Joe Neguse Scoring Big Endorsements

Joe Neguse and Ken Salazar in 2008.

Joe Neguse and Ken Salazar in 2008.

A press release from Democratic Secretary of State candidate Joe Neguse today:

The Joe Neguse for Secretary of State campaign is excited to announce the endorsement of Former Secretary of the Interior and Former US Senator Ken Salazar.
“I am proud to stand with my friend Joe Neguse, who I know will be a wonderful Secretary of State,” said Salazar in his endorsement.  “Coloradans are looking for a Secretary of State that will not play partisan games and Joe is the best candidate to bring honesty and integrity back into the Secretary of State’s office.”
Salazar is considered to be one of the top influencers in the state of Colorado. He is unarguably one of the most electable Democrats this state has seen in recent history. Salazar was first elected as Colorado’s Attorney General in 1998 and re-elected in 2002 — at a time when Democrats did not hold any constitutional offices in the state. He went on to be elected statewide again to the US Senate in 2004.  
“I am proud to have the support and endorsement of Ken Salazar who knows a thing or two about winning statewide races in Colorado.  Ken’s connection to Colorado’s land, water and people is legendary and you can be sure I will seek his counsel often, ” said Joe Neguse.

The endorsement from former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar comes just a couple of weeks after Gov. John Hickenlooper's amusing pitch for Regent Neguse:

No one knows better than I that it is not easy getting elected with a funny last name. It takes extra campaign funds for that!

Democratic support for Neguse's Secretary of State bid has consolidated after the Republican candidate for the seat, El Paso County Clerk Wayne Williams, become that party's de facto nominee. Prior to that, the possible entry into the GOP primary of moderate Jefferson County Clerk Pam Anderson had pretty much everyone in a wait-and-see mode. Anderson was a major proponent of this year's election modernization bill, House Bill 1303, and would have complicated loyalties on both sides of the aisle.

As it stands, Wayne "Scott Gessler, Jr." Williams clarifies those loyalties. It will be much easier now for Neguse, to unify Democrats in opposition to an unambiguously hostile opponent.

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  1. rathmone says:

    FYI, Wayne's not "de facto" anymore, he's officially in:

    Reported on yesterday, just about the same time Wayne's biggest endorser, John Suthers, was reading through yet another judge's decision ruling against his client…Scott Gessler.

  2. ElliotFladenElliotFladen says:

    I have repeatedly heard from Dem contacts how highly you all think of Neguse.  The compliments about him from you guys are endless. 

  3. Hawkeye-X says:

    I would like to learn a bit more about him.

    How does he stand for all-mail recall elections? This will [i]EASILY[/i] defeat Republicans. As they don't have the ability to count past 20 (21 with the extra appendage)…



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