War with ISIL: Discuss

You've seen or read about their snuff videos of captured journalists and humanitarians. I could have filled this post with horrifying images – but if you have right wing friends or acquaintances, your spam box is already filled with those posts, along with inflammatory rhetoric claiming that all Muslims in America secretly want to do the same things.  Muslims are being killed in America as crazed, deluded, armed "patriots" try to "defend America", terrifying peaceful refugees and innocent Muslim citizens.

You want ISIL stopped, degraded, destroyed, marginalized. Yet our own foreign policies, and those of our closest allies in the region, have allowed them to grow and thrive.  According to the latest report from BBC news, drone strikes and Kurdish resistance are barely containing ISIS/ISIL's advances.  This map shows the current state of IS – controlled territories and resources in the region.




ISIL has a budget of two billion and releases annual reports.

"It's the worst of all worlds: external funding from wealthy outside donors, state sponsorship from across the Persian Gulf, and the ability to raise large amounts of money locally," Zarate said.

Anonymous has successfully targeted the group's recruitment efforts. 

Thousands have been killed in our drone strikes which cost civilian lives and further polarize and radicalize neutral people.

Our "allies", i.e. the Saudi and other regimes, are not fighting against ISIS and ISIL, except with propaganda ( Al-Arabiya, owned by Murdoch chum Prince Al Waleed. The network was shut down after only one day on the air, following pressure from the royal family. So much for freedom of the press in Saudi Arabia.)

We all remember how  George W Bush lied us into a decade of fruitless war in Afghanistan and Iraq. ISIL recruitment grew as a result of Amerian and allied torture, deaths of half a million civilians, and now Al-Qaeda branches are firmly established in many countries, including lawless Somalia.

We don't want to get lied to again about nonexistent WMDs or hypothetical mushroom clouds. ISIS has no nuclear weapons – yet.. We don't want to be stupid sheep again. We don't want to "break" the region further. Yet something must be done about ISIL.

President Obama has asked Congress to authorize military force, after using military force for the last five years in drone strikes. "Boots on the ground" and special attack forces such as SEAL teams are specifically not ruled out in the proposed resolution.

Will political posturing be the extent of the actions of Congress? Are the possible impacts on the 2016 elections the primary concern of politicians?

What will your newly elected Senators and Representatives do?

What do you want them to do?





Latest Right Wing Fantasy: NAACP Bombing a “Hoax”

UPDATE 11/3/15

Thaddeus Murphy has been sentenced to five years for the bombing of the NAACP building in Colorado Springs. His weak attempt to avoid a hate crimes charge: “I was mad at my accountant for not returning my calls”.  However, there hasn’t been an accounting office at the bombed building for five years. Per Rick Sallinger’s reporting on KKTV news:

But the NAACP believed then and now the device was intended for them, not a tax firm that was long gone at the time of the explosion.

Thaddeus Cheyenne Murphy

Thaddeus Murphy, courtesy Department of Corrections


(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Charles C. Johnson wants attention. He wants digital pageviews on his website**’ so that he can keep promoting himself as some kind of conservative wonderboy crusader for the truth. He isn’t trusted among credible journalists along the political spectrum. He tends to regard morals, ethics and truth to be insignificant obstacles when pursuing a breaking news story. And if the truth isn’t flashy enough, Johnson will fix it up until it is sexy enough to bring readers to his site.

Charles Johnson, of gotnews.com, interviewed on Redstate 12/21/14 Johnson’s latest attempt to fire up the right wing blogosphere is his claim that the Tuesday, January 6, 2015 attempted firebombing of the NAACP headquarters in Colorado Springs was a hoax. His story has been shared throughout the right wing blogosphere – Twitchy, Drudge, Newsmax, and dozens more are gleefully proclaiming that the NAACP faked the bombing.

Johnson, a blogger based in Fresno, California, (pictured on Redstate, above), used the Google Earth program to find an existing dark splotch on the NAACP HQ which existed before the attempted bombing. See Google Earth screen cap, right.

However, video from  the Democracy Now story clearly shows two marks, one angling upward, one downward. The Blogger littlegreenfootballs has a nice summation of the Google Earth “evidence”. Mark Reiss’ photo from the Gazette, reprinted in Jesse Paul’s Denver Post story, also clearly shows both marks next to each other. (below)


Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Pueblo Courthouse

(Why don't they just go to hell? – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

SUNDAY POLS UPDATE: Pueblo Chieftain:

The release uses a number of derogatory terms toward the gay community and specifically mentions Pueblo County Clerk and Recorder Gilbert “Bo” Ortiz saying he, “Couldn’t move fast enough to start marrying fags,” and use that as an impetus for their planned protest.

The release also states, “Same-sex marriage dooms nations,” and that Pueblo County “foams at the mouth” to marry gay people, among other things.

The Westboro Baptist Church group routinely travels across the country picketing against gay marriage and other highly contentious things such as military funerals, and are often met with much opposition wherever they go.

Upon hearing the news, citizens of Pueblo mobilized on Facebook and began making plans for a counter-protest for that day.


Westboro Baptist Church, well-known for picketing the funerals of soldiers to protest "gay-friendly" military policies, is now scheduling a picket December 29 at the Pueblo Courthouse to protest the hundreds of gay and lesbian couples married by County Clerk and Recorder Gilbert "Bo" Ortiz.

The founder of WBC , Fred Phelps, passed away last spring , and his family members have been leaving the church.  Nevertheless, there are apparently a core of true believers willing to travel to Pueblo to keep their church's name, and their homophobic cause, in the news. 

The language of this flyer is of someone clearly both fascinated and repelled by gay sex. "Crack in the dyke", "forcing this….sin down the throat", "angel-gagging drivel", etc. 

