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Coffman: Lack of Regulation a Problem

After spewing the traditional Republican talking points about all the bad things contained in the stimulus package signed into law today by President Barack Obama (in Denver, no less), Republican freshman congressman Mike Coffman actually decided to turn on his own brain and stray away from the “free market will save us all” rhetoric.

From The Columbine Courier:

In a break from traditional Republican ideology, Coffman said a lack of regulation led to the current economic morass.

“The demise of this economy was really a failure of government to properly regulate the economy,” Coffman said. “We had these subprime loans infecting a lot of balance sheets. I don’t see the appropriate oversight there, and it eventually brought the economy down.”

The lack of discipline wasn’t limited to profit-seeking banks, Coffman said.

“Essentially, the problem was spending beyond our means,” the congressman said. “Too much easy money, too much easy credit, and spending beyond our means as individuals and collectively as a nation. I don’t know how, again, spending and borrowing is going to be the cure here. It’s a real concern.”

Coffman, of course, doesn’t have an answer of his own for what should have been done – specifically – to fix the economy. But at least he shows that he may be willing to break the party line on the talking points that really make no sense at all. Like pretending a lack of regulation wasn’t the problem, for example. Because Republicans need leaders who can sound reasonable, for a change.

Coffman Was a Warrior Against Abortion, Immigrants, and Obamacare

(Never forget — Promoted by Colorado Pols) Republican Mike Coffman wants to be elected mayor of Aurora again, but for most of his 34-year political career, Coffman was a warrior for issues that had little to do with city government and everything to do with spreading a right-wing agenda across Colorado and the country. Immigration […]

Coffman Ditches “Strong Mayor” Initiative, but Damage is Done

Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman used the occasion of a Friday news dump to announce that his politically-disastrous proposal to turn Aurora into a “strong mayor” city was being dropped on account of the fact that it was killing his chances of being re-elected in November. Okay, that’s not what Coffman said exactly, but it’s not […]

Coffman Admits to Using Proposed Camping Ban To Elect Conservative Allies to Council

(Promoted by Colorado Pols) If only Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman’s proposed ban on camping in Aurora, as well as his week pretending to be homeless for a local news story, could be written off solely as a way to get his face on TV. But it’s so much worse. Coffman is brazenly using some of […]

Coffman Admits He Didn’t Stay at Aurora Homeless Encampments

(The weekend being homeless didn’t turn out like you planned – Promoted by Colorado Pols) Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman says you should believe him when it comes to homelessness because he spent a week on the streets last year, as seen in a local TV story. Coffman said his experience in homeless shelters and in […]

Coffman Mocks Kyle Clark’s Hair But Can’t Refute His Facts

(Promoted by Colorado Pols) On a KNUS radio show Saturday, host Jimmy Sengenberger aired a report by 9News Anchor Kyle Clark about Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman’s proposed camping ban. “It’s tough to find anyone who would call Denver’s homeless camping ban a success outside of the people who are paid to convince you of that,” […]

Coffman: Under Camping Ban, Homeless People Will Simply Move Around Aurora

(Promoted by Colorado Pols) Right-wing radio host Dan Caplis got to the heart of the matter last week when he asked Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman what happens if homeless people ignore Coffman’s proposed camping ban and don’t relocate to Coffman’s “designated area.” “Where does that end,” asked Caplis on his KHOW show May 19. After […]

Coffman and Gardner Don’t Like Red Flag Laws, But Don’t Rule Out Backing One Anyway

(Promoted by Colorado Pols) Former Congressman Mike Coffman, who’s now running to be mayor of Aurora, and U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) sound like they are opposed to a red flag law, but if you listen carefully, you’ll hear that neither is shutting the door completely on the policy, which would allow judges to order […]

Coffman vs. Frazier For Aurora Mayor–Please Clap!

The Aurora Sentinel’s Kara Mason reports on what’s shaping up to be an epic contest between two battle-hardened Republican politicians, stepping up to reach for the prize of serving as the Mayor of Aurora… Actually it’s just Mike Coffman, recently ousted from his seat in Congress versus Ryan Frazier, one of the state’s losing-est perennial […]

Coffman Kicks The Poor On His Way Out The Door

The Greeley Tribune’s Tyler Silvy reports on final passage last week of the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018, known in the vernacular as the “farm bill” to set a wide variety of food production and access policies for the next five years–a bill that Rep. Ken Buck, who represents the agribusiness-heavy Eastern Plains of […]


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