Cut Grandma Before Guns, Says Lamborn With Glee

A classic conflict illustrated in an otherwise genuflective interview of Rep. Doug Lamborn, last night on Colorado Springs’ KRDO-TV News as he shuffles back to Washington:

One thing that is unwavering about Lamborn though is his dedication to fiscal responsibility. When he looks at the economic situation ahead he sees a reduction in federal spending.

“I’m not interested in raising taxes,” said Lamborn, referring to President Barack Obama’s plan for avoiding major holes in the budget beginning in January. “Our country needs more than anything to cut spending and to live within our means.”

…Medicare is a good place to look for savings, according to Lamborn, because on it’s on the path to bankruptcy.

“In 12 years or so Medicare is going to go broke so we have to do something,” said Lamborn. “It can not continue as it is.”

One major area of concern for Lamborn is military spending.

“It’s true that Colorado Springs will be greatly impacted by cuts in defense spending but I’m most concerned about our national defense,” said Lamborn.

As the representative of Colorado’s biggest lavishly taxpayer-funded military installations, nonetheless representing a stridently “small government” conservative electorate, Lamborn is forced to serve two radically opposed masters–who simply don’t get the contradiction. Surely, as even Lamborn’s Republican colleague Rep. Mike Coffman has said, there is some room for savings in the Department of Defense’s $707 billion (and that’s before all the extras) budget?

We suppose it would be different if the polls didn’t overwhelmingly show opposition to Lamborn’s desired choice to cut Medicare (it’s true we haven’t seen a CD-5 breakout of that polling). But he vividly illustrates the hypocrisy of some government spending, in this case defense spending with its long and storied history of profligate waste, being sacrosanct–while other spending, in this case health care for old people, is “a good place to look for savings.”

We can’t tell you exactly how it gets rationalized down along the Ronald Reagan Highway, but for anyone not able to manage this feat of intellectual pirouette, it really doesn’t look good.

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  1. rocco says:

    So it would appear “unseemly” if he hadn’t thrown a platitude out to “national defense”.

    Dodged the draft the early ’70’s, then became a real “kill ’em all” redleg when the draft ended.

    But this guy’s been a cut throat since his first term repping Colorado 5th, so gladly denying old people their dignity just comes natural to this ass hole.

    He’s the standard pinko, he fears and needs the NRA more than he mourns the 26 killed in Newtown.

    Skipped the State of the Union, called the President a “tar baby” in cowardly couched words, and has been attacking PBS and NPR as “burdons” for years.

    He even opposed heavier penalties and more restrictions to dog fighting, for Christs’ sake.

    Untill then I didn’t even know anything about “dog fighting lobbyists”.

    Leave it to lamborn to know how to benefit from the “dog fighting lobby”.

    What does that say about the Colorado 5th?  

  2. gaf says:

    One thing that is unwavering about Lamborn though is his dedication to fiscal responsibility.

    No. What is unwavering is his opposition to taxes. That’s not the same thing as “fiscal responsibility,” and it is a journalistic fail to say it is.

  3. JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

    They’ve been living this contradiction so long they don’t know any other way to operate. Dems have endured this hypocrisy so long that we no longer call them on it.

    It’s the worst kind of bullshit. And I, for one, am outraged.

  4. FREMONTDEM says:

    we will continue to believe that Udall, Bennet, DeGette, Perlmutter, and Polis are tackling the issues we care about…just as the unenlightened in your part of the state believe that Pipsqueak is looking after their interests.

  5. JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

    It’s what keep Lamborn in his job.

  6. FREMONTDEM says:

    Dems make up around 25% of the electorate here. Try earning a living in a place where 3/4 of your customers view you as the enemy; better still, run for office. As long as the Districts are formed by partisans with an eye toward national advantage rather than local priorities we will have Congressman “Pipsqueak” Lamborn. The “reporting” in COS and the rest of the district has made great strides in recent years and someday may even be good.

  7. gaf says:

    and am usually met with silence, then a quick change of the subject toward how to get more  military money.

  8. JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

    But maybe someday a Robert Blaha will put him out of all of our misery.

  9. gaf says:

    –or nation, for that matter. In other words, it can and should be a lot better. But it is not what keeps Lamborn in his job. Republicans, in large numbers, is what does that.

    The Colorado Springs Independent does good work. The Gazette has a number of good reporters (Daniel Chacon and John Schroyer, for example), and is hiring reporters and expanding news space with the recent new ownership. The editorial/opinion section, on the other hand, has gotten even worse under the new management. The TV stations do very little investigative and in-depth coverage–like most places.

    As I said above, that KRDO piece was a failure. But, unfortunately, better reporting is not likely to have an impact on Lamborn’s fortunes.

  10. FREMONTDEM says:

    ..or maybe he is the dark-horse candidate for Secretary of Defense as some of his supporters have posited.

  11. JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

    I always like to think that people can be educated. Some cannot I guess.

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