I predict a hostile reception for WBC, and that the number of counter-protesters at the Pueblo Courthouse will far outnumber the WBC haters. Pueblo, is, by and large, a tolerant, live-and-let-live town, which elected an openly lesbian House Representative, Daneya Esgar,  this year. Colorado legislators passed a bill allowing civil unions in 2013, and it took effect last May. 

Puebloans are also unlikely to allow an organization which pickets the funerals of soldiers to publicize itself in the Home of Heroes.Further, the WBC picket attempt is likely to alienate Republican moderate and independent voters, who have only reluctantly been dragged along on the Pueblo GOP quest to smear Clerk Ortiz, accusing him of voter fraud and discrimination, in actions and lawsuits. The WBC picket will, I predict, be a gigantic, oozing black eye for the Pueblo GOP. 

So y'all come on down to Pueblo for a wintry picnic on the Courthouse Grounds. WBC will provide the fire and brimstone- maybe. 

Stand By Your Man: Tom Ready’s Domestic Violence Known to GOP since 1991

(Yeesh – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Most of Colorado now knows about Tom Ready, the Pueblo County Commissioner candidate who promoted the idea that the Sandy Hook school massacre was just a "hoax" perpetuated by people who want more gun laws. The Pueblo County Republican Party has been deafeningly silent about Tom Ready's extreme views, refusing to condemn them, and blaming Ready's opponent, Sal Pace, for bringing it up. Ready half-heartedly "apologized" in the Denver Post, but made it clear that he considered himself to be the real victim.

But it isn't the first time that the Pueblo GOP has chosen to "Stand By Their Man" in the face of reports of horrific behavior. Twice, in 1991, and in 2009, a woman asked the courts for a protective order against Tom Ready. 

Yet nothing was done – Ready was the Pueblo Republican Party Chairman for ten years, and was sent to represent the party nationally in 2009. Now, he is the party's candidate for County Commissioner. 

The Republican Party of Pueblo has always stood by Doctor Thomas Ready, even when his wife publicly accused him of five years of battering, culminating in a violent incident on March 15, 1991.

On that day, the Pueblo Chieftain wrote, Mrs. Ready came home to find a moving truck and crew at their shared home, and Dr. Ready supervising the moving out of the couple's shared property.

When she arrived, according to her statement, the couple argued. She claims Ready knocked her down in the driveway and broke her sunglasses. Mrs. Ready contends that, when she entered the home and tried to call police, he shoved her away from the phone, knocking her down again.

Mrs. Ready also alleges that Ready kicked her several times after one of his bows was broken when he shoved her into an archery display at the home. When she broke free, she said, she ran and asked the moving men why they hadn't called the police.

She said the men laughed and said, "You married him, not us."

Mrs. Ready said that, when Ready came out of the house, he said, "I never touched her, guys. You saw her kick me."

So,  after reading that,  once your blood stops boiling, understand that the fine folks of the Pueblo Republican Party read the same article. And Pueblo's a small large town. Most people know what's going on with everyone else. Half the people are related to each other – the other half went to the same high schools.

And after reading in Pueblo's conservative daily paper, the Pueblo Chieftain, about Ready's beating  his wife for five years, culminating in an assault which left her bruised and bloody,  the Pueblo GOP re-elected him chairman, as they did for the next nine years. In fact, as a special honor, they sent him to the National Republican Convention in 2008.


Redstate: Women love security, Climate Marchers are Evil, 6/9 of tossup Sen states lean Dem in 10/5 Yougov poll

I like to know what conservative pundits are saying to each other about politics. When conservatives talk to liberals, it tends to be so hostile, condescending, and designed to provoke emotional responses, aka trolling, that it isn’t very useful for discerning actual thinking and points of view. 

Hence, I listen to Redstate’s weekly briefings, and distill them here for you. In this one, Redstate host Aaron Gardner, bloggers Joe Cunningham, Caleb Howe, and Thomas LaDuke discuss national Senate races, agree that Islam is an evil religion, and that the quest to find moderate Arabian allies is futile, and most of all, enjoy mocking and insulting the 400,000 people who participated in the recent Climate Marches.

September 28 Weekly Update

Much of this hour-long chat hosted by Redstate's Aaron Gardner, was about Senate Races. These conservative pundits and bloggers are slightly more upbeat about their chances for taking the Senate this week.

Moe Lane says that Jodi Ernst will win her contest in Iowa, and that GOP will pick up 53 seats in the House. Oh joy.

At 4:46, Cunningham, talking about the Landrieu/ Cassidy LA race, says that “It depends on what magic Sarah Palin can run” –  seriously…

Aaron Gardner says that Colorado is "looking good" for Senate and Governor.  Really? I can see Senate being close, but Governor?

In North Carolina, in spite or perhaps because of their best voter suppression efforts, Kay Hagan is up 3 against her opponent, Tillis.  Hagan's hubby, and Tillis,  took stimulus money, but Hagan's hubby's stimulus-taking is obviously more evil b/c she's a Democrat.

In Arkansas, Cotton is up 7 against his Democratic opponent, Mark Pryor.

A caller named Omar Hasan asked about the war in Syria and Iraq. Aaron Gardner refused to answer his question because he didn't like Hasan's Arabic name, but then, the group spent half of their time discussing a workplace beheading by a Muslim man.

They started to have an interesting discussion about where workplace violence ends and terrorism and hate crimes begin, but derailed into a "Islam is an evil religion with no redeeming social value" diatribe. Yup, that attitude will sure win moderates to your side in the Middle East conflict.

Interestingly, these conservatives are all for a Congressional vote to authorize military force, although they didn’t go so far as to criticize Boehner for not calling for such a vote.

