather than just let those lazy bureaucrats sit on tidy profits through a “buy and hold” strategy.

Walker Stapleton, of Bush family fame, touts a one-time $20 million payout on a single real estate transaction a couple of years ago as his “track record of success”.

He has a different outlook altogether on how to invest $6.5 billion.  He sees hyperinflation just around the corner, and worries that Kennedy is following the same conservative investment strategies as her Republican predecessors, Mark Hillman and Mike Coffman.

Stapleton’s prescription to keep ahead of hyperinflation (“double digit inflation” in his words) would be to make the portfolio highly liquid so “you can get in and out of investments that you make fairly quickly”.

Not sure what sort of investments he’s contemplating that could insure double-digit returns.  Might I suggest a Ponzi scheme followed by a relaxed retirement in the Caymans?

Note:  There are no links to the article referenced, not because they are on the forbidden list, but because it is in the Premium content section of the DBJ’s website.  But I recommend you pick up a copy of the print edition or subscribe to the online edition for the full story.

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“Bank Twins” Post Pitiful Numbers

The Colorado Independent’s Scot Kersgaard updates on fundraising in some of the other statewide races–it appears that Attorney General John Suthers has awakened to the threat posed by Democrat Stan Garnett, posting his first decent fundraising numbers since Garnett’s entry into the race. As for Treasurer Cary Kennedy’s opponents, J.J. Ament and Walker Stapleton?

Widely seen as the front-runner for the GOP nomination for Colorado state treasurer, J.J. Ament has fallen badly behind Walker Stapleton in fund raising. As of the end of June, Stapleton had amassed more than $226,000 in cash to spend between now and the August primary. Ament has just $76,000 on hand.

For the month of June, Ament raised just over $7,500, while spending almost $21,000. Stapleton raised just over $11,000 and spent just over $65,000.

In what has already been an unusually combative race, incumbent Democrat Cary Kennedy handily out-raised the pair of Republicans, pulling in $66,000 last month while spending almost $280,000. She ended the month with almost $66,000 in the bank.

We’re particularly surprised to see Stapleton raising so little money, that’s not the reputation he’s established in this race so far. Stapleton still leads the field in cash on hand, and we expect to start seeing that cash spent very soon in hopes of upsetting local favorite Ament, who is in deep trouble at this point. Unless there are third-party ads that are going to help Ament, it’s hard to see how Stapleton doesn’t ultimately win the primary.

And once again, that GOP “momentum” doesn’t seem to extend to the pocketbook.

Deadline Day Today

Today is the last day of the last full-quarter fundraising period before the August 10 primary. Who do you think has the most at stake? Discuss below, or take a look at who we think is the most interesting to watch…

Ken Buck (Senate)

Buck has been riding the momentum since his victory at the state convention, but he has still not shown that he can raise a lot of money on his own (though outside interest groups are doing it for him). We’re curious to see if Buck is now bringing in big money from out of state, which would indicate that he is indeed believed to be the frontrunner over Jane Norton. As we’ve written before, big money follows the candidates who are believed to be the most likely to win.

Dan Maes (Governor)

Winning the Republican state convention in May was obviously a bigger surprise for Maes than Buck, but will that success translate into meaningful money? Will Maes have any real money to advertise in advance of the Aug. 10 Primary? We don’t think he can beat Scott McInnis for the GOP gubernatorial nomination, but whether or not he has the money to at least make McInnis work for the nomination will have a real effect on the outcome of the General Election in November.

Andrew Romanoff (Senate)

This is really the last chance Romanoff has to show that he can take down Sen. Michael Bennet in August. If his cash on hand figure isn’t impressive, there will be nothing he can say to big donors to convince them that he still has a chance to win.

J.J. Ament (Treasurer)

Ament won the nomination at the state convention and managed to knock out Ali Hasan in the process, but he still trails Walker Stapleton significantly in the fundraising department. The results of this quarter may decide whether this race stays tight or Stapleton walks away with it.

Stan Garnett (D) and John Suthers (R) (Attorney General)

The Q2 report marks the first full fundraising quarter with Garnett in the race. Suthers’ financial support (or a lack thereof) will say a lot about how committed the GOP is to holding this seat. Garnett, meanwhile, can make a big statement with a strong quarter.

Lang Sias (CD-7)

Sias had a good showing at the CD-7 Republican assembly, but he has really lagged behind Ryan Frazier in fundraising. Can Sias afford the TV time it will take to win the nomination?

Kennedy Reprises ’06 TV Presence

Treasurer Cary Kennedy bought $250,000 of air time for later in the season, according to both her website and fundraising email sent immediately after the press release (actually a nice ‘snowball’ pitch). You’ll recall that in 2006, Kennedy became the first state treasurer candidate to run TV ads–a key reason why she’s now the incumbent.

We have no doubt that her GOP opponents, Walker Stapleton or J.J. Ament, will be on the air soon as well; unfortunately, against each other. Stapleton has the deep pockets against Ament’s name and local support, so we’d expect a volley from Stapleton any time. Stapleton has the resources to make this primary very difficult for Ament, and Ament hasn’t shown the fundraising skills needed to compete down the stretch.