At around 18:00 in the video, Gardner cites a PPP poll to discuss Latino and female voter loyalty to each party in Colorado. He says that Hispanics still like Obama, although they don’t like Obama’s policies??? He also claims that the new “security issue” for women is ISIS. He expects to see women flocking to the GOP side because of fears about ISIS and Ebola. Yes, women are so freaking gullible, we just flock to where a big strongman (or a posturing chickenhawk) makes us feel marginally safer.


Redstate bloggers anti-science ideology was on stunning display, as they discussed the recent People’s Climate March.  Note: these bloggers are relatively young men, not old fogies brought up to believe that the Earth is only 6,000 years old. That age would put most of the oil and gas men in Colorado out of work – you need millions of years to compost ancient dinosaurs and plants into gas and oil. So I guess “young Earthers” are the true “No Oil and Gas Jobs in Colorado for you!” proponents. But I digress.

Huckster or Do-Gooder? No other choices for 400K + Climate Marchers

At 44:24, Gardner derides the “hypocrisy” of the Climate March, mocking celebrity leaders such as Leonardo de Caprio, and Robert F Kennedy, Jr.  He especially doesn’t like the statement that “It’s better to vote for a democrat than change your light bulb”. (Realistically, voting for Democrats will likely have more of an impact on mitigating climate change, so this is a true statement.)  Per Gardner: It’s a cult activity, it’s not science.” At 51:00, all the bloggers attack popular cable TV scientist Neil Degrasse Tyson. Tyson has vigorously defended the scientific point of view on climate change, and has come under considerable attack from climate change deniers because of it.

Gardner devotes the next five minutes to quoting someone else to explain that climate change is because of “changing winds”, not any human activity.

Then the bloggers get down to serious namecalling. “These people are evil”. “They are mad,  because they worship the creation, not the creator.” “There are only 2 types of people in the left wing factions: the corrupt huckster leader, and the naïve do-gooder.”

At 59:00, Thomas LaDuke has a strange logical moebius strip explaining away climate change. His “logic” seems to be that dinosaurs lived in a warm climate. Therefore ice caps were smaller. Therefore, global warming wasn’t caused by humans.  So we shouldn’t worry. The dinosaurs survived global warming, and severe climate change, didn’t they? Didn’t they?????  


Ask your nearest raptured raptor. But if someone sees you talking into  to your gas tank, blame it on Redstate. Stay tuned.


Oct 5, 2014

 Redstate Weekly Briefing  This was a much more scattered and silly Redstate briefing. However,  the conservative panelists analyzed today's Yougov poll, and decided that 6 out of 9 of the tossup states lean Democratic. The rest of the time was spent on a discussion of ISIS, ridiculing the contribution of climate change and drought to ISIS recruitment efforts, and discussing Ebola, leading up to Aaron Gardner warbling "My Ebola" to the tune of "My Shorona". Sensitive way to take impending plague deaths of 20,000 people seriously, Gardner.

According to the latest yougov poll, 46 states are solid Republican, 45 states are leaning Democratic, and the following nine are tossups:

  1. Colorado – Udall is up 3 over Gardner. Redstate's Aaron Gardner is still rooting for Cory G.
  2. Alaska , the Republican is up 3 over Begich
  3. Arkansas Cotton (R) is +4,
  4. Georgia Nunn (Dem) is +1
  5. Iowa – Ernst ("Make 'em squeal") R is up 2 over Braley, but polls differ
  6. Louisiana – Landrieu (D)  is up 4 over Cassidy, but there may be a runoff in December after the general election
  7. KS +10 for Orman, the Independent who will caucus with the Dems. Aaron Gardner, sore loser, calls Pat Robertson, the mainstream R candidate, an "old fool" at 15:00, but remarks, "As long as he votes what we tell him to vote, once he's in there…" to general yuk yuks.
  8. New Hampshire Shaheen (D) is +7 over Scott Brown,
  9. NC Hagan (Dem) is  +1




Gubernatorial, Senate, CD3 Debates Oct 2-9 in Pueblo

Save the dates for debates:

Governor Candidate Debate (Hickenlooper vs. Beauprez)

Thursday,October 2, 7 PM

CD3 Representative Debate (Tapia vs. Tipton) 
Tuesday, October 7, 6 PM

US Senate Debate (Udall vs. Gardner) 
Thursday, October 9, 7 PM

All forums to be held at Pueblo Memorial Hall 
1 City Hall Pl, Pueblo, CO 81003
(866) 722-8844


Sponsored by Action22 and the Pueblo Chieftain


Pueblo Chieftain Smears “Bo” Ortiz for Political Revenge

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Poor Bo. He just can't catch a break from the Pueblo Chieftain.  To inform the public,  Gilbert "Bo" Ortiz voluntarily advised the Pueblo Chieftain about  faulty driver's licenses distributed by  a Colorado Revenue Department vendor, MorphoTrust. The state IDs and licenses were supposed to have a black band across the top, identifying those ineligible to vote, but 524 of these IDs were sent out without the flag. 

The Chieftain chose  to run the ID story on page one, next to a photo of Ortiz, with the banner headline, "Faulty ID Cards Issued", on September 16, 2014. . The teaser subheading on the online edition read, "No concern for voter fraud." Who issued the faulty IDs? Who is unconcerned about voter fraud?  Judging by his photo under the headline, a reasonable reader would infer: Gilbert "Bo" Ortiz.


Monsanto Operatives Threaten Lawsuit, Illegally film Citizen Panelists

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Proposition 105, the GMO Labelling Initiative, will be on your Colorado ballot in November 2014. Proposition 105 is not a ban on GMO products – it asks voters if foods modified or treated with genetically modified materials should be labeled “Produced With Genetic Engineering” starting July 1, 2016. To view the official ballet language visit www.righttoknowcolorado.org.

As part of the initiative review process, a Citizens Initiative Review panel was selected, and began meeting in September 2014.  The intent of the CIR process is to produce a nonpartisan "voter guide" with pro and con statements about a given ballot initiative. 

Then, Monsanto sent in a camera crew and legal representatives to film citizen participants, possibly to gain material for their own anti-Prop 105 advertising. Here's the story as told on the Natural Grocers blog.


Truthers, Lies, and Clear Choices: Commissioner and Clerk Debates in Pueblo

UPDATE: The story of how Sal Pace outed Tom Ready as a conspiracy nut, who believes that the Sandy Hook school shootings never happened, has gone national, but you saw it here first. Here is a link to video I took of Pace and Ready's remarks, with apologies for the poor quality.

The professional-quality video will be aired by Comcast Channel 19 Community Access TV according to this schedule, starting September 22. If you were smart enough to have thought of recording it, you've got it. But you won't have the priceless audience reactions.

The Commissioner debate began at 6:00 pm.

Steve Henson of Chieftain, moderator, says that there will be no questions from the audience. Only those previously submitted by readers of the Chieftain or Action22 will be asked of the candidates.

No heckling. It is not a rule he enforces against the Ready and Head supporters, who boo, catcall, etc. , pretty much unchallenged, as you will hear and see from the video.

The County Commissioner debate, between incumbent Commisioner Sal Pace, and Republican challenger Tom Ready,  was a very wonky and respectful debate, discussing tax policy, land use, water regulations, jobs and economic development. Sal Pace gave himself some well-deserved props for progress on the Southwest Chief proposal, and a new arts initiative in Pueblo. Ready declined to go after Sal Pace about Pueblo's current County Commissioner email "scandal", for which one Commissioner was fired. This reticence on Ready's part surprised me – but Sal Pace had nothing to do with the emails, so perhaps that explains it.

It was all good – up until the point when Tom went off the rails. He started off by accusing Sal Pace of personally raising utility rates on Pueblo Customers. Sal Pace was a party to the unfortunate agreement that ensconced Black Hills Energy as the town's monopoly customer-gouger, but didn't actually personally throw the switch.  Then Tom went into why coal is cleaner than natural gas, and it kind of went south from there. Sal, appropriately, responded that if Tom wanted to get negative, how about those Facebook posts about how Newtown shootings were a hoax?


Shocked at the Ray Rice elevator video? Don’t be.

I am not shocked at the NFL Ray Rice elevator video, which shows the Ravens running back punching his fiancee, then dragging her unconscious body out of the elevator.

I am not shocked at the NFL's ignoring the incident and its initial penalty for Rice: a two-game suspension.

I am not shocked at the sudden dramatic reversal in the NFL's treatment of domestic violence offenses – now, a domestic violence offense will be treated more severely than, say, pee tainted with marijuana. A six-game ban for a first offense, lifetime ban for a second.

I wish I could say I was shocked at Ray's then- fiance, Janae Rice, declining to press charges against Rice, and eventually marrying her abuser. I've been there, and I understand.  The average victim tries to leave her abuser seven times before she succeeds, if she succeeds before she is killed or permanently injured.  I think it took me nine incidents before I left for the last time. And for all of the little kids trapped in violent homes, keep in mind that they can’t leave. They are children, who more than likely will perpetuate the cycle of violence as adults because everything they have seen in their lives teaches them that family punch-outs are just the way things work.

The NFL’s waffling merely reflects the way we as Americans deal with domestic violence – we don’t see, we hide, we look away, we blame the victim, we tell couples to “patch it up”, we  promulgate the legal fantasy that “both parties are equally to blame”.  And if there are billions of dollars on the line (1.43 billion is the average worth of an NFL franchise), then why should a woman or two getting beaten steer this financial juggernaut off course?

Sports is big business, and it is a violent business. That is sort of the point. Concussions, traumatic brain and other injury – broadcasters spend thousands of well-paid advertising minutes discussing these finer points of each game.

But what happened on that elevator,  is a crime. It should be treated like any other aggravated assault – indictment, day in court, jail time or other punishment.  Not just being sidelined for a game or six.

Football fans, I have a question for you: Are you willing to allow  more severe penalties for criminally violent football players, even if this means fewer big stars, less violent games, or (horrors) that your favorite team may not win, if the MVP is grounded for battery and assault? Ray Rice was fired from the Ravens team. Does this now fix the problem of violence perpetrated on and off the football field?

Because I think that’s the conflict at the bottom of this.  How addicted are you to football violence? How ambivalent are you about your favorite blood sport? You bought the T shirt – hell, you probably bought all  your kids jerseys, too. Not to mention the season tickets, the team logo towels and mugs and jackets and souvenirs.  Fans make football what it is.

The NFL’s sudden decision to severely penalize players with domestic assaults is, in my opinion, a transparent attempt to woo back their female fan base, to get them to give the fan-franchise relationship a go one more time, to promise that things will get better, that the violence won't happen again, but let's just  keep the dollars flowing.  Will it work?

Real (lack of) Obamacare Horror Stories

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Deena* did everything wrong for most of her life, and then she tried to do everything right. She had three kids by three different fathers. She abused drugs and alcohol. She had times of being homeless. But what killed her in the end wasn't her years of wild living, nor was it the years of scraping by, putting herself through school, living clean and sober, going to church, making amends,  trying to be a good citizen, mother, and grandmother.

In the last decade before she died, Deena worked as a registered nurse through a temporary agency. While the money was good, there were no health benefits offered unless the assignment lasted more than six months. So she took good care of her patients, but was unable to be taken care of herself, when she developed strange symptoms of swollen joints and incapacitating,  intense pain. Her family and I thought that she may have developed lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis. A late night visit to an emergency room resulted in a condescending doctor telling her to stop complaining, prescribing a pain-killer, and sending her home.

She was prescribed a codeine-based pain killer. Because she was a petite woman, the dosage may have been too much for her, and she stopped breathing early in the morning on New Year's Day, about 15 years ago. If she had been able to have a regular doctor who tracked her health history, or access to regular care to manage her symptoms, we thought that the outcome would have been different.


Large Honey Bee die-off in Southern Colorado

 “It’s better to be a dog in a peaceful time than be a man in a chaotic period.”Chinese proverb

Wonder what the Chinese had to say about bees?

Thousands of Bees Die Suddenly in Southern Colorado

Beekeepers in the region are seeing a dramatic drop-off in the number of bees in their hives, just in the past few days.

Kimberly Randall and Jonathan Geurin are beekeepers in Colorado Springs. They told News 5 this season started out well for them, but recently, they could tell something wasn't right. It turns out more than 60 percent of their hive died in just three days. "By the time we got to the bottom of the hive, we found a pile of dead bees that was two to three inches thick," said Randall.

Geurin and Randall have raised a combined six hives of honeybees in both Colorado Springs and Canon City. With 50,000 to 70,000 bees per hive, and half of their hives affected, they estimate well over 100,000 bees have died.

"That hive is completely gone," Geurin said. "When I opened it up a few days ago, there was no queen in it. There was probably only a dozen bees."

But what could be killing hundreds of thousands of bees across Southern Colorado? "There's a lot of theories," Randall said. "We're going to be sending our bees off to have testing done through the state, and notify them in case there's something going on." Randall and Geurin think pesticides and other chemicals used to treat lawns and weeds could be making their way into the water table

"Read what you're putting into your yard," Randall said. "Read what you're putting into your garden, because it all circles back."

Fruits and vegetables thrive on pollination from honeybees, making them vital to sustain our food sources.

The Zombie Apocalypse may be coming……..just not in the form we see on TV.

An Assessor, a Sugar Daddy, and “Infilling” Open Space in El Paso County

UPDATE: KRDO has picked up this story, and citizens are calling for Lowderman to resign. There is an "appearance of impropriety", according to current El Paso Treasurer Bob Balink.

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Something is rotten in El Paso County.

 It’s not the persistent dank from the recent flooding.  It’s not the shower mold from Sheriff Maketa’s selfies.  There is, however, quite a stench wafting from the recent campaign finance violation of the El Paso County Tax Assessor, Mark Lowderman. Lowderman sent out 20,000 campaign mailers on the taxpayer’s dime.  Ostensibly informing seniors about a tax credit, the mailers described Mr. Lowderman in glowing terms, coincidentally, the same terms as his campaign literature.  A complaint was filed, Lowderman was fined and penalized $14,580, yet is running unopposed for the County Treasurer’s office, and  will almost certainly be the next El Paso County Treasurer. Matt Lowderman, Candidate for El Paso County Treasurer

The El Paso County Commissioners appear to be no more concerned about Lowderman's ethical lapse than they were about Sheriff Maketa's hijinks.  The Commissioners "circled the wagons" to protect Maketa for years, according to an insider source. The County Comissioners also had to have known about Lowderman's ethical lapses – yet there is no record of any censure of the Assessor. The Board of Commissioners is reputed to be marshalllng resources to overturn the Administrative Judge's ruling on Lowderman's finance complaint. El Paso is apparently the swamp where ethics go to die. "At every turn, it's dirty," said an informed source.

That would explain the smell. Wafting from the swamp is the funk of the aggregate $17,500 campaign donations Lowderman received from David Jenkins, Chairman of Nor'wood Development Corporation, the largest property owner and developer in El Paso County, within 10 days of Jenkins buying the biggest parcel of property in the County – the legendary Bannings / Lewis Ranch. Donations to Lowderman's campaign for Treasurer were dated May 30 – June 2, 2014. The Banning- Lewis property sale was announced by Nor'wood on June 10, 2014.


South west Airlines

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End Safer – Cease More rapidly: A Manual to Vehicle Brakes

If, soon after the initial day, the share rate moves in your favour and moves to $one.ten, you would recalculate your trailing halt loss by subtracting two moments the worth of the ATR from the new substantial rate of $1.ten. For instance, if you purchased a share at 1 dollar, and your first stop was established at ninety cents, your trailing stop would also have a value of 90 cents.

Anti using tobacco businesses are undertaking their very best to eradicate this social evil. Listed here are ten approaches to help stop using tobacco efficiently. Even spouse and children members, coworkers and buddies may possibly confirm supportive. People may perhaps request the aid of this sort of institutions to give up using tobacco. Guidance groups hold group meetings, where by men and women with equivalent views examine more than world-wide concerns. They try to locate the root induce of a trouble and come out with methods for it. At this stage, it gets to be nearly far more difficult for the smoker to stop using tobacco and do away with the practice entirely. Later on on, it develops into addiction.
Prime 10 Means to Cease Using tobacco:
1. Assist team: To stop smoking cigarettes, smokers may vacation resort to regional aid teams, who present pro counseling to do away with smoking cigarettes.

There are quite a few clinics and dependence centers that are supplying systems that support to quit using tobacco. Nicotine dependence is something that needs sustained exertion, professional medical supervision and determination in most scenarios. Quitting is not the only difficulty right here, but remaining equipped to stay off nicotine is the major aspect. These plans offer you a combination of physician’s supervision, anti-dependence medications, counseling sessions and team therapy.

You want to be of the former (pleased) not the latter. Be positive about lifestyle in basic and do your finest to be pleased. People today take pleasure in being around people that elevate them up. Delighted folks are entertaining to be all over, crabby ones are not.

As a peace resource, hypnosis will help properly reduce tension and stress and anxiety so you will eliminate the cravings for cigarettes. Cease smoking cigarettes hypnotherapy approaches eliminate this routine and provide as anxiety reducers as effectively. In just days of quitting, overall body components damaged by smoking begin to heal, ruined nerves re-develop, and your perception of taste and smell enhances.
Combined with effective NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) procedures, give up smoking cigarettes hypnotherapy can maintain you fully commited to breaking the pattern by instruction the unconscious to emphasis on the rewards of quitting. Getting rid of tobacco advantages you in many ways.

I imagine this would make up ninety % of the tobacco addiction. By considerably, the most difficult aspect of breaking the using tobacco habit is overcoming the psychological dependancy, which are the mental and emotional elements of cigarette smoking. Quit using tobacco hypnotherapy can help reduce the unconscious associations that result in 1 to crave cigarettes, therefore doing away with the conditioned response to smoke. When you produce a using tobacco practice, you unconsciously develop a motivation to smoke in certain predicaments, these as when seeing Television.
This is known as a conditioned reaction. Hypnotherapy also assists you stay inspired to give up smoking cigarettes by strengthening your beliefs that gave you the motivation to quit cigarette smoking in the initially area.

She drove with what she understood to be the utmost warning. never exceeding 30 miles per hour, even on I35! But primarily, driving with her was a harrowing experience with no conclusion in sight. She expected, even demanded that traffic would give way to her like the seas parted for Moses.

Perhaps you have been troublesome your wife or husband like that for decades, find out by inquiring what they want in its place. But probably we are having them for granted and perhaps even projecting our possess dreams on to them considering that is what they want. In some cases we assume that we know what our associate needs and act appropriately.

You can discover frequent floor with your partner by admitting that items are not heading well, you are not delighted that they are not heading well and that you certainly accept at least partial blame for the problems in the relationship.

Again, in recognizing the past, we’re not denying that terrible items have happened to you. Check out reclaiming your individual electricity by reframing your experiences as a resource of strength. Not all people has long gone as a result of what you have and survived. The process of personalized expansion is about regaining self empowerment.

A number of states, , involve road exams for individuals in excess of 65 when their licenses are renewed. If you dwell in other places, below are a handful of tricks to consider. An additional sss states demand vision tests with license renewals. Look at on your own fortuitous if you dwell in a person of these states since it may be that the state will refuse to renew the elder’s license.

Check with your nearby transit authority. And chat with your elder about how awesome it is to be in a position to get pleasure from the surroundings though a person else does the driving. Discuss with your Elder about the Advantage of Mass Transit – Many mass transit authorities have special companies and distinctive fares for the aged and disabled.

Do they significantly strengthen your point out of well being and aid you to wake up sensation refreshed? Do these kinds of equipment really give superior outcomes? A quantity of them actually are a tiny exclusive and outlandish. You have likely occur across all the different types of anti snoring units that are offered that can be procured.Listed here are 3 ways to assist you protect against it and quite possibly help save your relationship. You do not want that and want to know how to prevent divorce. Your relationship is not likely perfectly and your wife or husband wishes a divorce.

When you calculate your new trailing prevent loss, by subtracting the 10 cents from $1.ten, it would be established at a single dollar. For simplicity, let`s think that your halt size hasn`t changed, and is even now ten cents broad. nAt this point, your preliminary prevent was at ninety cents, and your trailing quit reduction is now at a greenback, with the share price tag is at $1.10. Since your trailing stop reduction is increased than your preliminary stop, the first prevent gets out of date, and our trailing stop loss turns into your energetic exit.

Smokers get stuck in the routine of adhering to a ritual of lighting up and cigarette smoking. They immediately prevail over the bodily addiction, but they have no reduction or replacement for the ritual of smoking cigarettes, which has develop into a mental routine and pleasurable supply of worry relief. This is why folks who try to cease smoking cigarettes using nicotine patches or gums by yourself generally have these kinds of a hard working experience.

It assists stop the smoking cigarettes addiction by combating cravings for cigarettes, trying to keep you fully commited to quitting, and advertising peace and anxiety aid so you will not be tempted to smoke. It is typically cited as a instrument to prevent smoking cigarettes together with tactics this sort of as the use of nicotine patches or gums and other well known strategies. Quit smoking cigarettes hypnosis is one of the most routinely practiced types of hypnotherapy.

However, this is a quick, non permanent phase in the total study course of quitting the routine, which lasts only concerning three times and just one week. Dependent on thirty yrs of encounter, I believe that the physical will need for nicotine constitutes a mere ten per cent of the cigarette smoking addiction. By the end of this time period of time, your body acclimates to regular, nicotine-free working. The smoking habit has both of those physiological and psychological elements. The physiological addiction is a actual physical dependancy the human body develops to nicotine. This ingredient of the habit triggers the physical withdrawal symptoms that make it experience in close proximity to unachievable to end cigarette smoking.

Over and over systems that support to prevent smoking, a selection of branded non-prescription therapies are also readily available these times. These are possibly chewed, preset to the skin, sprayed into the mouth, sprayed into the nasal cavity or sucked like sweet respectively. These consist of Nicotine Gum, Nicotine Patches, Nicotine Nasal Sprays, Nicotine Inhalers and Nicotine Lozenges. Nevertheless, they all function on the basis of tiny doses of nicotine remaining produced into the method in decreasing quantities. This is finished in buy to minimize dependence on nicotine whilst bit by bit becoming weaned off it.

Many smokers have uncovered this process effective with reduction in their craving for cigarettes. It is all about applying the willpower to prevent the dependence on cigarettes. Listed here, the therapists reprogram an individual’s unconscious head. Hypnosis: It is the ideal way to stop smoking cigarettes. This scientific strategy has tested advantageous as when compared to any other chemical-primarily based therapy to halt cigarette smoking. Cold turkey: Individuals may possibly stop smoking cigarettes working with chilly turkey technique. They equip on their own with statistical data and inform folks about how cigarette smoking brings about personal injury to the human technique.

The true vibration at the back of the throat is the action of snoring. What takes place when folks snore is that the airway in the throat gets constricted, which brings about vibrations in the again of the throat when the unique inhales.

Man, do I loathe this 1. Talk to the concern of oneself, ‘What’s truly heading on listed here?’ At times we will acquire people detrimental views and check out to make them occur true by doing anything genuinely destructive. In that circumstance, I will usually remain the target and in no way change.
6. Persons who have a behavior of self sabotaging have acquired to come to settle for that they are never upset for the reasons that 1st appear to mind. Let us examine the underlying challenge.

Stop smoking cigarettes hypnotherapy techniques can be uncovered from specialised self-hypnosis packages that have been developed immediately after many years of encounter making use of hypnosis, Neuro-Vision online video hypnotherapy, and NLP to help shoppers kick the cigarette habit. Hypnotherapy is an successful employ for eliminating cravings for cigarettes, building impressive motivation, and promoting relaxation and anxiety reduction to completely get rid of the psychological habit to smoking.

I discover that obtaining a notepad and pen helpful to consider notes is a good way to:
1) show how significant you are about modifying the situation
2) preserve observe of any guarantees you make
3) sluggish points down, retain the tone tranquil and protect against arguing

This means that it’s possible for the initial time in your marriage it is your marriage and your partner who are the most essential and not your position (amount with your manager and question for some slack), not the little ones (they have to have a steady dwelling lifetime as a great deal as nearly anything) and surely not your good friends or hobbies.The system that you use to established your trailing quit loss can fluctuate drastically. However, if we use the ATR system that we made use of to estimate our initial stop to established our trailing end loss, we`ll have the capacity to lock in the financial gain as the share selling price will increase.

Think probably you are not as beautiful as you utilized to be? Apart from how you seem to many others, scientists have located that smiling essentially influences our possess joy in a optimistic way about time. Most folks, even “really” persons like movie stars seem about 10 times far more interesting when smiling. Question if you could conserve your marriage if only you appeared young or much better?

We need to have to adjust the thoughts we have about ourselves. Put an finish to asserting that it is Ok to be improper. Really don’t choose you as you are executing this, turn into eager to allow go of those people detrimental thoughts. Start off completely and rigorously questioning in which your beliefs and perceptions are coming from.
Stop the destructive self communicate. We create a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Within five to fifteen many years, your possibility of stroke is the similar as a non-smoker. Within a single calendar year, your chance of heart condition is much less than half that of a smoker. Your hazard of dying from lung cancer and quite a few other cancer risks have lessened, and the chance of coronary heart disorder is the similar as anyone who has hardly ever smoked at all. Inside of a handful of months, lung function and circulation increase.

It’s going to investigate the reason folks do snore and in what way these forms of models avert the actual act of snoring. This information will look at all those views and it’ll analyze the various models of end snoring products.

Do not despair nevertheless, read through by means of to the close for additional strategies and assistance. These strategies are not certain to get the job done in each and every condition, but they work in lots of and therefore are worth a consider for you in your marriage.

And however, right now, extra and far more smokers are getting it complicated to smoke freely and for this reason locate them selves possessing to give up or slice down on smoking cigarettes. Numerous smokers have been known to test and are unsuccessful. The overall health implications way too are monumental and have attained a phase the place some smokers have no choice but to give up wholly. But it is not simple to give up cigarette smoking. The battle in opposition to nicotine dependence is prolonged and arduous and people need help to cease cigarette smoking.

To retain from hearing that awful sound one far more time, you would likely be keen to give up the fattening foodstuff. This is the concept behind electrical audio emitters that are employed to enable your doggy find out how to prevent whining. Audio applications to trigger the puppy to quit whining these types of as previously discussed are affordable and are not harmful to your pet. What would materialize if you read a large-pitched, piercing scream every time you sat down with a piece of cake? These gadgets simply produce a seem which the doggy does not delight in. Of study course there are other approaches to be confident to make your pet stop whining, specially if you you should not like the thought of subjecting your pet dog to noises that will bother it, or are frightened your pet might be harmed by them.

By significantly, the most efficient, simplest approach to cease cigarette smoking and achieve this conclusion is hypnosis. On the other hand, it is feasible, and half of all adult people who smoke will succeed in quitting cigarette smoking endlessly. Many people who smoke have effectively give up smoking cigarettes by replacing them with new, favourable habits without having acquiring to encounter withdrawal signs or symptoms.

Bupropion is simple to eat in tablet sort and tends to have some aspect results. You have to have to know what are the possible facet effects you could knowledge. Varenicline aids to cope with nicotine withdrawal signs although controlling the craving itself. Prescription prescription drugs way too are obtainable these kinds of as Varenicline and Bupropion. These will need to be taken underneath professional medical supervision and do not comprise any nicotine.

Acupuncture: Smokers may possibly go via the procedure of acupuncture to end using tobacco. It aims at healing the human body via detoxing. Nicotine gum: Smokers could chew the nicotine gums that come in lots of flavors. Acupuncture targets 3 parts of the entire body specifically the kidney, liver and the anxious method. Buddy system: Men and women may possibly invite their mates in a no-smoking cigarettes marketing campaign, which influences other people who smoke to stop smoking. Depend on the times as the cravings for cigarette lessens until finally the addiction is at last deserted. Steer clear of going where smoking is recurrent. Nicotine gum lessens the urge to smoke.

Hypnosis systems make it simple to end cigarette smoking permanently due to the fact they split the cigarette smoking behavior in a process that helps remove cravings and any drive to smoke. No matter what your enthusiasm is for breaking the habit, hypnotherapy will make it less complicated to focus your thoughts on these good reasons, which would make you sense a great urge to give up.

You`re not heading to exit this situation until finally the share rate reverts to just one greenback. It`s critical to be aware that when you are valuing any open place, you need to constantly price it primarily based on its stop reduction value, due to the fact if you have been to exit this share, you would hold out until finally that price tag place was breached.
The crucial to the trailing prevent reduction is that you require to make continuous adjustments to make absolutely sure that the end is moved in your favour. A trailing cease reduction is calculated in a method like the way we calculated our preliminary halt decline. The only big difference being that even though we calculated our prevent loss from the entry rate, we`re calculating our trailing end decline from the greatest rate given that entry.

What a odd product or service! It celebrates funeral marches and birthday celebrations on the very same day! Surrender is not the option.
Thousands die just about every day all more than the earth, getting to be the victims of the using tobacco linked diseases.
The electrical power of your adversary is recognised, which only indicates that you have to make solid preparations to defeat him. It is hard to halt using tobacco, but it is doable. 1000’s consider up to using tobacco for the first time every working day. Quite a few new recruits be part of its bandwagon in countless numbers everyday. The concentrate on is well in your access. The path is tough, but there are a lot of aids to support you en-route.

Hypnosis acts as a pretty very simple, all-natural strategy of quitting.
However, quitting smoking cigarettes does not have to be the agonizing procedure that makes so a lot of smokers hesitant to even try quitting. Other smokers are frequently fearful to endure from withdrawal signs and symptoms or let go of the smoking pattern. For the most component, this is for the reason that they have hardly ever genuinely designed a selection to give up.
In spite of the unsafe results of using tobacco and the wellbeing positive aspects of quitting, some people who smoke under no circumstances get over their unpleasant dependancy.

Did you file the papers and now regret it? Permit us just take a glimpse at in which you are now as we attempt to cease divorce from going on. If so, now is the time to set the proceedings on hold and enter destruction handle method.

It can damages the nerves and can will cause harm to the immune process. There is truth of the matter in that initially persons get to cigarette smoking and then it requires about them. People who smoke also require to know the ill consequences that smoking cigarettes can induce, and the adverse impact that it has on the nervous program.
People start off gradually, it’s possible just using tobacco a person cigarette a day. In the beginning, they experience excellent when they smoke and can be regarded as a vogue statement. This slowly boosts with each passing day and prior to you know the temptation of using tobacco extra increases with urges to smoke each hour of the day. Cigarette smoking attracts the particular person in gradually.

It can seem to be like a blink of an eye from the working day you mentioned “I do” to the day you talk to “how can I stop my divorce?”. Relationship starts off out content and with tons of guarantee (and claims) but as soon as the honeymoon ends it does not get lengthy for genuine everyday living to choose maintain of you.

Hypertension outcomes in clogged arteries, which can bring about strokes and also heart failure. Lousy rest might guide to cardiovascular disease because as you are striving for air stream, your blood pressure degree raises.

Consult your medical professional or pharmacist about nicotine replacement solutions. Even though they’re not for everyone, they can aid and your health care provider or pharmacist can advise you on the finest solution for you specified your heritage and sample of smoking

Next, without having getting phony or phony in any way, do your most effective to be agreeable. No matter whether it is what temperature to established the thermostat at or what to consume see if you can agree with what your companion prefers as a substitute of staying hard or unpleasant.

And I was not much from erroneous. That was the working day I stopped driving with my aunt but not the working day she stopped driving. From then on, I had visions of an enormous pink Chevy leading a parade of cascading accidents.

We realized his cognitive capability was far as well impaired for him to recognize the problem, and he was usually comforted when we mentioned we would have the automobile fixed “soon.” “Break” the Car or truck – My youngsters unplugged a handful of vital wires when my father, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disorder, refused to relinquish the keys.

Once you do not snore, you sense a great offer additional renewed, satisfied, and inform in your waking hrs. Your whole body temp and your immune technique features boost after your body’s much better rested so you will experience fantastic and then avoid illness a good offer much more competently.

Some of them are nasal sprays, inhalers, lozenges gum and nicotine patches. The good news is, a lot of prevent smoking cigarettes aids are available in the sector. The cravings for nicotine can be achieved with these aids.
They are so developed, that a modest quantity of nicotine is enable in your bloodstream, so that you can get your nicotine cravings. The edge of this style of nicotine is that they do not incorporate the poisonous gases and tar located in cigarettes.

The mouth pieces as perfectly as the chin straps increase the chin in an effort and hard work to open up up the again of the throat. The further merchandise search for to open the airway via other kinds of approaches. All of these gizmos certainly endeavor to support men and women to stop snoring.

It delivers the body with a transdermal nicotine feed. Nicotine patch: Studies notice use of nicotine patch tends to make quitting cigarette possible. Go the Holistic Way: Holistic technique also can help to give up smoking cigarettes, as it controls the head, spirit and overall body of a smoker and minimizes the urge to gentle up a cigarette. Rehab Medications: Individuals could swap to many rehab medications or drugs to quit smoking. It battles the awesome influences of nicotine which principles the thoughts and overall body given that the initial cigarette smoked.

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